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Let me start off by saying I did watch a lot of videos about solders returning home, how their dogs go bonkers to see them. LOVED IT!
Ok, I woke up about 5:00 am, still feeling kinda tired I dozed off again. When reawakened, I was crying, the dream came to me! April was VERY white almost with a golden hue, and her fur/hair was very long, dancing between my legs, tail moving 900000 miles an hour. She rolled on her back for the famous belly rub. I knew I was dreaming, I said April you have come to me in my dream. There was someone else next to me. At first I thought it was my roommate, he loved April too. I asked him if he had a dream about April, said no. It wasn't a long dream and I don't know if watching all those videos influenced my dream, but I wanted MORE! I still don't know who was next to me.
Thanks to all those who prayed for my baby April to come to me, and most important Thank you Lord!
Blessings to all,

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Don't question it, Bob!  This is so clearly a dream visit from your precious April!  What a wonderful experience, and it's clearly brought comfort and joy to you!

I must admit to being envious!  I have not had a dream about either Luke or Lil yet, and I long for the time it happens. 

Thanks for sharing the experience, and God Bless!  LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)

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I am reading your post with my jaw on the floor in shock!!!
I finally had a dream that Bonnie Lou came to me.  I was ill the past 2 days.  This happened yesterday.  So, yesterday at 11 a.m., I took my book to bed and was soon asleep.

i was just waking up, kind of inbetween sleep and waking up.  Then I saw Bonnie and she too had a "glow" about her.  Bonnie was a Beagle(well, she still is) and the white part of her fur was just glowing.  It is amazing that our dreams were so similiar. 

In my dream, Bonnie was a young pup, friskey, trying to jump up on the bed.  I promise you that our babies came for a visit and the glow was a "heavenly glow".  I am so excited to read your post and it is just like my experience.  It has absolutely got to mean something!!!! 

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Bob, that's amazing!!! I'm so glad that it happened!
I'm with Lukes Dad, clearly a dream visit from April!
Must have been a relief to see her doing well!
I know that  it's not the same thing as having her around as before, but what we want today is to have that certainty, that our babies are fine. I'm very happy that it happened to you!


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Ive been playing the dream over and over in my head, instead of the last hour of Aprils life. A much better obsession. I still have an empty feeling the size of a truck, but I think I'll have to learn to live with it. I miss her so much.

I miss the dinner dance, the look on her face when I picked up my car keys, and the "do you want to go with me" disco/foxtrot/curly shuffle dance, she loved the car rides.

I'm praying for others to have their visit.



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i am sitting here with a sheet eating grin on my face.   VERY happy for you that april gave you that divine dream visit!!    those are always so wonderful and helps to ease the pain in our hearts.    we KNOW they are doing just fine because we HAVE seen them!    

i don't have a clue as to who also came with her.    is there someone that you were close to who is also up in the heavens who could have decided to come with her?     very interesting.     maybe one day a 'knowing' will come to you and you will understand just who else came with april.

now, hold that memory of that  dancing little darling with the tail moving at warp speed always close to your heart.   she is with you and will watch over her much loved dad.  and boy oh boy, wasn't she sure excited to see you again???
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