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I can't stop crying.  I LOVED my dog.  His name was Ralphie and he was a 3 year old Yorkishire Terrier that I brought home on Christmas Eve at 8 weeks old.  I picked him out of his litter mates.  I already had children at the time I got him.

He was a hyper dog, but I could deal with that.  He loved to play!  We took him to Petsmart puppy training where he learned sit and stay.  I even have a picture of him graduating!

When he got a little older, he had trouble with marking in the house.  We paid a private trainer and she did 5 in home lessons.  We cured that problem, but he still had several others:  attacking people's feet, getting in the trash, etc.  Again, I could deal with them all.

THen, my family moved homes.  No problem, we weren't getting rid of our dog because we were moving.  We took him with us, but he began having seizures and needed meds.  We got the meds and vet care he needed.  We stayed with relatives while we were in transition of finding a new home, and he nipped them.  We moved out of their home and into an apartment, then he began nipping and charging at my husband.  We had to walk him on a leash outstide and he would lunge and try to attack dogs.  The vet said it wasn't caused by his seizures or meds.  I'm not sure.  The aggression towards my husband prevented him from sitting on our couch.  The dog would act aggressively if my husband approached the furniture or the children.  This occured after owning him for 3 years???  My husband never did anything to the dog.  He also didn't want my husband to approach me or put him on a leash.  He nipped me 2x when I tried to get his aggression towards my husband to calm down.  I didn't hit or hurt my dog.  I talked to him calmly.  I tried to give him treats for good behavior.

I considered MORE training, but we had done training before and it only partially fixed some issues.  Plus, it was VERY expensive and time consuming.  I wasn't sure I could actually follow through with the recommendations.  The aggression scared me and I feared if he could do it to my husband, he could do it to my children too.  I took him to a rescue and asked him to be rehomed to an older person with no other pets, no kids, and no spouse.  Someone who lived a alone and just wanted a companion.  They agreed and seemed confident they could find this home.  I tried on my own before taking him.  I reached out to family and friends.  I contacted the breeder I got him from.  No one could help.

I can't quit crying.  I called to check on him and it's only been 24 hours but he's not eating there.  I know he wonders where we are and why we've dumped him somewhere.  I wanted my home to be his forever home.  I just can't stand it.  I need to know I did the right thing.  We were walking on eggshells around my house not to trigger the dog's aggression.  I feel as if I failed him, as if I picked the wrong dog from the litter, as if maybe I should have tried more training...I am so heartbroken.  

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I am sorry  to hear what you are going through, my honest advise is you should take him back as you still can.

Most places are overloaded and it is hard to find a good home even for calmer dogs. Some have to put down due to long wait..

I have three small  children and I am still keeping my four dogs even though it is extremely stressful for me, I have one pom  that is just like yours, but he is very loving and very protective of my babies.  Some day I just want to cry and scream as while getting milk for by babies, I have to pick up after the doggies...

If you let him go, the agony going to be with you for a long time and it is hard to get over.  As the dogs get older, they slow down and the situation will be better.

I am sorry if my advise puts you in a difficult situation, but it is coming from my heart!


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The human society in Harrisburg is a no kill shelter they said she can stay there for a while and she up for adoption I can get her back anytime I want to the Alway call me every Friday to give me an update every week untill I find another place to
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