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Okay, so this is not an actual pet loss, but it will be if I don't do somthing quick!!!!!
I live with my boyfriend and when I moved in he said "NO PETS" it was fine with me at the time because I was never going to have another pet again. Well song story short, now 6 years later I have 2 indoor. One he likes and the other a feral kitten he is not to thrilled with. They both share a bedroom and at night when i am home I let them ou o run around and play. My older one has health issues obesity and allergies he is going through immuno suppression allergy injections currently. He is docil and does nothing wrong ever. Real nice cat. He was also turned in by his owner for euthanasia when he was 6 years old for inappropriate urination. He had a bladder infection. He is over that now and gets re lapses of UTI every now and then. On special diets etc. The other one is a 5 month old maybe 6 or 7 month old female feral kitten. She is a kitten acts like a kitten is noisey and allways in trouble knocking thigs over getting behind the stereo etc doing kitten things. That is the one my boyfriend doesnt like. She also beats up the other cat allot althugh they sleep together and groom eachother.
Problem?? One o them has sprayed. If my boyfriend finds out we will all be living in my car. There is wall to wall carpet. I have and use feloway. I have natures miricle. My mistake is I tried steam cleaning an area rug and it made the smell come out real strong. My boyfriend is home rite now but in the garage I don't know what to do other than toss out the orientle area rug that the smel is coming from......

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My first impulse is to tell you to tell your boyfriend you accidentally spilled bleach on the rug and toss the sucker (the rug, that is). :-) 

I don't advocate "lying" like a rug, but we can't have you living in your car!!!!!

But, I have another possible solution.

I use Nature's Miracle on everything including an expensive oriental rug I own.  First, I blot up the urine.  Then, I pick up the rug and place a plastic garbage bag underneath the soiled spot with some paper towels on top of the plastic (to protect the floor and absorb the urine). Then, I lay the rug back flat on top of all that and saturate the area with Nature's Miracle.  Then I blot, and blot, and blot with paper towels.   Then, I drape the wet area of the rug over a chair or table and let it dry for 24 to 48 hours.   Usually, this takes care of the problem.  

Let me know how this turns out for you.




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I have three Doxies and baby Kuggel has accidents. I use Out for dogs, they also make it for cats.

It works very quickly and there is no odor.

It is available at KMart or Wally World.


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Are both of your cats neutered? You should know that cats don't usually spray if they are neutered but once they start it is almost impossible to get them to stop. I would guess that it is the younger or feral as you put it doing the spraying. You need to consult with a vet ASAP.

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Thank you all so much. I doused the whole thing with natures miricle and then waxed the kitchen floor to help cover up the smell. I then used a real strong bathroom lye type cleaner, so there were so many smells in the house nobody would know what was coming from where. Oh, the cats were all locked in their bedroom with their airpurifier going and their picture windo opened all the way with its reenforced screen. They were fine through all this. I may have killed a few bain cells. Sofar none is the wiser. He did catch me  trying to move the pool table (don't ask) off the rug to toss it and helped me to move it back down where it was and he didn't notice any smell. Thank God.
Leileismom: Thanks. My older cat rusty is neutered and I had the nameless kitten spayed about 3 months ago so they are fine inthat regards. I have already spoken to the animal behaivorist in the hospital where I work and that is why I have the feloway diffuser and spray. I am pretty sure it was Rusty as this was a pretty high up spraying. The other thing is that I have an uneutered Tom that has still not understanding the girl is spayed so he comes around and sprays everything in site. Doesn't help that I feed him. Tried trappig him, but I can't keep that close a watch on the trap after I set it. I could use some behaivor drugs on them, since the ktte is having some feral anxiety issues. She also has a temper and is play aggresive. She has orange in her stripes, just enough to make her a torti tabby, and need I say more. She is 5 lbs and bullys my 17lb around so much it is sad.Theydo love eachother and sleep and groom eachother. His loving her was the only reason I kept her, oh and that no one else would want this post trumatic shock feral feind.

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Hi Heidi- You may want to talk to your vet about and anti-anxiety medication. I believe it's called amitriptiline (not sure of the spelling). It doesn't knock them out or make them seem "drugged" but it does relax them. It can be made into a transdermal paste that is applied to the inner ear flap if your kitty won't let you pop a pill orally. Naturally- I say check for any urinary tract infection first then move on to the behavior aspect. Good luck with everything! Keep us posted on your progress. TinysMom

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Tinys Mom: Thank you
I can do just about anything to Rusty and the nameless ex feral post traumatic stress disorder kitten with a death wish. I just really don't want Rusty to be on drugs. he allready has to get his allergy injections every other day and it was hard enough for me to do that to him. I work for a vet, but, I don't always believe in better living through chemical therapy. Rusty has been on Amyltriptaline (you'd think I would know how to spell it) before when he was blocked with crystals in his urine. That was about 1 year ago. I did not notice any effect on him and he was on it about 3 weeks. I just don't reallywant my  cat on drugs for anything stress related. I would rather remove the stress. I don't know I am so mixed on everything about my cats. If it was someone elses cat I would have no problems, but my own I am a basket case.
You see the problem is that with any drugs, any, they have to be cleared from the body's system one way or an other. The usual way is either liver or kidneys and from what I have absorbed through work and lectures and seminars is that it is often the liver tha has to dispose of the drugs with the kidneys getting what ever the liver doesn't. Or something like that. So, my belief is that if a pet or person is on a certain drug for life then the organ responible for the clearence of the drug (Liver Kidneys) are going to eventually have some problems due to them having to work overtime to rid the drug from the body. So, if it is not a drug that he really needs then i don'e want to stress his kidneys or liver out any more than I have to, cause sooner or later he will have renal failure like all other cats wind up getting and I think this could shorten his  lifespan. I don't know I am just spewing abpobout something I don't have a good enough understanding to speak about. Told you i am a basket case about my own. Sorry Both your ideas are very good ones and you are right I have to get his urine checked and he is overdue to have his blood checked as well. Thank you and I am sorry for rambling. I am having a very very stressfull day and nothing is going rite and I can't seem to help any animals at all anymore. Just prolong their death and for what I don't know anymore. Sorry to write such stupid things nobody wants to hear. I am just having such a messed up couple of weeks months years I don't know thank you for reading if you still are and if your not I don't blame you.
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