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Some of you might remember my last post "How do you decide?" This is an update.
 I have a 15 yr. + diabetic cat (he could be 15 1/2--not sure). Had  diabetes for 4 yrs. --well controlled after 1 yr. of a nightmare trying to get him controlled. Developed complications (DKA) twice initially (vet took him off insulin and this was the result. I got him straightened out after these 2 ER trips/hospitalizations, then a neuro thing developed, 1 more week of hospitalizations.
Fast forward to now (4 yrs. later)--was stable, till eye problem developed (uveitis, glaucoma,now an ulcer that's deep). Eye gtts. around the clock almost (I'm beyond exhausted). Labs--change insulin. Today he's low (sugars always have been up and down). Wt. loss started with the eye problem in Jan. (due to diabetes being out of control again--probably due to eye problem, inflammation).
He's more alert and acts "normal", doesn' t act like any pain anywhere either. But, the eye looks redder after I boarded him for 3 days(emergency dr. appt out of town for me). It was only looking like a grey film over his eye (ulcer), but now redness. I can't tell you the cost of all this, too, which unfortunately is a reality concern for me (thousands spent over these years). Not only financial, but emotional beyond words.
  I'm just feeling like what the heck do I do? He's still acting okay, etc. but the eye looks worse. I can't do the one surgery due to extreme cost. Even if we did surgery,what if, big if, the other eye starts to go?? With diabetes, the other eye could start to be effected like this one. Eye enucleation/removal is an option, but is it right to do this to an 15+ cat?  I'm heart broken cuz he's still acting so sweet and like himself. My options are narrowing and I feel horrible, guilty for no reason and depressed, sad. He's been my baby and large part of life last 4 yrs. How do I go on without him,too? No easy answers.

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I hope someone with more knowledge than I have can help you. I just wanted you to know you and your darling are in my thoughts and prayers. Your story touched my heart as my beloved Mr. Meowgy also had diabetes. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Hi Nancee.  It really is so hard to decide.  I know when my husband and I finally made the choice to PTS our dear little dog Pepe, it was the hardest decision I have ever made.  This was only yesterday.

The financial consideration is real.  We all want to do the best for our pet for sure but there are times when you just can't do anymore.  Our dog was so ill, his back leg was trembling uncontrollably, he was wimpering in pain, and then finally he was dragging his back legs and could not walk.  He was also nearly 13 years old.  Some may have taken him for even more tests and tried even more meds but we had gone as far as we could go and we felt that our dog had done all he could as well.

I hope this has helped you some.  Whatever your decision know that you loved your cat very, very much.  Take care. 

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Donna and Sweetpepe, thanks for your words. I love my little fellow so much. I only hope he knows this somewhere inside of him.

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