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I adopted a 6-year-old Yorkie just 18 months ago. I've had several dogs in my life, but he was the first dog I've had as an adult. He was my dog. And I let him down.

Tragic story short: my dog, Harley, ran into the street (trying to get to me) and was hit by a large speeding truck. His body was intact and seemingly undamaged (no visible broken bones, etc). A small pool of blood formed around his head. Poop was spread a few feet away and on his butt. He didn't seem to be moving. I didn't hear him making any noise. I thought he was dead.

But I never checked. I never went to him, never even touched him. Looking back, I think was in shock. Also, dead animals creep me out (I even gag when I see dead fish). As I've read articles and forums on grieving for pets, I've come across stories of dogs being hit but surviving. This made me think: what if Harley wasn't dead?

You can bleed and be alive. Dogs can be literally scared poopless. Being in shock, paralyzed, or unconscious can make a dog not move.

I should have checked. Because there wasn't tons of blood. He wasn't mangled. I don't even know if he had any broken bones. When a good samaritan lifted him and placed him in a box, his neck didn't seem to be broken. (But I also don't know what a broken neck looks like.)

I'm now obssessing over the thought that he could still be alive. Or that, at bare minimum, I should have done more to be sure. 

Since I don't have a car, a woman who witnessed the accident offered to take him to a shelter or vet so they could properly dispose of his body. I didn't go with her. The woman gave me her address. I'm thinking about trying to catch up with her to see where she took him. Maybe he's still out there somewhere, scared and injured. But alive. But even if he was, would they give him back to me? Would I be able to afford his medical care?

Not sure what I'm looking for here. Thoughts and advice?


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I'm very sorry.

Your reactions are understandable.

I believe it would be good to follow up with the Good Samaritan at their address.

My personal feeling is that Harley may have died following the accident. This seems so, to me, because if Harley had not died, it's likely the Good Samaritan or the vet's office would have tried to contact you.

You obviously love Harley very much. If Harley has not died, I'm sure Harley and the people taking care of him will be glad to see you.

Don't worry about medical bills. I have learned that there are relief agencies that can help you and Harley with these.

I hope and pray you and Harley will be reunited, whether in this life, or the world to come. I believe Harley will be glad to see you in that case as well.

Again, I'm very sorry this happened. Your love for Harley comes through.



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Wow. You are so kind, Christopher! I need to try harder to have bigger hearts. Of course, everyone reacts different to each situation. I only found myself furious after reading this post but now I'm not. Thank you, Christopher.

And I am very sorry for this tragic event, HarlequinsPapa.
May Harley rest in peace.
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