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This may sound strange- but I'm wondering if anyone can relate...
The days without Daisy have been about 3% better lately, while not a lot, it feels easire and less intense than before. The reason being because I can already begin to feel as though she's falling from my mind... and we're adjusting to a home w/o her in our prancing in front of every step.

But the sad part is- Daisy was absolutely everything to me. She was the most love I have ever felt. Too special to be 'forgotten', but filling my head daily with thoughts and patterns the way things were when she was here brings back the heartache again.

what can i do? I don't want to 'let her go'... yet i  sit here thinking about Houston- my other love tat died after a year old. with Houston, I don't think of him much any more. Daisy replaced him i suppose. i love him, but somewhere along the way i was able to 'move on' because Daisy distracted my missing him.

I just don't want to ever forget about Daisy... sorry I am rambling on... does this make sense to any of you?
I am sending all my positive light and thoughts to each of you.

Pat (Daisy's daddy)


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Hi Pat,
It makes perfect sense to me.  Hankie was my very special boy.  Sure, I have and had other cats, but there was something 'different' with our connection and I can't explain it.  When he died, I felt part of me died as well, and I am so worried that I will forget him if I get another.  I worry that I will forget the way his fur smelled, the way his fur felt, the way he looked at me, and his overall mannerisms.
I can totally relate, but I don't have any suggestions except to tell you what I have done.  I have collected some of his fur and whiskers that were still kicking around the house and placed them with his ashes.  My aunt made me a small felted orange kitty that I have placed by his ashes as well.  I bought a book (journal) called ROAR, in which I was able to document a lot of his funny stories and mannerisms, and the reason why I chose him, etc.  It fully explores the grief process in all its 5 stages, and I have found it quite helpful, both initially, and now, three months after his passing.  I try to conjure up the last time I held him in my arms to keep me remembering how his little body felt.  It is so hard, since both of our animals died so tragically, but I have found that the above mentioned things really help me to remember him.  I also have a lot of pictures of him around my house where I can see them, and have a great picture of him and my other kitty Sarah as my screen saver.
I hope that some of these things help you, but I really would recommend the book ROAR.  It may help you a bit too.
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

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Dear Pat:
In your heart Daisy will always be with you.  Everyone holds their beloved pets near to them in different ways.  I think it is natural to feel the way you do but I know when you express your feelings for Daisy as the most love you ever felt tells me that you will always have a connection with her and that she will never fall from your mind. 

Daisy is now watching over you and knows that you will never forget her and love her. Talk to her.

Meisters Mom


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It's been 9 months since we helped our schnauzer Molly to the Bridge. I don't worry about forgetting her.
My husband and I make reference to her a dozen times a day, relative to whatever we're each doing at the time. We talk about her when a particular event triggers a precious memory of her in a similar circumstance.
I have loaded all our pictures of her into our Aperture program and I "work" on one each day, adjusting this and that to make it the best picture of that moment.
We have a picture of her in every room of the house. Her name is part of every user id and password we have. She is the wallpaper of every electronic device we own.
I have a little velvet bag that holds certain objects. I have hair, and even some of her poop.
I have a "body memory" of what she felt like up against me in the chair and in the bed. I remember what it felt like.
I won't forget Miss Molly. And honestly, I don't think you'll "forget" your darling Daisy.
I hope you find some solace in a sweet memory of your Daisy today.
Molly's Mom

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I don't think you are forgetting her I think you are beginning to accept what happened and that she is gone. I also think some of the shock of what happened is wearing off a little....that's a good thing. Trust me my cat was everything to me too. (I would cry when we went on vacations cause I missed him so much.) He did 1001 funny/cool/silly/interesting things
 & Don't be hard on yourself if you laugh at something funny or if for a few minutes you aren't thinking about her and what happened. She would want you to be healing a little....

While I know this isn't the solution for most people....I plan to soon get Shadow's name tattooed (the only tattoo I will ever have)on my chest over my heart....1. because there will always be a shadow over my heart with him gone 2. that way I will never forget to think of him everyday and 3. because he deserves that kind of a tribute and 4. because I want him to know I would have gladly bleed for him and gone through great pain for him.

