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   I adopted Ariel on Oct. 13 2014 from a local animal shelter. From the day I brought her home she was my constant shadow. She loved me best out of all the humans in our home. I had to put her down Friday. It's been 4 days and I still can't breathe. The guilt is all consuming. I want her back!!! I WANT HER BACK!! I know in my mind that I had to make the decision I did. She was a danger to others and to herself but none of that matters to my heart. I just want her back. I don't know how live without her. 


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Hi Candie, 

I am so sorry for your loss.  I don't know all the circumstances surrounding your decision and Ariel's passing so I can only speak for my own experience.  I adopted (what they told me) an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler from the Seattle Humane Society several years ago.  Buster was from a litter of 12 puppies.  He was so adorable and cute, this little speckled pup with one ear up and one ear down.  A real sweetie.  However, at 75 lbs and due to his aggressive nature, as he grew older he began to have "spells" where he would attack other dogs and people without provocation.  I tried everything; training, medication, even a shock collar; all to no avail.  In the end it turned out he was a Tennessee Coonhound and apparently they can be prone to mental illness.  Sadly, while visiting the state of Tennessee (sad irony) I had to have him put down after he attacked a man in a park.  It was awful.  I was told there was nothing that could be done for him and even I started to be afraid of him.  His ashes are spread in a bean field in Virginia.  That was over 4 years ago.  He wasn't even four years old.  But I felt I had no choice as I couldn't control him and I knew he couldn't be happy having these attacks.  Please know the heart still aches but I know I did the right thing.  He was my "Big Boy" and I will love him forever.

Jackie in Idaho

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Hi Candy,

I know it sounds like a platitude, but please know that your dog was so lucky to have you for six years. You saved her and gave her love for all of that time. I don't think time matters so much to dogs. Love is all that counts and you loved her. She is safe and sound now. It is just you who has to go on with the pain, and I'm so sorry for that. I know how it feels. It will take time, but your heart will heal. Just keep breathing. You are a wonderful person and you gave your dog a good life. You did right by her. When you're ready, I hope you will rescue another soul that desperately needs someone like you. I think that is the best way we can honor the dogs that we have loved.

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