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My cat has been missing since July 30th. The last time I saw him he was curled up on my chest. He loved attention, and was such a sweet kitty. My parents and I go out and look for him every night. Ever since he has gone missing I have felt sick. We posted missing photos on Facebook, and talked to neighbours. Everyone said, “He probably got eaten by a coyote.” We never found any evidence. And it angered me when people said these things. But it’s been three weeks, and he’s not hear. I keep checking our phone messages for sightings, and checking the door, and I keep getting my hopes up for nothing. For my own mental health I need to move on. The anxiety I feel is horrible, and I want it to stop. How can I move on without feeling guilty? Or without disappointing my parents who still think our cat is coming home?

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I was just looking on Google for things to do when your cat is missing and there are tons of ideas. One person had their cat return home by putting the litter box outside on the front porch. But I am sure you have looked up all the ideas you can find on the internet to try to attract your cat back home and other ideas.

Since there is no evidence he has been eaten by a Coyote, it is very unlikely.

Many cats once they get outside love it and go on to live lives they never thought imaginable as outdoor cats. They get to sleep and curl up in so many new and different places. They actually love and enjoy the new life.

I am very sad for you however.  Have you called free pet loss hotlines for support? You can call them in your situation. I used to call them all the time.

Please know someone is thinking of you. I think getting your hopes up and checking for messages is normal. It has not been that long. I would expect that during this time since you cat has been missing since the end of July that you would be doing all of these things.

If your anxiety is overpowering, you may want to speak to your doctor about some medication that helps with anxiety. I did that as well. 

I am very sad for you. And I hope and pray your cat returns.

God bless,

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I am going through the same thing. My boy (cat) has been missing since aug 13.  Today is his 3rd birthday ‘

I have been looking, posted on social media groups, etc. he is an indoor/outdoor cat. Usually home or on the property but Thursday night he didn’t come when called.  

‘’he is very sweet, still So young and not able to fight anything bad out there. We live rural. Vineyards and orchards. I got the same comments re the most horrifying fear/trauma he may have endured.  I am horrified, sickened, worried beyond belief 

im his mom and I let him down 😰. I should have gone looking when he didn’t come. 

I can’t eat, I can’t stop the high anxiety, I can’t accept he may be gone. 

living parallel lives 💔💔😰😫


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I am following In your shoes. My cat was last seen aug 13. Today is his 3rd birthday. 

I am absolutely devastated. We live rural and I have had those comments expressed to me ... the most horrifying thing you can hear 

I, too, have extremely high anxiety, can’t eat, can’t stop sobbing. my Husband has given up on him. I have not given Up but my gut feels wrenched. 

pray he comes home. Please 

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