Maybe you should think about some kind of memorial....a Daisy garden in your yard, a huge picture of her above the fireplace, a large stone in the yard with her name on it, a tattoo ....or whatever feels right to you...

If the people on here are right and there really is a place where our little ones go to wait for Sweet Shadow surely has a crush on your beautiful Daisy
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Thank you for this. from the bottom of my heart.

since coming home i have written pages of things i will remember and miss.
while sad, towards the end i was smiling because there were so many.

i walked over to Daisy's picture and told talked to her. Told her how thankful i was of so much that she showed me of life.

i too, hold on to the last of her fur i can find.
some of her toys we buried with her. but i'm sure more will pop out from under the furniture. (the day we had the funeral , her most favorite one appeared)

outside tonight- the strangest thing...
Daisy boyfriend (who's been coming by more often since she left us) is sitting right beside her grave,
Let me tell you, this guy, an ocicat, NEVER let's me get within 15 feet of him. yet tonight, I got within 2 feet. (wasn't going to try my luck and besides he was right next to Daisy's burial spot)I talked to him while he sat there sad-eyed. we talked about Daisy. He obviously and very clearly misses her.

Sad to see. I got the sense that the reason he was next to her is because she was talking to him in some way.

So beautiful...

my love and support to everyone.. thank you for your compassion and wisdom that has helped us...
i only wish everything i can right back to you and your families.


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I find it so touching that Daisy's boyfriend comes to visit.  Hank had a little buddy- a black feral kitten.  They are (were) about the same age when they met and started hanging around together.  After Hankie died, the little black feral came and cried for him for 2 days after he left me.  He still comes around to this day to check and see if he is here.  Makes me mist over every time when I see the little guy.


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polkadots,  There is an enormous difference between forgetting about Daisy and continuing to live your life the best you can in a world that irrecovocably changed.

At the moment I happen to have a  furred Houston, so your post caught my eye.

You are not forgetting Daisy.  It's not possible to forget all the love that you shared with that wonderful being.  In the earliest days of our grief and loss we think constantly of the one who has left this world.  Over time, the pain lessens, we begin to think of other things besides our loss. 

When I lost my beloved Bartholomew, there came a time when I realized I'd not thought of him for *an hour* (I wasn't working and am the sole human in the house).  That came as a shock to have gone for "so long" without thinking of him.  But I have never forgotten him and never will.  Years later as I pet the ones who now live here, I still sometimes cry remembering Bartholomew. 

Don't question yourself at this very difficult time, be as nice to yourself as you can, seize contentment and joy when you find them.  Your Daisy wants you to be happy.  It won't ever be the same again, but it can be good again.

Meanwhile, you are being completely understandably normal to treasure each little bit of fur, each toy that you find.  Save them!!  There are some little marks on the wall that I know Bartholomew made and I haven't washed them off in... several years.  

Whatever you are going thru losing Daisy, it's identical to what happens when someone loses a beloved human.  Identical.  Same feelings, same processes.  Since you are obviously a caring and loving person, I know that you are very understanding when you see people do things after they have lost a loved family member or friend.  We who have lost furred ones do the same kind of things and deserve just as much understanding!


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Compassion and strength to all of you.
Thank you...

Shadow is truly beautiful. such a personality. you can see forever in his eyes. what a deep and special soul. I know you must miss him terribly. yes, Daisy no doubt is flirting with him at Rainbow Bridge.

thank you for all your help and guidance.
it really has helped me. And I agree that this loss in just like that of a human.
After all, she was my daughter. Daddy's girl....

