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How Do You Say Good-Bye

In Loving Mmeory of

Daiquiri (Daq)

August 20, 1989-May 2, 2008


How do you say good-bye to a faithful companion, a trusted friend who gave you unconditional love for almost nineteen years?

How do you say good-bye to loving kisses, late night talks and afternoon walks?

How do you say good-bye to someone who kissed away your tears, How do you say good-bye to someone who helped you face your fears?

How do you say good-bye to playing in the snow, How do you say good-bye to watching us both grow?

How do you say good-bye to running in the sun, How do you say good-bye to so much fun?

How do you say good-bye to nineteen years of devotion, loyalty, frienship, and care, How do you say good-bye to the love we shared?

How do you say good-bye to tummy rubs, bacon treats, afternoon naps and Sunday football games, How do you say good-bye when my life will never be the same?

How do you say good-bye to someone who enhanced your life so, How do you say good-bye, How do you let go?

But, the day came and you told me, Mom, it's time for us to part, your little body wore out before your great big heart.

Our journey together on earth has come to an end, I hope I served you well my friend.

When I awake and you're not there, I'll remember all the mornings we shared.

When I come home at the end of the day and the house is not the same, I will pause for a moment and softly speak your name.

When I go to the lake to fish and by habit, grab your dish, I will place it beside my chair as I know your spirit will be there.

Nature was our playground, the seasons were our toys, we played in the snow, got caught in the rain and slept beneath the stars, oh, you brought me so much joy.

And I thank you for all the wonderful memories you have left with me, I will cherish and honor them all, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

No longer in pain, or slowed by age, you are free to romp and roam, I know you will be there to welcome me when God calls me home.

Until we meet again Daq, head for the sun, run and play, for I will not, I cannot say good-bye to you, for you are just away.


You hold a piece of my heart that no one will ever fill.


I love and miss you so very much my Daq, My best friend.

Yours always, Mama JK



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What beautiful words.  You are right, never say goodbye, they are just out of sight until we meet them again.  Love, Di xxx


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Thanks Di, I truly appreciate you responding. She was my best friend, we did everything together.....At times I truly thought she would physically be with me forever, you know? But, she is with me even in death, I carry her in my mind and in my heart.
Thanks again......

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Beautiful words, beautiful sentiments for, I am sure, for a very beautiful Daq. Your words evoke so many memories and feelings; good ones and sad ones. Thank you for sharing with us.

I have often wondered those same things about my Chancey and Digby, how do you say good-bye to the best friends you ever had? After almost 14 months I am still trying to find a way to say good-bye.

Thank you once again,

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Thank you for sharing your beautifully penned tribute to your beloved, Daq.  The hole that is left in our lives and hearts when they leave us, is immeasurable.  We are left with our memories and the knowledge that we loved them with the whole of our hearts and souls.  And, they returned that love PERFECTLY, asking for so little in return. 

I am so sorry for your loss of your love and your best friend.  I know your pain. Almost five months ago, I lost my beloved 16 year old terrier, Betsy, to dementia and muscle wasting, and feel as if someone has torn a piece of my heart out of my chest.  I wait patiently for the day we will be reunited.

Betsy's forever mom


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  I want to thank each of you for your kind words. I am glad I found this site, to share Daq and her passing with people who understand. Today is a difficult one as it marks one month since her passing. I just lit a candle in her memory and said a prayer, I hope she is running and playing and even fishing with my parents......I Love and miss you Daq more than words could ever express.......
   Thanks again you guy's for your kind words and understanding.

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Beautiful words, really.  We lost Bridget, our BLT (boxer lab terrier :) ) on 5/7.  It's been so hard -- getting easier, not better if that makes sense. 


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What beautiful words for your much love in them.  There truly is no way to say good-bye to those you I just don't say the word anymore..I say "I'll see you later".

I'm very sorry for your loss and it's is an enormous hole in our lives when they leave.

Many hugs,



Posts: 2,245
Dear JK
Your beautiful words to Daiquiri broke my heart.  I felt every ounce of your pain and could have written every word.  I lost my little Angel Christopher over 14 months ago and the tears still fall daily; the pain of his loss is still overwhelming.  I am so sorry for your loss of your Precious Daiquiri.  May God's Angels watch over your precious baby and keep Daiquiri safe until you arrive.  Like you, I know that life will Never be the same until they are in our arms once again.  You and Daiquiri are in my Prayers.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher
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