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on October 9th 2018 I lost my very first pet that I cared for on my own. Thor was 8 weeks old when i lost him. Being a kitten he loved to play with his toys, run around the house, bite, tease the older cat and or as usual hide. He loved to sleep on your shoulder and would greet you in the mornings. Sadly there will be no greeting for the Next day to come. When Thor would hide it was usually under the living room couch or the guest bedrooms bed, tonight his choice was the couch preferably the recliner. I almost always wait before i recline my chair if he is heard and if he isn't its because when you sent down he takes off running across the living room and down the hall to the guest room but that wasn't the case today. Once I was seated I waited, i hadn't heard him scurrying around or scratching up the couch ad he made his way out so I reclined my chair and had suddenly heard thrashing around and at first I thought he was clawing the couch but then it continued so I looked back figured he was stuck so I lifted the couch but the thrashing around continued so I turned my lamp on and by then a pool of blood had covered the floor. Not knowing what to do i ran for my boyfriend who was taking out the trash screaming yelling "oh my god it's Thor, i think he's dying, help!" when he had come inside I was ready to take him to the nearest 24 hour vet but sadly his thrashing had stopped and he wasn't breathing, my boyfriend took down a shoe box and took him out to the back and put him to rest. Thor had suffered an injury to his head which may have been caused by the spring of the recliner. After realizing we had lost him I broke down, and felt sick to my stomache knowing I was the one who caused his death. I don't plan on getting another kitten anytime soon after what I've done.

Thor: The God of Thunder and Lightning
May he rest.

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I am so sorry for your loss of precious Thor. I know you dId not kill your baby. It was a horrible accident with no one to blame. These precious little ones are so full of curosity, always exploring and getting into mischief. We have a reclining chair and sofa and our fur kids are older but I still watch them all the time, so worried that they will get hurt. I know your heart is broken and there are no words to lessen your pain but remember that because of you Thor was loved and he knew you loved him. That is something infinitely precious. So many of us, humans and animals alike, never know love like that. Please take care of yourself, allow yourself to grieve but not to blame. We are here for you to offer comfort and support always.

Healing hugs,

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I’m so sorry for not only the accident of what occurred, but also the circumstances surrounding it. I’ve recently gone through our own loss caused by me where u ran over my daughters puppy - she was 1. I am not at a point to give you any wise words... but I can tell you a few months after my incident the healing has started. Just because it’s an accident doesn’t make it easier...not initially. But I found it to be true. As a few months have passed I know it was an accident, but I’m still processing my guilt.

I’m sorry for your loss - there are people here who are catering and empathetic.

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