I love you Daisy!!! Please stay close to me


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Makes perfect sense.  First let me say I just yesterday learned of the details of your Daisy's passing.  I can't even fathom what you and your wife are going through.  Just getting past the shock of what condition you found her must be enough to deal with.  Added to that is the normal grief and pain that comes with her loss.  You and your family are in my thoughts.  As far as forgetting, don't worry you won't.  I think for many of us here, we are normally blessed with multiple pet relationships but for each of us it seems there's always that one sometimes even two relationships that impact us so greatly they remain a part of us even after they are gone.  They leave pawprints on our hearts.  My Jasmine's been gone a little over a year and I have moments of despair still in spite of the house being full again with new arrivals.  And if I start to have trouble remembering, I look at the photos, videos and the beautiful website my friends here at petloss made me and everything comes rushing back. 

I don't think we forget so much as we go on, simply because we have to.  Sometimes it may seem our precious memories are fading but remember deep down they are still there.

Again, please know how sorry I am for your loss and again remember the petloss family here is always ready to listen and offer love and support.  They are all that has gotten me through for sure.  Take care.

                          Hugs to you, JasminesMom (Kathy)

Love and Miss You Always Jasmine, But I'll
Never Forget You!!!!!

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You won't ever forget her.  I believe that it's nature's way of protecting us that we don't spend ever waking moment wrapped in our grief.  We all have lives to live, jobs to go to or other things in life that require our attention.  That's just life.  If we became too depressed and it lasted for months we may not be able to get out of bed.  I don't think our pets would have wanted to see us in that much pain.

Our little cockerpoo had to be put to sleep nearly two months ago.  I still have many times when the tears won't stop but other times I go about my day, seeing friends or running errands when I may not have him on my mind for even a few hours.  That doesn't mean I love him any less.  I have photos of him, and the little box with his ashes on a shelf by me here in the computer room. 

I keep telling myself that his pain and suffering is over and he is like a young pup again, running and playing with the other furbabies. 

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. 


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I will miss you Daisy. All your little things.

I’ll miss you always climbing on my keyboard the second I started typing. Making me stop all to pet you. How you would turn and walk away after a while, then when I started typing again you U-turned and sat back down on the keyboard. Our little game would go on forever until you got bored. And when you were bored I always lured you in one last U-turn, by tapping the desk… and give you one more petting before you happily walked off.

I’ll miss how cute you felt in my arms. How you liked me cradling you like a baby, your paws would curl up and sit there contempt, like a teddy bear. When you were ready to get down you would do that little funny kick with your back leg- then twist. And I would set you down… I knew your movements, and you always enjoyed that.

I’ll miss how you like me lifting your back feet a couple inches from the ground with your tail. Then you’d walk on… you loved attention.

I’ll miss how we had our own language. You would always talk back. That cute little curl of your tongue when you pronounced your vowels.

I’ll miss how you always hustled quickly to me when I would tap on the bed those special six coded taps. I’d do those taps for you while you sat in your favorite spot on the hood of the jeep. You would always pounced happily back to me whenever I tapped. It was our little thing.

I’ll miss how you slept with me. You always lied on your side with you head facing my feet and your back against me- and then always lifted your back leg so I could test my hand on your tummy and rubbing it gently. And when you had enough of that, you’d shift positions and sleep quietly on top of my hand so that I couldn’t move it. Because you wanted to be that close.

I’ll miss how you always wanted the bathtub water on streaming 24 hours a day. You couldn’t drink anything else.

I’ll miss hearing your favorite Christmas ball toy bouncing on the floor.

I’ll miss you always saying hello when we came home.

I’ll miss seeing you excitedly taking those trips to the mailbox with mommy. And your trips in the yard with mommy. You two were so cute together.

I’ll miss seeing you by the pool. In the chairs stretched out. And on the diving board. And on the grill. And on the jeep. On the ottoman by the running bathtub water. Which started out in the bedroom which you loved- but wanted us to move to the bathroom. That was ‘your’ room- no one else bothered you there. Except maybe Desmond now and then. You had so many favorite spots.

I’ll miss how when I pet your face, you would always push your head forward so that I would rub you even harder.

I’ll miss how you liked and let me clean the sleepies out of your left eye.

