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My son called me this morning-he was out on his morning jog, when he heard meowing from a ditch.  He stopped, and a black and white tuxedo kitten ran from the ditch and ran up the leg of his sweatpants.  He took it home of course. It's a little boy.  He, his fiancee, and my mother have decided that it is fate that he found this kitten, and that Punkin told the kitten who to look foron the road (I'm not sure about that! LOL), as my son is famous for finding stray kittens/cats. On top of it, my son and his fiancee have got a kitten of the same age, and she has an appointment at the vet tomorrow, so they are going to take Mr. Tuxedo with them and get him checked out.  He's eating, looks healthy and is very friendly (and obviously not afraid of anything!)  They have decided the cat belongs to me.  How soon is too soon?  I just lost my Punkin 6/23/08.  I don't want to replace her and I don't want to forget about her, or disgrace her memory by getting another kitten.  On the other hand, I recently read the the best memorial you can give your pet is to adopt another pet that wouldn't have a chance without you.  I also wonder  how my cat Phantom would react. He's used to other cats-I used to do a lot of rescue work/fostering, so he's used to cats coming and going.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm thinking I may not even have a choice!  Any advice would be welcome.

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Dear Andrea,

I don't believe in coincidences.  That little kitty was in that ditch waiting for your son.  Perhaps Punkin had a paw in this....   Animals have a way of working things out and maybe Phantom would appreciate the company.

And of course you know that Mr. Tuxedo is NOT a replacement for Punkin...he's his own little cat person and his relationship with you would be different.

I think it's wonderful that this little one has found his way into your family.  Bless your son for being such a kind soul.



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Advice??  Start thinking of names. . .  :)


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This is fate.  Grab it with both hands and don't let it go.  This cat was sent to you by Punkin to heal your heart.  You never intended to get another so soon but fate intervened and this cat obviously needs someone to love it. This cat will never replace your Punkin but sometimes we need a pet in the physical presence and your Punkin is in the spiritual presence.  I am sure Punkin would be pleased, our pets just want us to be happy.  Ruperts Mum


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The decision to get another furbaby is so personal, but my goodness think about it.  To have that kitten run out of a ditch at that certain time and run up his pant leg.   You would think it would have been more frightened and ran.  Sooo, perhaps there was some nudging from Punkin, who knows.  I don't think taking the kitten would be replacing her, forgetting to soon or disgrace her memory.   If you fostered, she knows what type of person you are and I think she would be proud.   Just her mom, giving a little kitten a chance.   I agree with the memorial of giving another furbaby a chance, who would not have one without you.  I know it's easy for me to say all those things, but the final decision is yours.  I would like to say that I keep saying I do not want another dog at this time, for some of the same reasons you listed, but I believe that if I do get another one, it will be under the same type of circumstance you have right now.   Take some time and really think about it.    I will pray that you will receive an answer to help you decide.

Thoughts and prayers,
Nina Maria's Mom

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Wow, I think Punkin has been busy!  I lost my baby Felix on 6/20/08. Before he got sick, we had been planning to adopt another kitten from my Mom-in-law.  It just so happened that the trip was planned for the day he passed.

I told him right before we put him down, that if it was ok with him, Mommy needed someone to keep an eye on her, here on Earth.  If he found someone special, could he send them my way?

He did..we went to mom's place, and not one, but TWO adorable kittens climbed into my lap, and right into my heart.  I Thought about it a LOT over the next two days, prayed, talked to my BF, and to Felix a bunch.  Decided to bring them both home.  I now have two new baby boys, who otherwise would have gone to a shelter.  I am certain that Felix has plenty to do with this. He has already taught them how to fall asleep on Mommy, just like he did.

I would advise much consideration (but you know we do that for any pet we adopt!). Talk to Punkin, I bet he will tell you that it's ok, and he wants you to have someone on Earth to love and cuddle!

I think we should take these as the healing opportunities that they are. Our babies are keeping an eye on us from the Bridge, and know we humans just can't handle ourselves, we need a pet to keep us in line!!!

(((((huge hugs)))))


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One of my all-time favorite cats, growing up, came to me by running out of some bushes and jumping on my sweats as I jogged by.  I loved that little guy so much, I cannot even tell you. My dad had sworn we would only be allowed to have one cat, but when he met my new little boy his heart had no hopes of saying no.

Your story reminds me, of course, of my guy, and how special it is when life engineers such strange happenings.

For myself, I worry that if I had allowed too much time to pass after I have lost a kitty I would come to my senses and realize how difficult it is to go through all that.  I had two cats my entire adult life--both were with me until they were seventeen years old and died within a year and half of each other--and I am so glad I had the sense to move, in my grief, towards more life and more love.

Trust your own heart in this, and let us know what you decide!


