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Hello, I had to say goodbye to my dear Gwenny on Oct 4th. I have a tribute for her on the page if you want to read about her and see a pic. She was 12yr and truly a Godsend for me. She was always there for me, and a comfort. I always thought I was strong and independent and now with her gone I feel so alone. My husband works a few nights a month and on nights like this I get so scared. Its been two weeks and tonight I moved her bed and trying to vacuum my room. She sheded so much!!! As i was picking up her bed I literally got scared thinking she was mad and was going to bite me. I broke down tonight crying. I just feel so alone.
My husband an i have been looking at shelters hopping i can find a furbaby to bring home, take care of and save. I get so excited thinking about it, but then I get so sad, then scared thinking Gwenny will be mad. I'm not sure if its too soon or if I'm always going to feel like that. I just know I can help another dog. I know some of my fam thinks its too soon but they don't understand. WE don't have kids and I feel that we are able to help. I feel so lost and lonely without one here. How do you make the transition better, I know I must stay away from getting a shepherd that looks like her. But how do I feel like I'm not betraying her. We have her ashes, and I'm looking for a nice urn for her so she will be in her final home, but I get so scared she is mad at me. Thanks for listening.

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Dear Cassandra,
I am so sorry for your loss of Gwenny. Please do not think that Gwenny would be mad at you. It is quite the opposite...Gwenny feels only LOVE for you. And, Gwenny is do proud of you for wanting to honor her memory by giving your love to another dog who needs a forever home. Do not worry about others who say "it's too soon". You know what you need better than anyone and it is your decision not theirs. Gwenny is there with you and she's part of the reason you feel you can save another dog. She knows the loneliness, sadness, and emptiness you are feeling from her loss. She will guide you to another dog to love. She's not mad at you and can never be mad at you. She LOVES you.
You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless, Linda

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Gwenny won't be mad at you for helping another dog. She taught you how to love, and she'd be pleased you paid it foreward.

There is never a wrong time to get a dog, as long as you both agree that the time is now. You don't have to answer to anyone else. Your family isn't living the lonliness of not having a baby to come home to.

You sound like you have alot to give a rescue, a solid home, love and stability. Do what your heart says, and enjoy your time with a dog who desperately needs you.

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I am sorry your sweet companion, Gwenny, has passed on.  Losing a beloved pet is so painful.  Fur babies bring tons of joy to our lives and being without them is very difficult.

The decision to bring another pet into your home is totally personal.  Just from what I have read here, some think they adopted too soon and find it difficult to bond with their new pet.  Maybe you could consider fostering a pet at first and adopt when you know it is the right time.  I know how lonely your are without Gwenny.  A quiet home gives one too much time to think.  I hope you will find comfort from your petloss family.

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~


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Dear Cassandra,
I am so sorry to hear about your Gwenny and understand the grief and pain you are going through. Please share your Gwenny's stories and pictures, don't hold your tears and remember, your Gwenny loved you very much and certainly isn't mad at you for any reason. When our companions leave, our lives are so profoundly affected, it seems unbearable. Everyone's grief is different and bringing a new dog into it will impact all. Gwenny would love the idea that you are helping another one of her kind to find a good home. You will know when you are ready to adopt another fur baby.  For now, grieve and don't hold anything back.

My thoughts are with you and your Gwenny.
Ginger's Dad, 27 weeks at the bridge.


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I am so sorry for the loss of your Gwenny.  I truly understand the pain and suffering you are going through.
We lost our Beagle, Bonnie Lou this past June.  We had her for 13 years.  We never had any children together, just from previous marriages, so Bonnie was our "daughter" and we were crushed without her.
I had no intentions of getting another dog, whatsoever.  I did not want to go through the pain of loosing another dog. 
About 5 weeks after we lost Bonnie, hubbie went into the hospital with a pretty serious condition. Hubbie is in poor health and so hospital stays are not unusual.  During the week he was in the hospital, I was all alone here.  We live in the country and no near neighbors.  So, I was a little scared and very lonesome.
While he was in the hospital, I met a friend for lunch and then we went to a book store.  I was just browsing around and turned the corner and saw a calendar with a beautiful Beagle.  I started crying and told my friend that I must get a dog.
That night, I was just browsing on the computer and went to our local animal rescue.  And can you believe there was a Beagle!!!!!!  Just begging me to take her home. 
Hubbie got out of hospital on Thursday and that Sunday after church we went to a "meet and greet" and it was love at first sight. 
We named her EmmyLou and OMG, we should have named her Sunshine, because that is what she is to me.  She will never, never replace our sweet Bonnie Lou.
Hubbie was in the hospital this week end for an overnight stay.  I was not worried about being here alone because I had EmmyLou here.  EmmyLou is defentely my dog.  Bonnie was my hubbie's dog.  EmmyLou has bonded with me.  It is if she knows that it is because of me that she has a forever home.
I did not mean to make this so long.  But when I start talking about EmmyLou, I cannot stop.
Getting another pet after loosing a beloved pet is a personal choice.  Only you will know when you are ready.  I think when the time is right, the right dog will come along, just as it did for me.
God Bless you.  Keep us posted.
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