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I am racked with guilt that I could have saved her....if I brought her to emergency room last night (Sunday) instead of waiting for Vet on Monday morning.

She was a 5 month old Labrador. The sweetest girl in the world. One week ago she started crying out in extreme pain...She was eating and drinking and going to bathroom fine. We brought to our normal vet and they diagnosed a neck injury and gave her pain meds...they never did a stomach x-ray although I said she was sensitive there and mentioned bloat...She seemed to get better quickly and within 2 days was a happy pup again....well Saturday night the pain started to come back again. Then Sunday night she stopped eating and threw up everything she drank.....I was at the door when my Vet opened Monday morning - figured it was best she saw the same doctor. They took X-rays and found she had swallowed a kitchen knife!!!! It had been in her all week but had now punctured the abdomen and she was crashing - I transported her to the emergency hospital where they performed emergency surgery to remove the knife.....she had to have CPR three times in recovery but could not make it....My wife is a mess....My daughter is 7 she is wrecked.....Could I have saved her if I brought her Sunday night? Could I have forced x-rays on the first visit? Should I have known? Why would a puppy eat a knife?....Why would God do this to us?

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I am absolutely heartbroken for you! First of all I want to reassure you that in my opinion you did not fail Zuri. You took her to your vet, told him her stomach seemed to be sensitive and he chose not to further investigate. I am sure he feels awful about his decision. From personal experience I can tell you dogs (and cats) can get into trouble in so ways that we can't even imagine. I try to be so careful not to leave anything out that might harm my fur kids. No chicken bones in the garbage, food on the counter, my daughter tells me I am absolutely anal about it. One of my dogs chewed through a baby gate that I used to enclose her in a room when I was out running an errand. I got home in time to save her. One of my cats got her paw caught in a venetian blind cord. How Zuri managed to swallow a steak knife is unbelievable but she did. Please try not to blame yourself, we all do but all it does is compound the pain we are suffering. Zuri knows you love her, you showed her in a thousand ways. Please be kind to yourself, she would want you to do that.

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Thank you for the kind words - the guilt is overwhelming....I let Zuri down, I let my wonderful kind daughter who has had too much loss down, I let my wife down....

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Hi Zurisdad, 

Awww, don't blame yourself, I have a new puppy too and she eats EVERYTHING! They just do that and even when you are home all day (I work at home) it is impossible to see everything they do - they are so curious, and get into everything. 

I am sure, if we took X-rays today, right now, of my puppy's stomach, there would probably be at least 50 foreign bodies in there. She also loves to chew on wires -- we are lucky she hasn't been electrocuted yet! We do try to keep her away from danger, to remove danger from her reach, but it's a constant battle.

Also, you are not a vet; part of this certainly falls on whoever it was that treated her...  that's their job. 

When the time comes, when your wife and daughter are ready, I hope you can get another puppy to love. I lost 3 old dogs last year, all 13 years +, and now we have 2 new dogs. They have helped put a smile on my face again whereas without them, I am sure I would just be crying every day thinking about the ones I have lost. I grieve for them but at least I also have something to make me smile again.

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Hi ZurisDad,

I'm so vey sorry for your loss. It's just so tragic and your grief comes through in your story. We try so hard to protect our babies and love them and we put so much faith in the doctors to do what's best.

I lost my cat Biscuit last Saturday and the guilt remains. I question decisions I made and wish I could go back and change things. The pain has not lessened. And I cry daily.

You will feel the guilt and the regret and the grief as it is part of the loss. But please know that you did everything you thought was right at the time. You are not to blame.

Be well and I hope you begin to feel better soon.

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