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Wow, thank you all for your messages. I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, I had a bad night last night and this morning. It's the routines that get to me-my cat Phantom is on the same routine because he is also a diabetic, so when I start the 5 a and 5 p shots and dinner, it becomes so real that she it not there-banging her little paws on the cabinet because Mommy takes too long!  *sigh*
Anyway, my son is taking the kitten to the vet today-I think the decision is already made.  He is a cute little thing.  I haven't raised a kitten in years!  I hope my 13 year old cat can handle the intrusion!  He won't even go out on the screened porch anymore-he always went out there with Punkin, and he hasn't been out there since Sunday, which was the last day she was there.  :-(  I'll keep you updated!

Posts: 111
Oh Andrea,
that is fantastic.  I am in the same boat (well kinda) as you.  People have been offering me kittens left and right, and I had tentatively adopted one, but when I went back, I couldn't handle the indecision and I left with none :(
I was browsing around Petfinder, and I think I found THE ONE.  His name is Joey, and he was abused by a child, had a badly broken tail that had to be partially amputated, and has generally had a rough start in life.  Well, I am meeting him on Friday :-))).  A little one like that who has had a rough go deserves a good home...
Good luck with the kitten!  They are so fun- a challenge with the older kitty, to be sure, but worth the effort.
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

Posts: 115
When I previously heard stories of a widow or widower getting remarried rather quickly, I, like many people, was a bit surprised, if not disappointed.  It did seem disrespectful.

But when I lost my dog a few years ago (almost 2 years now!), I found that being around other dogs was wonderful.  My memory of my beloved pet wasn't gone - in fact, often it's far stronger because of the new pets in my life. I see so much of my former pet in them.  And I also realized that when we lose something so beloved, it leaves such a huge hole that it has to be filled quickly, otherwise it's difficult for us to go on.

Therefore, based on my experiences, taking in a new pet rather quickly after one passes is not bad.  You have love to give and this dear kitten needs your love.  This kitten won't replace your lost pet, the memories will be as strong as ever.  But the kitten will enable you to heal faster and remind you that love continues.

Good luck!

Posts: 261

Dear Andrea,

Wow..........I'm with Maerlyn!!!!!  Start thiinking of names! I have alittle experience with this too.....after I lost my 1st dog to old age, I waited 11 yrs. to get another.  When I got Rudy, he was a very sick little boy and I only had him 2 yrs. and 10 months!  He was the love of my life.....but 3 days after I lost him, I went out and got another dog, not to replace him (could never do that he's irreplaceable!! but to pay forward all of the love I still had in my heart to give!  It. was not a mistake!  It. was the single best decision I have ever made in my life!  The love goes on!!!!! Trust your heart Andrea, and you'll make the right decision!! 

Let us know your decision and post some pictures!!!!!

Hugs to You!
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom)

Posts: 153

First of all I am so sorry you lost your sweet ((((Punkin))))). I also don't believe in coincidences. This was definitely fate. I could go on and on for hours of how I came across my new babies that were sent to me from my Bridgebabies. My rabbit Rudy who passed in 2002. He not only guided me to this wonderful place but guided me to my rabbit Cinnabunny just 1 week after Rudy passed. I too had my doubts. I asked all the questions. Am I ready? Am I disgracing our love by getting another? The truth is we could never do that by opening our hearts to another. To this day I never have regretted taking Cinnabunny in so soon after Rudy's passing. Even now after Cinnabunny too passed on to the Bridge. Don't worry you could never ever replace dear Punkin. I can't think of a better way to honor that special bond that the two of you shared than by opening your heart to another. Your Punkin will always be with you and will be smiling down on you and yes, very proud of her Mommy.

P.S. I'm with Maerlyn.....Start thinking of names!!!! : )

Gentle hugs being sent your way,



Posts: 317

Hi Andrea, I think that little kitten was meant to be with you!!! I understand what you mean about getting another furbaby so soon after you lost one but I have to say that really helps with your grieving process. A new furbaby would never replace your lost one, but it can open the door for love and comfort. After I lost my sweet cat Neko, my husband and I thought about getting another kitty. The house was so empty without Neko, we could not even stand being in there!!! So two days later we were looking at the internet for new kitties. And then we saw a beautiful litter. We went there to see them having the idea of getting another boy. We ended up with two sweet little sisters. Everytime we see them we can recognize some things like our Neko had, but of course we know they have two little different characters. Enjoy your new furbaby and let us know the name!!!!
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 117
So sorry for your losing Punkin.... What a beautiful next chapter.

yes finding 'tux' was no coincidence. that is a blessing from above indeed!!!

we had a similar story when we lost out cat Tabatha after 13 years. I was so devastated and told my wife that we'd never get another as I couldn't bear it. then the next day we were at the car wash and as out car went thru the workers found a baby kitten that washed up from a pipe. we took him in and he was the most beautiful sign. i knew the Lord and Tabatha sent her to us. We called him Houston, he lived a wonderful year until he died of Feline aids. he was unlike anything else and we even joked that he was a human. I even taught him to use the toilet :) we were blessed to have him in our life, even though cut short.

lots of love your way, Pat


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I lost my cat Moon about 2 and a half months ago.  That left us with one cat, Lily, and she seemed happy to be an "only" cat, so we agreed that we wouldn't get another pet.  I was secretly thinking about a kitten, though, and I remember talking to my Rainbow Bridge cats (which I do often) and saying "if I'm supposed to have another kitty, send me a kitten".   But I wasn't going to "proactively" go out to a shelter to adopt.