I’ll always remember the last time I saw you. Through the front window on top of a new spot you had found, on the hose reel. We were on the couch. Mommy and I talked to you through the window and you talked right back to us. Then you wanted to come in. or so you thought. I went to the door, and did-but-didn’t want to come in. It was your usual routine. If only I had only stopped to pet you that very second and lure you back in, would you have stayed inside that last night?

I miss you SO MUCH DAISY! Oh how I do!!!!!!

I’ll miss how you and Hubble would cuddle- though increasingly less as you got older. But I would catch the both of you secretly in the act. Hubble kissing your forehead, you diving under him, head up, for more.

I’ll miss your cute grumpiness personality when we wouldn’t let you outside.

I’ll miss that little flick of your tail that you always did when you were really happy. Which was all the time.

I’ll miss how whenever I would walk toward you in your petting poses, you’d do your twist-roll-over-head-dive-then-extend-your-neck-exposing-your belly move, so I would rub your tummy. (you always reminded me of a dolphin when you did that) then you would dive your nose into my hand and make it stroke your face.

I’ll miss how cute you looked when you stretched. Toes out and all.

I’ll miss how you always ate Tempations on your favorite spot on the cat tree. How cute you were. You always loved the milk ones.

I’ll miss how cute you looked when you came sprinting from the back yard.

I’ll miss how your hair found its way into every nook, everywhere. I would always smile when it would get into paint or varnish... or toothpaste and glasses. There was no stopping it.

I’ll miss daddy’s little HELPER!!! Always joining me to work on my projects. You were always so eager to know and learn what I was doing.

I’ll miss how you made paw prints in the grout when I tiled the floor. I’m really sorry I erased them then.

I’ll miss how you loved to be brushed. You made it look so fun that eventually Desmond wanted us to start doing him for the attention. And now he’s addicted to it. All because of you. So many of us around you had their lives so richly fulfilled by just following your cuteness.

I’ll miss playing with you on the cat tree. Boy you sure scratched hard when playing. But I always never minded, because you would then snap right from tiger mode to adorable mode, wanting love.

I’ll miss your show-me-everything, daddy spirit. I’ll miss how unlike you were to any pet I’ve ever known. How radiant you were. How much love you demanding. Yet like a big enough personality that you wanted things your way. Or sometimes you didn’t really want it, really… just had to have it- because it was you- and you are The Belle of Brentwood. You wanted everything that life could give you, you lived and experienced it to it’s fullest.

I wonder if you when you met the fox, that night- did you think it was your friend like the possums and skunks. Had you two met before and he was nicer. You were always so believing in everything and anyone around you.

I’ll miss how you and Hubble always knew where the possums were. You secretly sat close and bonded with them.

I’ll miss how every time mommy and I went away all we could talk about is how much we miss you terribly.

I’ll miss how grumpy you would be at us when we came back.

I’ll miss that night we went for a week, and you stayed out until 2am (the first time, not long ago)… I pet you forever when you came back, as I thought I had lost you. You knew you were testing me. I didn’t care, I was so happy to see you. And we bonded forever that night.

I wish that you hadn’t wanting to keep pushing the limits-
But from the beginning we could never stop your free spirit.

I remember the time you first went exploring as a kitten. You climbed the top of the 8ft fake palm tree, and sat on top like an angel.

I’ll miss that one spot on your back by your tail, that you loved to be scratched.

I’ll miss how pitiful you sounded when I gave you a bath.
I’ll miss how strong you were when your nails grabbed the edge of the sink and you would pull to try and get out.

I’ll miss how in the groove we were to your ‘everything’.

I’ll miss when you would scratch on the back of the computer chair, then climb up on my shoulder.

I’ll miss you climbing on the mantle once every now and then. Just because you could. And look at me like you were proud and saying that mantle was yours at time you decided so. As none of your brothers could get up there.

I’ll remember the time I saw the longest jump ever from a kitten!
You from the balcony to the top of the palm tree.

