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My best friend died June 16th, 2008 at noon. Her name was Sheba. I am so heartbroken and have been going through the motions of living while feeling like dying inside. During my sleepless nights, as my family sleeps, I have searched the net trying to find a little corner somewhere for some peace and hope. Sheba was the gift of a lifetime, my best friend, my soul mate.

Sheba was diagnosed with Cushings Disease two years ago and was doing pretty well on meds but the last year was tough sledding. As well, she became blind over her last year and couldn't hear. Finally she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and began having seizures that were unable to be controlled with meds. On June 16th after having 4 seizures in 2 hours the vet was kind enough to come to our home where she passed in my arms in our solarium overlooking our garden .. her favourite place.

She suffers no more. I suffer now for both of us. The pain is the worst of my life. I cannot sleep. I miss her so much. I miss touching her, I miss her essence, her scent. It is truly unbearable.

My family is supportive but they all feel it is time now for me to "shape up" and move on. That I cannot do so I suffer in silence and spend most nights and much of the days sobbing.

How do I go on without her?


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My heart goes out to you. So sorry to hear about Sheba.
I wish I had some magic words that can help,
but I'm afraid I'm still searching for that as well.
I too, lost my soulmate and daughter recently- and like you i stay awake a night.
it's the hardest time as we'd always sleep together. now there's emptiness.

i find that thinking of the happy thoughts about the times we had helps get me through the days. and the happy thoughts of us reuniting at rainbow bridge gives me a cling of hope and something to look forward to. in between those thoughts i talk to my lost one often, and ask for her soul to stay close to mine.

I feel for you. and am sending positive thoughts your way.
hang in there- tell us your favorite stories about Sheba.
I find this helps me a lot, as it makes me realized just how blessed I was to have spent those six short years with absolutely the most beautiful soul ever. And am so thankful that she happened to me.

Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)

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You have found a safe and supportive place where there are many who will understand the pain you are going through.  Sheba sounds like a wonderful soulmate.  Maybe it would help you to tell us a little more about her. 

Remember you did all you could for dear Sheba.  You made the hardest decision that most of us have ever had to face.  I understand when you say "she suffers no more.  I suffer now for both of us"  I have never heard it said that way and you are so right. 

Take the time you need. Let the tears flow.  The loss of someone so precious to you isn't something you can "shape up".  In time I hope the happy memories will come more often and help take away some of the sadness.

We had our little cockerpoo PTS nearly two months ago and I miss him so much.  The house is so empty with just my husband and me.  I miss our little Pepe running to the door to greet us, and taking him for his daily walks. 

My heart goes out to you and I am glad you found this site.  I have found it to be a blessing.  Take good care, Sharon

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I am so very sorry for your loss of Sheba.  I know how deep the pain can be.  You have come to the right place to find comfort for your pain.  Everyone grieves the loss of their best friend in their own way and that may be what your family is doing.

You had a very special bond with Sheba and that is why it hurts so much.  I pray that your pain will ease in time but Sheba will always be in your heart and close to you.   Hold her picture close and talk to her.  When the time is right please try to send us some pictures and stores about your beloved Sheba.

Please talk to us when ever you want to share your feelings or send a message to Sheba.

Many hugs and prayers for you and your sweet Sheba.
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