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I lost my cat Filemon yesterday. It was so sudden. I came home happy, I wanted to tell something funny that happened to me to my mom. When she opened the door she told me quietly, our kitty passed away. At first I couldn't believe it, the world stopped. I loved Fili so so so much...I never loved any animal like this, my whole family did. I can't get used to the thought that he will never come again when we call him. He became part of our family and now I don't know what to do, things are not whole this way. We only got him in the summer, he was so young and beautiful...and my dad just found him dead, all of a sudden. We don't even know what happened, he was vaccinated and all, nobody expected it. He wasn't even a year old, this was his first time seeing snow and he was so excited! This would've been his first christmas and I'm heartbroken. I don't want a christmas without Fili. I can't stop crying, everything reminds me of him. Right now I'm getting ready to go to uni and this is usually the time he meows at me from the window. The silence hurts. I never want another cat ever again...He was the best cat we could possibly have. No cat will be like him and he deserved so much better. I don't know what to do

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I am so very sorry you've lost your wonderful little Filemon - he sounds like he was such an important part of your family.  The shock is awful, especially when there was no sign, no warning, that anything could possibly happen to him.  I can tell your heart is broken.  

Even if all he had in this life was a short amount of time, I am so very glad he got to spend in in the company of people who recognized how amazing he was, and welcomed him as a real member of the family.  I can imagine he was as pleased to find himself in this situation as you were to see him every day and learn more about who he was and what made him happy. It was a relationship you expected to go on for a very long time.  

I cannot tell you that this gets easier any time soon - but I can tell you that Filemon is proof of just how much love you can share with a pet - even if you've only been granted a short amount of time to share it.  You don't 'get over' a loss like this, but I promise you with all my heart that you do get through it.  Filemon should be associated with love, warmth, and happiness - not with this awful grief you feel right now.  And he will be associated with that once this grief has run its course and you find yourself ready to take the weight of his loss from your shoulders and turn it into light inside your heart.  Just not today. The grief is too close and too raw.

And I understand that you feel closed to the idea of letting yourself love another pet someday - I felt the same when my little dog passed away.  But I have never regretted the chance to love a pet even knowing that the possibility of loss is always ahead.  But you've got to be ready, and you've got to accept these risks before you can even think about a future with or without a little furry baby beside you.  

I am thinking of you - and I am so very sorry you've lost your beloved little Fili.  

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I'm so sorry and will say a prayer for you. I'm still crying over my little dog lucky who died 2 months ago. Your little Fili is in heaven now with the angels and other precious animals. No words can take the pain away but in time the pain fades.

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Thank you for your kind words, they really touched me. You helped me a lot! Though it really hurts, your kind message made it a bit easier...and i'm so grateful for that. Our babies will live forever in our memory and hearts ♡
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