I’ll miss you knowing the jingling of your bell of everyone else’s, whenever one of you came in from the cat door.
I’ll really very absolutely forever will mn
I’ll miss seeing you proud when I helped you climbed up on the boat. I’ll miss how quickly you learned to do it yourself. You’re always so determined. “Show me more daddy. Show me more.” The say, “OK I got it now (your ‘tude kickin’ in), watch me, daddy, watch me. Here I come… I love you, daddy- now pet me”

I’ll always remember how you and I communicated through touch. Like when you climbed on the bed and got ready to lay beside me. You would run your body through my arm, when your tail got to my arm, I would ever so gently curl my fingers, telling you this was the exact spot for you to plop- where you did plop like a cute rag doll. In the perfect spot where my arm reached your belly perfectly while we both slept.

I’ll miss how every part of you, every move, fit me like a glove. As if we were made from the same mold. Two pieces of a puzzle, you and I.

I will miss seeing your cute little pigeon-toed back feet when you walked.

I will miss how when I pulled into the driveway, you would walk slowly in front of the jeep, just to show off that you could.

I will miss how you always had me open the door for you to walk through,
instead of using the cat door.

I will miss how you pounced your two back feet like a bunny rabbit when I wrestled with you.

I really very absolutely forever will miss how much you brightened the room everywhere- with ‘you’… Daisy. You were ‘you’. So infinitely beautiful… in every way.


“I love you, Daize.”

“whooz a good girrl? hmm? J Choo are…”




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Dear Pat

I can say without a doubt that you will never forget Daisy.  Yes, we move on, but sometimes we are lucky enough to be blessed with a very special furbaby that forever touches our lives.  Your Daisy will always hold that special place in your heart that can never be taken by another.  Seven months ago, I lost my kitty soul mate, Gus.  I loved him so much.  Even though I have two other cats and just recently brought home a wonderful boy who needed a loving home, my Gus will forever be my special love.  I know that I will always miss him and will patiently wait until the time when we are together again.

Hugs and prayers
Kate (Gus' mom)


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What a lovely letter to Daisy. See, we're right when we have all said that you'll never forget her.
Have a peaceful holiday.
Molly's Mom

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What a beautiful letter to your Daisy.
You will never forget her.  It is a very special connection between you, and that can never be broken.
Heather, Hank's forever mommy


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Pat, I am sorry for the loss of your Daisy. My cat Gizmo is going to have his 5 month bridge day on the 21st of this month. Although I don't cry every day as I did when I first lost him he is always in my thoughts and sometimes small things remind me of him which always brings a smile to my face. I still miss him so much but just because my grief isn't as intense as it was I know that Gizmo will always have a special place in my heart as he and I had a very special connection just as you and Daisy did. These special babies with beautiful souls will never be forgoten. I was with Gizmo from the moment he was born until he was hit by a car. He was only 4 years old when he was killed, but I knew he was special from day 1 and I was blessed to have him even if only for a short time. Keep your memories of Daisy in your heart and she will always be with you.      Love and hugs, Gizmos mommy


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Pat, I hope it isn't wrong to reply twice to the same post but I just had to tell you about something that happened today that made me think of you.
I have been painting pieces of slate with flowers and butterflies to put on my Gizmos grave. I found one piece that was bigger than the others and I told my huband that I wasn't sure what to put on it. He wanted me to make a new grave marker for a kitten we had lost 2 years ago when he was only 3 months old . My husband said, "don't forget little bear". Those words made me think of you. I havent forgoten little bear (he was gizmos son) but I guess as time went on I just tended his grave and I knew he needed a new grave marker but sometimes life gets so busy that the things we really mean to do don't get done. Anyway, I have pictures of little bear in my house that I look at all the time but maybe don't really "see". Thanks to you today I have not only remembered my little bear but am almost finished with his new grave marker.Thank you and WE will NEVER forgetGizmo and Daisy.
                                             Love and peace, Gizmos mom

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thank you and God bless all of you and your loved ones.
I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart.
Gizmo's mom- thank you for sharing little Bear's story with me.
I am so touched that in some way helped you remember him.
Hold him and Gizmo tight and don't ever let go.

