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I lost my 15 1/2 year old yorkie a week ago. I had a sense it was coming for a couple months and I thought I was somewhat prepared but apparently I was not. Sometimes I feel like I was the one that killed him bc he had a couple falling accidents and was on a lot of medications for different issues. I had a very reassuring moment with him right before I had to put him down that he let me know it was okay so that helped a little bit. I’m an only child and I basically was his main caretaker so our bond was like no other. The days after I was sad but seemed to be getting better, but the last few days I have been inconsolable. It’s hard for me to even look at pictures, and going to work is a struggle to not cry. What are some good ideas to cope because I have been reading about it for a week and nothing seems to help. I keep wanting to see or smell him as I have also read stories about animals coming back to see if their owners are okay. But nothing yet.

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Hello C
Saddened by the news of your beloved Yorkie. We are so attached to Our pets, and in the case of only children/adults, pets do take on a different meaning. It is a bond like none other, and I know the meaning of that, my wee chihuahua, 16y and I were Soulmates. Strong and intense is the bonding. They become our proteges ! Been 6wks for myself and I will say that this FORUM has been a lifeline to be among pet lovers who also have had their own losses. The Forum has it's own healing factors built in. You will experience a host of emotions and just know that you loved your yorkie unconditionally and in return the joy in return. Does get better in time, the love for your pet will not fade--- leaves our Lives but not our Hearts. Take a day at a time. My Best to You,                 Sherry/Perryxx

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Hello my sweet friend, I too share the same pain that you are feeling. I had to send my beloved Braveheart to Heaven this past Saturday on March 3rd. He was old, had congestive heart failure and dementia; but my oh my, that little doggy sure had a lot of love in him! 
The thing that has helped me the most is to realize that our sweet animals are not gone. They have gone to Heaven, to be with their creator God, and to be with all of the other loving pets and people whom are there 😉 And they are rejoicing! They are rejoicing because it's never too hot there, and it's never too cold! There is so much love there, and so many great things. Your beloved dog is looking down on you from Heaven and surely doesn't want you to be sad; but wants you to rejoice for him and with him, because he is now in 100% perfect and divine health. And he is waiting for you there, and he will be there when you arrive. In the meantime, just take comfort in the fact that God is most definitely taking perfect care of him. 

We will see our furry loved ones again, and that will be a majestic and wonderful day! 
Just know that you are not alone <3 We are all here for you, and we are all sharing this journey with you
God bless you, friend. God will take care of you too, He loves you.

-Jess; Braveheart's momma

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I feel your sadness and pain also. I found peace with my loss with the very thing Braveheart's momma suggested. Termy was a little over 16 when I decided I didn't want him to struggle anymore. He had health issues and I knew time was running out for us and I didn't want him to suffer anymore. I found my peace by accepting the fact that God has a place for all his creatures by his side where they wait for us to be reunited with them. I still cry and miss him with all my heart but Braveheart's momma is right, they are whole, healthy and happy. I go outside every night and look at the stars and talk to Termy and give him a good night kiss as I have done for almost 6 months since losing him. The day he left me I went out and cried and saw a star the was twinkling and I knew it was him telling me he was okay and watching over me. try to find something that you can focus on as I do with Termy's star and grieve. It does get better with time. You will also have some down days too but that's because of your love.
Doggie hugs and kisses
Termy's mom

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Thank you all this board has helped me a lot actually. I keep thinking that maybe my actions led him to be worse but I’ve been trying to overcome that.

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Thank you all. This board has actually helped me out a lot. It’s hard feeling like you could have done something to prevent it. But I did have a sign the other day I believe which I have been waiting for. I keep being negative thinking maybe it was just in my head but I know he would help me get thru this if he could. I still talk to him every day so I hope he knows I’ll never forget him. My heart goes out to all of you as I have never known a down feeling this bad. I now have a tattoo of his paw print that I now have with me daily and it helps :)

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I'm sorry for your loss.  Unfortunately, you gotta go through it and not around it.  I lost my boy Sunny a week ago yesterday.  Although I'm not crying every minute of the day anymore - small things will set me off like seeing his diapers I used to wash - they are all dried and sitting on top of the laundry shelf.  I want answers, but I don't think I'm going to get them. Mostly I just want my boy back - I wish I could change how things went in the past 9 months - those are my biggest months of regret with him.  But, I've been corresponding with people a lot on Facebook grief and loss pages, I went to a local support group, individual counseling, and I'm working on setting up a memorial and such in his honor.  One thing they say to do is to think of your baby's entire life.  Not just the last few months where things may have been bad.  Did your baby have a good life overall?  You can also work on creating a loss list - where you list out all the fur babies you've had over the years and the year they passed.  Then, pick one off them (You might have unresolved grief from those losses) or use the current baby, and on a piece of paper, draw a line sideways across the middle of the page.  At the left end put the year you adopted or acquired your pet. On the other right end put the date your baby departed.  Then, in between, list the major events that happened (good and bad); put the good events with year using a dash above that main line, and the not so good things using a dash and year below the main line.  Then, when you're done, you can look back over those times and determine where you may need to apologize to your pet for not having done better - or maybe you want to give them kudos for being such a great pet at times.  You might even need to forgive your pet for something they did - for example, maybe they chewed up your favorite pair of shoes.  Of course they didn't know any better - but at the time it might have made you upset.  When you associate an act with each milestone listed, then you can write a letter to your pet apologizing, asking for forgiveness, telling them praising things, or forgiving them.  Then, you let it all go.  That becomes your completion letter (courtesy of the Grief Recovery Handbook for Pets.

I hope that helps some.  I'm ordering a grief blanket that has a picture of my dog on it so i can cuddle up with it and look at him.  I hope you find a way to honor your pet, while also taking care of yourself.  
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