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I just feel like I need to post on here to let out some of the heartbreak I have been feeling since the horrible news I received yesterday.

My mum rang me in the morning on my way to work as she was worried about our cat ‘Buu’ hadn’t come back since the morning before, he had done this before a couple of times and I really did not feel worried so I reassured my mum he’d be back soon and to listen out for his meow at the window.

I’m a vet nurse, living with my mum, Buu was handed to me at about 12 weeks old as an old women was unable to look after him I fell in love with him the minute I saw him and brought him home to my mum.

Unfortunately on the same day in the afternoon my mum called me to inform me that the vets around the corner from where we live had been on the phone to tell us our beloved Buu had been ran over and was found on someones drive passed away and someone handed him in to them, due to his microchip they were able to retreive all our details to inform us.

I literally have not stopped crying, I have been thinking about him every second of the hours that have gone by since we were told, looking at pictures and videos of him and pleading to myself that somehow it was a mistake and that I’m going to receive a call from my mum to say he’s come back. I know everyone grieving says things like this but I have never had such a well behaved, cuddly, precious special cat like him, I was terrified that this day would come as I knew that if it was we would never be able to get a cat with his same calm and loving temperment, he was so special and gentle and I am going to miss him terribly. I’m broken and devastated this had to happen and I keep thinking about the times he’d push his way through my bedroom door, jump on my bed before kneeding it and snuggling up to me for the night. When he would inquisitively lean over the bath when I was in it or greet me and my mum at the door every time he’d hear our key. Why is the world so cruel? I wish that cats had road sense and knew how dangerous is was to just jolt out infront of a speeding car, and i wish people would be more careful of their speeding as whoever has done this to my baby has no idea what pain and suffering they have caused me. Please somebody tell me this will get better? Please say that I’d be able to find another cat like him again? Please tell me I will heal from the pain I am feeling? Most of the people around me are very supportive as they either have pets or know how much my animals mean to me but I no longer have any Buu was our only and now the flat is so quiet without his beautiful presence.

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I'm so sorry!  I would be devastated in your situation, too.  

I do think the grief will eventually lessen but that won't happen immediately and it won't be consistent.  That is, there will be better days and worse days.  My dog died three weeks ago; I had her euthanized because of a large and growing tumor in her mouth. So her death wasn't a surprise but it nevertheless was extremely sad for me. I'm still functioning but odd things will set off my grief. For example, this morning I was reading something for my job, and it suddenly hit me that I had been thinking about this same article one of the times I took my dog to the dog park last fall, and this little memory made me start crying.  

I also think you'll find another cat that you love as much as this one.  The new cat won't be the same but it will be good and loveable in different ways.
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