Funny you mentioned butterflies because that same white one rested on Daisy's gravesite today. I am making a sign for the yard called Daisy Meadows that has a butterfly design in it.

Lately I have been feeling that the tighter I hold Daisy the closer we are and somehow the wait until I find Rainbow Bridge feels shorter. I just can't wait to see and hold my daughter again. And I guess- for that- I would wait until the end of time.

Hubble is doing much better.
though today he was up on the couch high enough to see the picture of Daisy by the burning candles- and he stopped dead in his tracks and couldn't move. I had to stop saying the word D-A-I-S-Y to him because that always seemed to set a relapse for him.

Love and spirit to all.
Thank you for your compassion and caring.

Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)

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I think sometimes some people feel guilty if they are not "thinking" of their little beloved ones all the time....that somehow this dishonors them. 

I lost my grandmother in 1991 and she was EVERYTHING to me.  She gave me the purest love I have ever known, very close to the love I have gotten from my furbabies.  Yet, I go for months at a time without actively thinking of her.  Does this diminish my eternal love for her?  Does this mean I have forgotten her.  No way, my friend.  It just means I have am human and have other things on my mind. 

I feel the same way about my beloved Betsy Noodle, my little 16 year old terrier I had to help to the Bridge almost six months ago.  I do still think of her each day because I am surrounded by daily reminders, but I am sure there will come a time when I am preoccupied with worries or life, and may miss a day.  That does not mean I have forgotten her.  Believe me, she is still there and will be FOREVER.  And so is your baby.

I don't think we can ever really let them go.  They, as well as our human loved ones, are "hardwired" into the neurons in our brains and are literally part of us.  So, please don't worry.  She is still with you, safe in the deep  recesses of your heart...and forever on your mind.


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Pat Daisys Daddy,

I can relate to you very much. I think you lost your dear Daisy very close to the loss of my cat Amber 6-19-08. I think also we relate since my cat was 8yrs old and yours 7 and they still had much more years of joy that we would have spent with them. I understand it is been a hard process realinzing that she Amber is not running up to greet me when i come home.

I dreamed about her much and then it is less and less though the feeling like she is gone is still hard to bear. I think about other pets and feel guilty too and almost sad since i do not want to replace my love or forget her. But like me and you, we will never forget them. i think they will always be with us in our hearts. we cannot change fate and time. i wish i could. i am sad for leaving my cat at night and spending night at grandmas but i know i cant go back. hopefully you are feeling better. this is hard to bear but daisy and amber would want us to be well and happy atleast that is what i think to keep positive.

Peace and love
Ambers Mom Laura

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Hi Laura Amber's mom

Thank you for the kind words. It helps get me through this.
Though, I still feel so much pain. after the hurdle of the intense sadness came these feelings of realization that Daisy is never coming back-
as each day goes on w/o her this feeling becomes more and more intense, and my heart hurts that much more. Not sure how long this will take to heal, but I feel now as though it will pretty much be until I meet her at Rainbow Bridge.

I wish I could dream about Daisy, but for some reason I haven't yet.
But I am embracing all the little signs that she sends.
And keep thinking about the big sign on her memorial evening, when two of her best friends died, and I buried them with her.

It seems as though one of the hardest parts for you and I is the fact that our babies were so young. I know we saw ourselves enjoying so many years more with them. it's strange, but to me it seems that the ones with truly special and unique 'human' souls always leave us sooner than others. I guess in some ways they were 'ready' for the next level, and the Lord asked them to join him.

I keep waiting for Daisy to show up at the door. And the longer time goes on, the more reality sets in. Hang in there- It helps knowing you and I can relate and talk about our special ones.

I hope you come to the candle ceremony tonight. last week's really did help me a lot. it was beautiful.

Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)

I LOVE YOU DAISY!!! nnnyeahhh...


