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I adopted a 7month old lab puppy,and had him neutered yesterday and he died in surgery,we had him 2weeks saturday,what a joy he was so exuberent,I have a huge yard and he ran through it all the time,I am so shocked and heartbroken,I don't know anymore, I lost my Golden of 13 1/2 yrs a few months ago, I was not ready for this,I just cannot stop crying,he should be here today with me!!!!!! I am so sad,it wasn't suppose to be like this, Why?There seems to be no sense I can make out of this


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I think when stuff like this happens from a seemingy low-risk operation--that it's just fate. You had no foresight or information that could have changed it. You were not in control of any of it. You gave this little guy some good quality life and love and that's a great thing. Take care.


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I am so very sorry for your loss.  We cannot understand why life hands us these sorrows.  There may have been a birth defect of some sort that caused this to have happened.  I know your sorrow is unbearable but please try to remember the pictures in your mind and heart of this precious little puppy running around your yard so happily.  For such a short time you were blessed to give such a happy life filled with love to this little one, something so many puppies never know.  And he is now running through meadows of green with all his new buddies at Rainbow Bridge telling them of the wonderful person who loved him with all of her heart and soul.

I felt the same sorrow you are suffering when my Twinkie left me.  I found her when she was a tiny kitten, so very sick.  I was able to have her with me for one month to the day I found her and that was one of the sweetest months of my life.  I tried so hard to make her well but FIP took her from me.  She left me nearly six years ago and I still grieve but I know she is living a healthy and happy life at Rainbow Bridge and she will be there waiting for me to join her someday.  Until then she is with me in my heart every moment of my life.  And the love that we have for each other is eternal.

I am so glad you found petloss.  I hope you will continue to come to us and tell us about your babies.  I know you will find comfort here as so many do.  If you would like to correspond my e-mail addy is  I would be happy to hear from you.

Love and prayers,
Marsha (Twinkiesmom)

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I am so sorry you have had to deal with twice in just  a few months.  The shock of this double grief has to be overpowering.  Again, I am very sorry.


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It is 3 weeks to the day that I brought my best friend to the vet to be put to rest. His name was Jake. I have had him for 16 happy years. He was part Springer Spaniel and part Black Lab. I live in Connecticut ( hence my name nutmeg), and he was my hiking companion. We hiked hills and mountains ( yes there are some in Connecticut), but the "little man- named long before the movie came out" preferred the hills so we stuck to them.Jake loved the wter so we traveled many streams and rivers. Since the streams are small, I would prefer to take him there. We would walk in the stream, me balancing myself on the rocks and Jake would just swim and enjoy the water ( must be the lab in him, do spaniels like water?). As for the rivers, I remember Jake rolling in dead fish and myself falling in one. There were many thornbushes we both crossed --I got pricked many times. One winter we stood on top of a hill as the snow was starting to fall ( I kept him away from the hills where shunks were since he delighted to be sprayed) it was magical, the smell of fresh snow and the light dimming and the sight of houses with their lights on I remember well.


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Jake was an Angel. I remember me with my hiking staff, and him at my side trekking along the trails, that this must be what heaven must be like!  On days that I preferred to stay inside,Jake would convince me to go for a hike and I would do my prayers and meditations on the trails and I would be so thankful to him for dragging me out. I feel your loss, and I apologize for going on so much. It may bring comfort to you that there are many people who share your grief and I am thankful to this website for giving us the opportunity to share our grief. Hope you heal loved one and you are not alone!
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