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I am not sure why I am here, maybe it makes me feel just a little better and relieved to discuss my baby Eskie's passing.

Eskie is my Miniature American Eskimo who passed away on July 21st, 2006. This has been the hardest thing I have ever have to dealt with. My husband and I got Eskie at 12 weeks, 12 years and 3 months ago. He was my birthday present, and I literally searched the world for this lil baby guy.

He was extremely special to me. He was smart and awesome.

On June 11th my husbands 32 birthday, Eskie jumped off our bed ( what were we thinking to let him do that ) We kick our selves EVERY day as to why we didn't get him off the bed!! Well he ruptured his ACL and had surgery, he was doing great, the doctor did say that he noticed his skin and tissue was not right, it was thinning. He believed Eskie had Cushing's Disease. He ran the tests a week later, wanting Eskie to start recovering from the surgery, which he was doing wonderful. Walking and happy and wagging his tail. His spirits were just wonderful, because he loved us sooo much and we loved him.

Well tests results came back positive, he had Cushing's. So we started the treatment, and than he got bit by a spider and he got sick, the toxins from the bite made his kidney's fail.............oh my gosh, why did all this happen to him at once, he was so innocent. The vet said he only had a 20 % chance of beating this. So we said our last goodbyes and , Eskie made a really long sigh when we hugged him , like he was ready to go, like his little body just couldn't handle any more :(

Well we loved him so much, and we did not want to be selfish, so now he is at peace, with no more pain.

But we miss him soo very much. I doesn't get any easier as time passes on. It has now been 2 months, and they are the worst 2 months of my life. I always feel so sad. I can't even say his name or talk about him with out crying. I am crying right now as we speak.

He was our everything.


Heather Carmignani

Eskie's mommie


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I'm so sorry.  Please don't allow yourselves to feel guilty about Eskie jumping off the bed.  When we love hard, we grieve hard.  It consumes us.  That's normal.  I'm finding that out the hard way, too.  Someone else on this support posting quoted the song, "The Dance".  And it's correct.  I wouldn't have missed out on the love for anything, but darn, it's hard to deal with the loss.  You'll be in my prayers and thoughts.  Sending hugs...


- Harrigan's Mom


p.s. -- we lost our beloved orange tabby cat, Harry, just yesterday morning.  I haven't stopped screaming or crying yet, but God knows, this grieving is better than not having had Harrigan for 14 wonderful years.  He gave us unconditional love in a way that only a beloved furbaby can.   You were blessed with Eskie and the unconditional love he gave you.   I'm so sorry for your heartache.


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I know how you feel. The grief and guilt are horrible. We just lost our Jackson on monday after going on a walk on vacation in the woods. Jackson chased a deer and the deer fatally injured him. Why didnt we call him back in time. It hurts so bad. The only thing I know is that he is perfect again and he is happy. So please know that.


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i just wanted to say, its been  5days since the passing of my sammybaby, my sweet german shepherd who i completey adored and i want to say how thankful and grateful i am for this chat room, without all of you im not sure exactly how i would have handled this week..thank you, hugs to all (((you))

angel, sammy's mom

i miss you sammy..


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   I lost my Bonnie two years ago and my Puppaloo two weeks ago... Eskimo angel dogs, both of them so sweet and special.  I know they are still with me, and I hope you can feel your Eskie still with you.  I don't know why their time with us is cut short but they give us so much.  When we had the two of them together "Double Puppaloos"  it gave me so much joy to see them frolic together.  I hope all the little Eskimos are frolicking at the bridge, waiting for us.


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Dear EskieLuv,


The grief during this time is so debilitating at times.  It completely consumes us and leaves us feeling empty, lost and drained.  The most important thing that I have discovered is that even though we cannot physically hold on to them and love them and kiss them and all of the other hundred things that made our hearts sing is that they are with us still.  I imagine my Icky with his little angel wings still rubbing my legs and jumping up on his pillow when its time for bed.  He is happy and young, chasing the leaves as they blow across the fields.  Even as this makes me incredibly sad (because he is gone) it also eases the pain somewhat because I know he is whole again.  This website is an incredible tool in the process of your grief.  Telling us how you feel and having people here who whole-heartedly know what you are talking about gives comfort.  Also telling us your stories about your beloved friend is also soothing to your heart.  Every time I share about Icky (my cat) I feel like I am honoring his life and memorializing him forever with the people here.  I am so thankful that I found this site.  It is a truly amazing gift. So please come back often and share or just read  the other posts knowing you are not alone in this


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Hello Eskieluv,

Just read your message. My heart goes out to you. I understand what you are going through. You see, we also had a miniature American Eskimo. They are the most beautiful dogs and are very intelligent also. We lost our Nikki on the 25th of April 2005. On that day we had to make the difficult decision to let him go, he died of a rare kidney disease called Amyloidosis. I too, blamed myself for his disease, saying I could've prevented him getting this awful disease by feeding him better foods, etc. But no matter how much we blame ourselves, we can't bring them back. And our beloved pets would not want us to go through life blaming ourselves. They loved us too much for that and they demonstrated that love to us each and every day. I console myself by believing that we will see our pets again one day when our time comes. They are waiting for us at the bridge. And that decision we took was an act of kindness, we ended their pain.

I know my words cannot take away your pain, but I hope that in some small way, it can help. Know that you are not alone.

Nikki's mom


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Dear Heather,  I am so very sorry for your loss of Eskie.  It is so hard to loose these special furkids who are so much a part of our lives and families.  You have my deepest sympathy.


It sounds like Eskie was the perfect pet and I know he is sorely missed.  When we loose a beloved pet we feel like we lost a family member and we have.  Come here often for support and comfort.  We all know what you are going through.


Bless you and the spirit of your beloved baby.


Love,  Diane, mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge 4 yrs.

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