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My little Syrian (nearly 2 years old) passed away Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I am devastated. I’ve cried everyday since, I am utterly heartbroken.

My SO has been supportive but nobody else gets it, it’s “just a hamster.” I can’t believe she’s gone. We said goodbye and buried her in the garden last night and I thought that would help me to start healing, but all I can think about is that maybe I didn’t give her enough time or attention when she was here. Did I miss some sort of sign? I feel sick with guilt thinking about her out there alone in the cold and the dark.

I feel stupid for being so heartbroken but it hurts so much right now and nobody understands. I just want her back, I miss her so much already.

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I am so terribly, terribly sorry about your loss of your beloved little hamster. Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences. 
I'm very glad that your SO is supportive but I am so sorry that others around you don't get it and think that your baby was "just a hamster". But at least you know better than that and so do the the others on this board. Your hamster was one of God's precious creatures capable of every emotion the same way that we are--such as the love you two had for each other. She was very blessed that she ended up with you who loved her instead of with some person who would have thought of her as "just a hamster" and never would have realized her special individual unique personality and would have thought of her as little more than a 'thing".
Also I doubt that you missed some sort of sign. Sadly Syrian hamsters have very short lifespans "The average life span of the Syrian hamster is around 18 months to 2 yearsThe syrian hamster

Also please don't think that she is out there in your garden alone in the cold and the dark. She is not. I am a Born Again Christian and I believe that the Bible is the Word of God. The Bible teaches that ALL animals--unlike all people--go to Heaven. That includes hamsters. Here is a post I had written about the subject with links so that you can see for yourself. It is a true account. If the link doesn't take you to my opening post just scroll up the page to it. It is well worth reading and it also contains some links for comfort--
And if you are not sure if the Bible is the Word of God or not here is a really wonderful link so that you can know that it is and thus that your precious little hamster really is in Heaven--

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Hello AP..
Dearest Syrian and having reached the age of 2y ! All God's creatures, living-- breathing and highly deserving of a burial with a fond farewell. Nice to see that you have Heart and that is revealed in your description of Syrian... RIP dear one.                                                                                    Sherry/Perryx
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