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I'm truly thankful for all of you.  My Zoe left my side, my life, my purpose on July 28, 2018. This is my first post, but have been here often reading about your losses, crying along with you, because I know your pain of grief. I feel like you are all my friends and family...I wish you really were, but our hearts feel the same grief. When I'm especially out of control emotionally, I come here to read and calm down. 
I'm a senior disabled veteran, widowed, living alone. It's quiet. It's sad and dreary. I don't know why, but I feel abandoned by my friends and family since Zoe passed. This has never happened before when I needed someone to talk to, or to give me a little support.  Thank you all for being here.  
I plan on coming back to write more. I haven't attended the candle ceremony yet, I just can't.  
I'm still in my pj's, it's 5pm, and I need to mow at least part of my yard. It's very difficult to function now. It's difficult to live now. Thank you for listening and being here on my computer. God bless. My prayers are with you and your fur babies.

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Please, come here as often as you feel the need. We are a family that is bonded in our losses. Our hearts were broken the day we said goodbye. We will never be the same but we will honor our fur babies by living up to being the person they knew we are. A lot of us here feel as you do, abandoned by the ones we thought would be there for us. Here you will find friends and a new family who care, understand and will support you. Grieve as much as you need to and cry when you feel the need. I lost my Sweet Termy just a little over a year ago and I still cry and miss him so very much. He was my heart dog. Please, find some peace in knowing Zoe is being well taken care of and has found my sweet Termy to play with. Thank you for your service also. It's hard to be alone physically and emotionally but Zoe is still with you, surrounding you with love.Our babies really never leave us, they watch over us and guide us until we are able to join them one day.
Be gentle with your self and give yourself time.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Dear Termy's Mom,  Thank you for responding with such kind and encouraging words.  I appreciate you taking time to help me.  I remember reading quite a bit of your posts since Zoe's passing, and how gentle and wise you were with everyone.  So for you to write me is an honor. Thank you.  I think we share similarities in our grieving and our dogs. My eyes are sore from crying all day, but will write again soon. I would like to talk about a few concerns I have.  I saw the pics of your Termy and he is beautiful. I posted a few of Zoe on my "page", tho a little confusing. Thank you.  I'm sure you're sleeping, hope your Monday is good. I hate going to bed without Zoe and our routine. 
Hugs,  Lydia, Zoe's mom, her nickname is ZoZo. 

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I know how you feel, & I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved companion that brought you to this place . And I also I’m thankful for the people on here who have helped me get through one of the most difficult losses in my life . It’s true that family and friends don’t always understand the pain and the grief that we feel when we lose the companion that has been by our side night and day through thick and thin , and has loved us unconditionally . People seem to back away from grief , they are good about it in the very beginning but then after a month they think you should be over it . And that unfortunately is so untrue because the first year everything without your beloved companion is the first hardest time without them being grieved.
The first birthday without them, the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas, the first Labor Day the first Fourth of July , The first memorial day , The first Easter , all special times with special memories. My Jada pased 2 weeks before her birthday. That was so hard because we always made it a special day by taking her in a car ride to get ice cream and & she even opened presents on her special day. This past Easter she watched me make a lamb cake , which I hadn’t made for many years. I don’t know what motivated me to bake one. But Jada was there in the kitchen waiting patiently for some of the yummy to drop on the floor. I even have pictures of her with some of the batter on her nose. She was a foodie, she loved everything except lettuce. That was the only thing that she ever spit out . Funny how that memory just popped into my head while I was writing this .
That’s another reason that I come here , because reading through others stories of their beloved pets I sometimes see things that remind me of Jada.
It’s good to keep those memories alive . Even though it was very painful at first it does help in the healing process to keep their memories alive always

You’re Zoe was such a special part of your life , A special bond and a special love that no one but you and your Zoe could quite understand I am so sorry you are going through the loss of your Zoe. I understand that it is sometimes too painful to even talk about or write about . But take your time in the grieving process and know that we here will never judge you for how long that you grieve because I think we grieve them , until the day that we meet again . You’re Zoe was lucky to have been loved by you. That kind of love never dies. You are not alone. Zoe is with you in your memories & in your heart & is watching over you in Spirit now. I hope that one day you can get another companion to watch over you. They are angels & as much as we take care of them, they take care of us. They give us so much more than we ever even ask for.
I hope you find comfort & peace.
Doggie hugs & kisses

Jada’s mom

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Dear Doglife, Jada's Mom,
I spent quite awhile writing to you, responding to your post, and then I suddenly lost the whole post. I'm sorry. It is late, so I will post tomorrow. Just wanted to thank you and tell you I appreciate all that you said. Lydia, Zoe's Mom.
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