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How am I ever going to survivie losing my precious little Pucky??  I understand it has only been a day, but I honestly have never cried so hard in my life. 
How could I have lost two dogs in a years time?  First Mr.Bill, and now Pucky.
They were both my little shadows.  Now they are gone!  Gone!! 
I miss their little tender faces looking at me, so excited to see me. 
Pucky was my little shadow, how am I going to survive without him?


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Dear Mr.Bill and Pucky's Mommy:
My heart breaks for you.  I know you gave Pucky all the love you had to give.  It is very difficult and I pray that each day will be better.  Pucky and you will be happy and together again.

I lost my Meister 6/6/08 and I cry every day.  I understand you devestating pain. 

Many hugs.

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I don't know, but I'll pray for you. And ask that you pray for me. I lost my beautiful cat two years ago this month, and the anniversary of her death has me crying all over again like it was yesterday. Love equals pain, and the degree of pain is proportionate to the amount of love given by the one you've lost. I'd say, you're little one loved you a lot too!

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I am so sorry for your losses.  I know how difficult it is to lose two pets close together.  I lost two cats this year only 6 months apart.  One was older and had been ill with cancer for a while but the youngest Sherry died suddenly and I hadn't realized how sick she was until it was too late to save her and she had to be put to sleep.  I have a lot of guilt over Sherry's death and I know that you are having guilt feelings about how you lost your kitty.  I'm praying for you and your furbabies.

Rena (Sherry and Daisy's mom)

Posts: 55

You will survive - it is very very hard - but you will survive.  Pucky would want that.  Mr. Bill too!  They love you.  They love you so much and are there to help you through.  They want you to be OK.  Talk to helps. 

I am so saddened for you about your doggies, especially the very recent loss of Pucky.  I am praying for you.  You will make it through.  Come here and post and come to the chat room.  You will make it through one moment at a time.  You have lots of company in this journey.  We are here for each other and together we will triumph over this grief.  Our beloved furkids want that for us, so we HAVE to!! We have to!!


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Big Hugs to you. I will say a prayer for you and your babies.  I'm so sorry for your losses. We all feel your hurt. I lost my sweet Josie 2 weeks ago. I came to this board the first day as well. I'm surprised I was able to type my eyes were so swollen from crying! Hang in there. The days have been like roller coasters for me and I'm finding you just have to hang on tight and get through the ride. This site has helped tremedously so keep visiting. Lnette

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This is my second time to type this. Lost the first.  So sorry for your losses.  Two so close together must be devastating.  They may be running together at the Rainbow Bridge.  My sympathies.  Ruperts Mum


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I just lost my Ruby on Monday. I do know exactly how you feel.

That horrible indescribable ache, realizing that you will never see them again.

May God comfort your broken heart.


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I am so sorry for your loss...I wish I had some amazing words of wisdom to help you but I don't...I lost my Nugget 5 and a half months ago and I have lived this time in a blur. The angels on this site really helped me to get by, to get through each day....they helped me and I try to do the same with others and then it takes my attention away for a short time on my own pain.

Know we are all here for you to share your pain...two lossses in one year is just too much!!!!!

A big cuddle to you,

Nuggetsmum Alana
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