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I lost my nearly 5yr old Holland Lop Tipsy on Thursday morning and I am still unconsolable. I know many think I am childish for grieving so hard over this loss, including my own family, but I cannot shake the complete depression I feel. The only sign I had was her not wanting a treat before I left for work. I had a twelve hour shift overnight so there was no one I could get to check in on her, and I really wasnt that concearned because she also will deny her treats when she gets moody. I had checked her over and there wasnt any other sign of trouble or distress. I got home and she was gone. I had no place to bury her, I went to my parents and they rolled there eyes and my dad said well grab a shovel. I dug the hole over an hour in the half frozen ground in 20 degree weather and as I lay her in it I screamed how sorry I was throught frozen tears. I didnt sleep for two days, worried that my other netherland dwarf would be next. I blame myself for not knowing she was so sick, what I could have done to prevent it or stop it if I just didnt go to stupid work. Im a single mom, I cant afford to miss work and now I feel bad not only for my bunny but for my perfect 8 yr old daughter who is trying to help mommy not be sad instead of the other way around. I try to be strong but I feel weaker than I have ever been. That bunny could always make me laugh and would nuzzlebump me when I hurt and curl up around my neck. My life is so incomplete without that crazy furball.

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I lost my 3yr old lion lop today and I understand exactly why you feel like this. I am away and my husband had no sign Weezy was sick, then suddenly he was gone. Rabbits are so special they aren’t like any other pet and when you Bond it is the best thing in the world. I’m sorry you’re going through this as I feel your pain completely.

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So sorry for your "crazy furball"s passing! That was tho a cute comment at the very end. I mean the name you used. 
I don't think in any way that it's childish for grieving for a loved one that clearly meant so much to you!
Unfortunately it's not the first time I read about families not being understanding and supportive. Also not the first time reading about furbabies passing when their humans are away, or when they dont show any signs of being sick, or when the little one of the family is stronger and more supportive to her/his parents. It means that you are certainly not alone and others going through this pain as well. Fortunately more of us on this site understand this heart wrecking experience of a loss and so we tend to be more supportive.
I can't feel it but can imagine what you had to go through without your parents support. 
You losing your little furbaby then had to bury her and alone.. Wish I could say anything to ease the pain! 
Hopefully with time you'll be able to go easy on yourself and possibly stop blaming yourself as well.
Sounds to me you both loved each other very much and even if you didn't go to work, it's possible that you couldn't have saved her ..
Sorry Bunnygirl 🐰💟

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Thank you to those that wrote to me. Everyday I still cry for her and it helps to know someone heard my story and cared. This site is amazing for support. Now if I could help my tippers cage mate squirrly feel better. She has been so aggressive after the passing of her friend she nipps, grunts and shoves you with her nose if you try to go near her. I think she is mad at me or afraid I am going to take her away like her buddy. Its breaking my heart all over again
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