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I am so heartbroken. My husband put our dog outside and left him for hours in the heat. He did it because Rocket peed in the house. I didn’t realize he was out there and we left to take our son to a camp. When we got back, he was dead! I don’t know how to process it! I’m so angry at him, at myself and even a little at my other kids who didn’t realize he was out there! I am completely devastated and all I can do is cry....How do I process this!? I really do believe that if Rocket was in the house, like usual, that he would be alive right now.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Quite honestly if you believe he did this intentionally then it would be divorce for me - do you think there is a chance it was accidental? I feel so sorry for the position you are in.

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I am so sorry. I feel your pain and heart ache. I can't believe someone would be so heartless. I agree with Lynnsa, it would be a divorce for me. I believe "love me , love my dog". This is one of the worst kinds of betrayal besides having an affair. Honestly, I don't think there is anything he could do to ever make amends. I feel so bad for you and Rocket. Come here for support and understanding. Let us know how you are doing. I wish I could say something to help your pain to make it easier to come to terms with. Cry all you need to, it really does help with your loss. I would never forgive him, ever.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I know if was accidental and I know he feels bad (now I do, I didn’t before) I know I have to let it go....I’m just not quite sure how. I suppose crying has helped some. I just miss my Rocket and I feel so horrible and I know I failed him.

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The thing is accidents happen - and we cannot always prevent them. I have been watching trying to figure out the words to ask if he meant to (I felt it was an accident, but not knowing either of you I did not wish to make things worse). I imagine that your hubby feels so much worse that you (and I am not trying to make your grief seem smaller) because he not only feels the grief of loss but likely a great deal of guilt. We all have moments when our anger gets the better of us and words are said or actions taken we so wish we could undo. Yes hubby was upset that Rocket peed in the house, but I doubt he wanted anything bad to happen to Rocket. Nothing can change what has already happened, but you can help each other now. Talk with each other without blame, you both miss Rocket. Cry together. Share memories. Include your son/children. The only thing that will ease the pain is time and not bottling up the feelings. The timeline for healing is not a set time so remember that you will each heal in your own time, and if one heals faster it does not mean they love less.

Know that you now have a family that circles the globe here - many will read and pray without speaking, some will post to you - but we are all here.


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Thank you so much for that...that advice really helped...I’m sure you’re absolutely right.

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I can imagine that you'd be furious with your husband...but I can assure you that he's being 10x harder on himself. He definitely wasn't thinking that the dog would die in the heat...but now he knows that you can't do that to an animal. I would go to counseling for sure because that's a heavy toll on your marriage. 
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