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It happened on Friday.  The pain is unbearable.  All I do is sleep and when I'm awake all I do is cry.  I know everyone says it will get easier but when??????  I am so is hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Layla's Mom

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Dear Laylas Mom:
I completely understand your pain and I am so very sorry.  Please know that there are loving and caring people here for you to help you through this very sad time.

Each person that loses a precious pet goes through grieving in different ways and times.  It's OK to cry and go through all the emotions.  It is very hard to lose a pet that you have shared love and happiness with.  For some it's like losing a child.  

I can't stop your pain but with our help we can try to easy it for you.  If you can please write back and talk to us more about your feelings and the best friend you lost. 

I will pray for you.

Meisters Mom


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Dear Jamie,

I am so sorry you have lost your beloved baby.  The pain in the beginning can be almost unbearable and overwhelming.  Your reaction seems consistent with what many of us have experienced.  The thing that helped me most when I lost my beloved 16 year old terrier, Betsy, to dementia in January, was posting on this site.  I did it almost nonstop at first, because when I would leave the website, all I would do is cry and think of her.  Coming to this site and writing about her and consoling others (even when I had just lost my girl) helped me tremendously.  The people here were so kind to me.

When you feel up to it, please tell us more about your baby.  What was she like?  We all know the terrible pain of loss you are feeling.   We will be here for you.

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 355
Dear Laylas Mom

I am so very sorry for your loss.

When you are ready we are here for you. You will meet wonderful caring and understanding people here. We are all going through the devastating loss of our babies. We are here to support each other. We all would love to know more about the angel you lost.

My heart and prayers are with you. Please know you have friends to help you.

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE


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Sorry about your loss of Layla. It is very hard to lose a pet that you love so much. My husband and I say to each other that we can't believe how much we love our animals, and the ones gone, as well. That love never stops either for them.
That's why the loss is so overwhelming--one feels so empty without the loved one there. I hope things get better for you.

Posts: 11
Thank you all for your support.  It means a lot.  Layla was a Boxer...she just turned 1 on May 19th.  I have so much guilt because if I was at home with her the accident would NEVER have happened.  She was so energetic.  I loved to come home and see how excited she was when I walked into the room.  I would come home every day on my lunch hour to let her outside...I didn't want her to be alone all day.  Its so hard to breath sometimes.

Thank you again for everyones' support...and I am so sorry for your loss.  I will post her picture with my next entry.

Posts: 111
Dear Layla's mom
I am so sorry for your loss.  It is very difficult when they are so close to you and so special.  Time is the great healer, and you will need time.  The pain is always the same but we go from shock to eventual acceptance.  But as my Hank has been gone for 3 months, the crying is less, but the pain is still the same.
Please give yourself time to grieve, and when you are ready, please tell us about your precious little one.
Heather, Hanks' forever mommy

Posts: 613

Dear Jamie, I am so sorry for the devastating loss of your precious little girl Layla, we are here to offer you comfort however we can,  we have been where you are now, and understand your feelings all too well.   Yes, losing our fur babies is just unbearable, and it takes a lot of time for the grief to lessen.   I lost my golden girl 11 months ago today, and I still weep for her.  Be gentle with yourself, you are not to blame for anything that happened.  You loved your girl with all your heart and soul, and she knew that.   I feel your pain.  Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


Posts: 76
Dear Layla's mum,

I am deeply sorry for your loss. Believe me, we all know how you are feeling. The pain is terrible, but its normal. You loved your girl so much and now she is not here, it's like your heart has been ripped out. I know. I cry for my boy every day. It's been 8 days now and sometimes I don't cry and think I am feeling a bit better, and then I remember him and the things we did together and I cry again. I don't think that you ever get over it, but it may get a little easier after a while.

They are so precious and loving. They love so unconditionally. I loved my baby a lot more than I cared for some people that I know. Our babies love freely and easily, they hold no grudges and forgive us for all our shortcomings.  That is why they are so special, they are pure of heart and soul.  I KNOW that my boy has a special place in the light. Why would he not? or any of our babies? They are loving and pure. They deserve no less.

Take care,

Shiannon, Jackson's mummy

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