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I always think that human, or furry ones that dont stay long on this earth, are just so special.  They are special because they dont need to learn much, and so can return to the land of reality. The special place, that here know as the Rainbow Bridge. 

These babies of yours, Pat and Laura, are extrememly special beings.  They were sent to earth to add their special souls to the energy that is here.  I know how hard it is to lose a baby, but please feel especially blessed that they chose you, as their guardians and protectors.  Di xxx  


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Thank you Di :) from the bottom of my heart

yes, these beautiful young ones- old in wisdom...

big in spirit, they're called to their next level sooner than we want, sometimes.

what a teachings we get from them! :)

so blessed we are to find them, even though time with them is short

God bless everyone tonight

Love you, Daisy

Thank you for teaching me...



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Dasiys Daddy,

I so feel your waiting for them (amber/ daisy) to show up. I still wish coming home, she would run up to greet me. Thought i even felt her presence on my bed last night. THough maybe i was crazy, lol, but felt something heavy near my leg, wasn't disturbing. maybe it was all in my head but it made me feel that i was still connected to her, like  you are with Daisy. I thought time would help, but then when i think of time, i start to think of the time wihtout her and what she missed out of my life and hers.

It is sad to loose someone so close that is a beautiful soul, that you know there was some "person" inside what we would call a cat. SOmetimes we know the special animals that seem to feel like us, be like us. I think this is because what beautiful people we are too them. I m sure your daisy loved you dearly.

i dont know if this will help but think of Daisy wanting your happiness. I understand the PIERcing Pain in your heart. I woke up Crying today sobbing, thinking if only and when i thoough of a new pet. My thoughts went to say "NO IWANT my Amber" I felt sick too and had trouble breathing. thinking of her gone forever, why mine why her and a cayote? you may understand, I did not even get to her body. they had it at the shelter but i was too devistated to ask if they still had the ashes,

To keep me better thoughi think positively later and know that her love is not in vain. her time with me is not forgotten and her soul is with me forever till i see her again. I wish this was not reality, everyday i think reality isn't so good, without her, but i get through knowing she was wonderful, she is with a friend daisy to hang with and again, your daisy loved you so much, she would want your hart filled with love again.

love and peace to you.
she is with you when  the wind blows she is with  you in the summer rain she is with you and does not wish you pain.
ambers mom

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Laura, Amber's forever mom...

i am SO happy to hear that Amber was with you last night! :)
this warms my heart.

i share your same mixed emotions. for a split second i wonder if i'll feel better if i had another daughter- then i'm immediately snapped back by an internal voice saying "how dare you think such a thing!" i only want Daisy!! every day feels like a really bad dream. i keep wanting to wake up with everything back to normal. so surreal... why Daisy? and why was a soul so special reduced to a 'meal' from a coyote or fox???! and every day i wake up and realize that i'm still in this nightmare dream, and more and more concrete it is that Daisy's no longer with me physically.

Last night was hard for me again. my pillow was literally drenched in tears. I must have cried it all out- as i feel a little better today. i wanted so bad to dream about Daisy- even in my dream I consciously told myself to dream of her. but I didn't see her. somehow I think I felt her though. in another form. possibly a child. i felt my mother's presence also- i know she is watching over Daisy up there. In my dream I also came face to face with the elusive creature that stole Daisy (I have been trying unsuccessfully to trap it). this creature came at me with vicious teeth- and I fought it with my bare hands. there was no pain for me as i was so pumped on adrenaline. this dream probably stems from me watching over the spot in the yard at night where Daisy was killed- and wondering and hoping she died quickly. with split second thoughts of being proud of her for putting up a good fight, if she didn't.

i know your heartbreak with not having Amber's body. But i don't think you need her physical self in order for her spirit to be with you. we only have three tiny paws from Daisy yet I feel her everywhere. at times i feel her spirit wandering around the house doing her normal routine.

please let me know if you hear/feel Amber more. I hope you do often.
it's comforting and reassuring to hear these stories.

love and light, Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)
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