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I just recently (on May 13th, 08) lost my "baby girl" Sunni to Parvo.  It hurts so bad.  She was a 10 mo. old Min. Pin. that I helped to bring in to this world, and did everything a good mommy should do. 
We noticed that she was sort of moping around on Sunday night, but wasn't too concerned because she was in her first "heat", and her Momma was the same way with wanting to be left alone.  It wasn't until early Monday morning that I realized something was seriously wrong and called the vet.  I was there and waiting for them when they got there.

They did everything they could, but I got the phone call Tuesday morning that she hadn't made it, and now all I can see if her precious little face looking at me with the expression of "Mommy, make me feel better" and I couldn't. It's killing me... And we didn't even get to say goodbye or give her hugs and kisses and tell her how much we loved her.

Let's just say that work is interesting since I'm an insurance agent, and I can cry at a moments notice.  Fortunately the people I work with have been very understanding, but it still isn't easy.
I can't go more than an hour without crying I miss her so much.  Went walking through Wal Mart tonight and started crying when I saw a pink dog dish that my daughter had tried several times to get me to buy for Sunni.

My other dogs (Mollie-Mommy, Maxx-"uncle", Buddy-Daddy and Scarlett-sister) are missing her too.  Especially her sister Scarlett.  She misses having her sister to play with.

I didn't cry this much when my Grandmother died a couple of years ago, and I don't cry very much to begin with. So I'm having a really hard time dealing with this.

When does it get easier??  I hope to god it's soon, because I don't know how much longer I can deal with this.  I miss my "baby girl"~ Little Miss Sooner Sunshine so much.
Can someone please help me........


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Oh honey, I am so terribly sorry about the loss of Sunni..  What a sad loss of one so sweet and young.  My heart is breaking for you.  I wish I had some magic words to take away your pain.  You will have many tears and your emotions will be all over the place.  Just give yourself time to grieve and heal.  Eventually your tears will give way to smiles as you remember your Sunni.

I know you feel sad because you didn't get to tell Sunni how much you love her, but she already knew it.  You showed  her everyday of her life.  There are many poor furbabies who never get to experience that love.   Sunni will always be with you and will always have a special place in your heart.

Please come back and share some memories of your Sunni.  It really does help to share with others and we would love to hear about her.  Everyone here understands your pain and wants to help you through this sad time.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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Dear williemjm, your message touched me when I read it. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Sunni. I lost my baby Jessie (also a miniature pinscher) almost 2 months ago and I cry almost everyday for her. I also have to be aware that nobody at work notices that I'm crying... it hurts so much. She was not so old, only 8 years and was not sick. She just passed away without any of us expecting it. She was so sweet and we pampered her so much. She slept with me everynight. I miss her so much, I totally understand how you feel. People here said that it takes time, then the pain will be less. I try my best to continue with my daily life, though feels a little empty without her, but our little angels are now in a better place, without suffering or illness and when the time comes, we will be able to see and hold them again.
Diana, Jessie's mom.
My Jessie, I miss you so much!!!

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Sunni knew what love was.  You did not need to be there at the last moment.  Animals have amazing insight and they understand love.  I lost my Rupert almost 16 weeks ago and it still hurts.  He had an identical sister and a few days after he died she started doing all the things he used to do. A medium told me his spirit is around me and his sister and that gives me some comfort.  Having his sister has helped a bit and she has become more loving.  I will never forget him and I still talk to his picture and sometimes I still lose it when thinking about him. 

Grieving can take a long time and you need to give yourself time.  I have lost other cats and I coped but 'my boy' was special and he was my best friend.  I miss him and think of him ALL the time.  Try to think of the good times and not dwell on the dying part if you can

All the best  Ruperts Mum   

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I am so sorry for your loss of Sunni, I know what pain you are feeling as I lost my cat Lewis on May 14th and Sunni's story sounds so similar to Lewis's. I am so glad I found this site a couple of days ago as the people on here have been so understanding and helpful with me to deal with my lost and you will find the same understanding and help. God bless you and Sunni.


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I am so sorry for the lost of your precious girl, Sunni.

Losing our babies is such a horrible thing to go through.  Although you didn't get a chance to kiss her or tell her you loved her, I'm positive that she knew that. 

She is still with you in spirit and is at the Rainbow Bridge with new friends and I'm positive you will see her there one day.

I'll keep you in my prayers.

Big Hug,

Piggy's Mom


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I am very sorry you have lost your little minpin, Sunni, to parvo.  I have just read that (these days) it is predominately a disease of puppies and adolescent pups so I am hoping and praying her sister, Scarlett, is safe and well.   I am sure your vet told you what  you must do after you have a parvo-infected pup in your home or yard to protect any others that might get exposed. 

I know your heart is just broken.  I have a 16.8 year old minpin who is elderly and frail, but still a little pistol.  They are such wonderful companions.  

I wish there was something I could do or so to take away the pain you are feeling, but I can only offer my support and prayers.  I would love to hear more about your sweet baby girl, when you feel up to it.

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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Sorry about your little Sunni. Take care.

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