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Ok here goes. Advice is appreciated.

My baby Spike was stray Welsh Corgi we found 10 years ago. The vet said he was between 2-3 yrs when we found him. He was diagnosed with heartworms less than a year after that and was treated and has been fine. He has been on the preventative ever since. He is now 12-13 years old and still runs around like he did when he was younger. It all really started in Nov-Dec of last year. He aquired a non-productive cough. I took him to the vet and they said his lungs were clear, that it was either tracheal or bronchitis and gave him antibiotics and pills for cough. He seemed to get better, then the cough came back. I took him back to the vet in April, and was told to give him "all natural cough syrup", which we could not find. So we wound up giving him Buckwheat honey, which helped a little, but not much. So we took him to a second vet 2 weeks ago. She believed that maybe it was Bordetella, (which he had been vaccinated for) and gave him abx and told me to return in a week if there was no improvement. I took him back this past Friday and they did a chest xray and noted a mass of low density in him left lung. She didn't know if it was pneumonia or a tumor. She also heard some weird sounds in his lungs this time. So he is now on his 3rd antibiotic in 8 months and my nursing gut tells me it is not pneumonia. He has never run a fever or had any other signs of infection, except the cough. Also, my daschund is here and has never had any symptoms. He is my angel. We believe he was abused in the past and I have done everything I can to make sure he lives a good life. I have had dogs all my life, but he is truely special. He has this innate goodness about him that I have never seen before. Has anyone else heard of this problem? What prognosis was given? Please let me know. I don't know what I will do without him.

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Treasure the goodness, for such things seem transitory but in truth change our souls forever.  If such creatures can find good in us, so can we.  The sense of foreboding you feel is well founded.  I am no vet, but keep a close eye, perhaps some tests can be run.   This board has been in my prayers every night for the last two years.  Just a silent note for God.......


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Dear Smrfett,

I don't have any experience that would help you, but I send lots of healing and hopeful thoughts for your little Sparky.  You mentioned your "nursing gut" so am assuming you have had all the testing done - would an ultrasound or MRI tell more?  Or even a consult with an internal medicine specialist. The gut feeling is something I've always paid attention to, and it sounds like you do too.  It's always such a worry when you know something is not right, particularly when rounds of medication are not improving his condition.  I'm hoping for the very best outcome for your precious boy.  Please keep us posted.  I keep you both in my prayers.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 

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I am so sorry to hear about Spike's illness.  I wish I could shed some light on this, but unfortunately I cannot.  Has your vet thought about getting a CT scan or MRI to help define what this mass could be?  My dog Ralphie, a minpin, had a chronic cough years ago and they did a bronchoscopy on him.  It turned up nothing and he is now almost seventeen. 

If it were me, I would take Spike to a veterinary specialty center, if you haven't already.   I think you would feel better with a definite diagnosis.  I will keep the two of you in my prayers.

Betsy's forever mom

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I just want you to know your darling Spike is in my prayers. I have no experience with your problem but I am sure some of the wonderful people on this website will be able to give you advice. My very best wishes.
Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom
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