Weeks passed, and one day, a kitten showed up at a neighbor's house.  They are dog people and weren't sure how to handle a kitten, so they brought her over to us.  I was going to keep her for a weekend while we located her owners, and then we'd take her to a no-kill shelter.   We didn't want to upset Lily, and we weren't planning to keep the kitten.  I posted signs and searched the ads, but we never found the kitten's family.  As the time came to find a shelter spot for her, I was really torn.  And then it came to me - "I asked for a kitten".   I could just picture my RB cats, with that disgruntled look on their faces, thinking "Well, you shouldn't have ASKED for a kitten if you didn't WANT one!" 

Long story short - Chloe has been with us for several weeks and is part of the family now.  She is absolutely wonderful, and I thank my RB kitties every day for sending her to me.   Lily and Chloe are getting along well, and although Chloe's energy is sometimes a little much for her 9 year old sister, I think Lily enjoys having her to play with.

Enjoy your new baby!  



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I don't believe in coincidences at all either. I am sorry about Punkin, it is tragic to lose a beloved pet.

What does your heart say??? I just lost my Ruby 2 weeks ago and I got a puppy yesterday.

Now this Pup will in no way replace my Ruby Sue, as there will NEVER be another Rubalicious, BUT I have love left to give another so I  start off again with that aggravating puppy phase, hahhaha


Posts: 18
There is no such thing as replacing a loved one for that is impossible but what you will do is to extend the line and memories down the years.

Take the new kitten and give him a great life.



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I want to share a story in which I believe the Lord answered my prayers about my dog that I just had to have put down. It isn't the way I would have foreseen it being answered nor even would WANT it to be, but as they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways...
About two months ago, a friend of mine's handyman told me that he bred German Shepherds (my fave breed), so I told him that I would like to buy one of the puppies when they were born. He said "Great!", got my phone number and time passed. Then about two weeks ago, he messaged me and said that he decided that he no longer could keep the dog because his brother suddenly was killed, and he now had to raise him brother's child as well as his own. He was overwhelmed. He asked me if I wanted the dog as well as one of the pups. I was shocked and said I would have to think on it awhile, as I only wanted one other dog, to be a companion to my little dog, Milou (Bichon/Westie mix)...
On Jan. 22nd, my Milou suddenly became very ill. I took him to the vet, and he was found to be in kidney failure. The vet put him on IVS and meds, and kept him overnight in the hospital. The next day, the 23rd, my husband and I went to go see how Milou was doing. I was less concerned because that morning, the vet told me that he seemed a little better than the day before.
However, when we arrived, the vet had a serious look on his face, and told us that he had bad news-Milou's labwork came back, and his kidneys were worse that before. He said that Milou had no chance for recovery. Then, the assistant brought Milou to us, and I held him in my arms. He felt like a bowl of Jello-no muscle tone, couldn't even hold his head up. He was also moaning in pain. We were offered the choice of trying the IVs and meds one more night or else putting him down that night. After discussing it at length with the vet, I made the decision to have him put down. I knew that all I would do was prolong Milou's suffering, and couldn't stand the thought of him being in the hospital with out me and dying all alone(which the vet told us in fact, he was doing-dying slowly).
The vet left the room and gave us time to spend with Milou-my husband, my daughter and son-in-law(who both came up after we got the devastating news). I held Milou in my arms, talking to him softly and stroking his head as the vet put him down. 
The morning after we said "goodbye" to Milou, my friend's handyman called to tell me that the mom German Shepherd was in labor. Of course, being still upset about Milou's death, I had mixed emotions about it. I wasn't even so sure  I WANTED another dog anymore because I was in so much pain over Milou's death. But I told him that I would think more about it all then get back to him. He understood, and said that he would still keep one puppy and the mom for me, pending my decision.
It has now been five days since I said "goodbye" to Milou. I am a Christian, and as I was praying, it occurred to me that perhaps God had answered my prayers about Milou(I had prayed that Milou could have a miracle and recover from his illness). He had it all ready for me to allow two new doggies into my heart, and be able to share love again with them, just as I had my Milou. I know no dog can replace my Milou. I know these two dogs will be different. And that's ok. So while my heart is still broken and I am still in great pain over losing my baby boy, and I will always have a hole in my heart over his passing, I think I am ready to love again...
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