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Ozzy was an amazing friend! He actually called me "mama" and followed me everywhere that I went! In every picture, Ozzy can be found SOMEWHERE, like my own little adorable stalker! I loved him more than I have ever loved ANYTHING else! I have had cats my entire life, but this one was just different. When I was giving up on life, he came and saved me. I bought him from a breeder and fell in love with him. He was sooo mischievous. About 6 months after I got him, he had a bad case of fleas after visiting my mom in the country. A vet treated him for the fleas (I found out later that he dipped him! This was not what I wanted!) Anyway, he had a bad "reaction" and started throwing up over and over again. My regular vet found that he had many heart problems, so I took Ozzy to the only kitty cardiologist in Tx and they found 3 different heart valve defects, a murmur and initial stages of CHF. They gave me some pills and a sad prognosis. They said he would probably only make it another month and he would start hiding from me and become very sick and helpless. Great!I was absolutely devastated, but determined to prove them all wrong! As was Ozzy! We started taking the pills, I started adjusting him(I am a chiropractor, and I put him on some special vitamins just for kitty hearts.) And by the sheer grace of God, I had my precious Ozzy for 4 more wonderful years! Our love for one another kept us both alive. On Friday morning, April 25, 2008, I overslept, b/c Ozzy didn't come upstairs to tickle my face and yell "Mama" at me like he did EVERY day. I went downstairs and he was just sitting by the door in a chair. I picked him up and loved on him and asked him if he was ok. He just pushed away, like usual, and led me toward the treats. I told he was getting skinny and that I would be home from work early so that we could take a nap. I kissed him and told him that he was beautiful & I loved him and went to work. My boyfriend told me that 15 minutes after I left , Mr. Ozzy sat up licked his paw, then fell over and died. He tried to give him pats and chest compressions, but he was gone. We think he had a heart attack. He was acting fine just the night before. Mr. Ozzy had struggled over the years with some vomitting, but was as close to normal as his little sister, Zoey or any other animal! I was not prepared for his passing! I had convinced myself that he had been misdiagnosed! I would tell him on a daily basis that I couldn't live without him and I would beg him to never leave me. Then last week, I picked him up gently and I noticed he whimpered just a little. I told him that if he ever started to feel bad and that it was just too much, that he could go! That I would love him forever and that I would never have made it or become the person I am now without his love. I didn't mean it or want him to go! I wish that I could take back those words and that he would still be here with me! But, I am glad for the opportunity to thank him just a little for ALL the love he gave to me! He was one of a kind! Now I am lonely and empty and I want him back! I am also worried for his baby sister. So far, she is healthy, no heart problems but she keeps looking for him. He was the BIGGEST personality in the room! That cat demanded attention! He was just amazing!!! I contacted the breeder and she denied any knowledge of a problem. I don't really care about any of that stuff, I just want my baby back. He left so fast that he took my heart with him. Ozzy, I will miss you in every moment of every day. I will look for you in every room and listen for your voice everyday! I will oversleep every morning without your loving nudges. And I will never be the same without you. My boyfriend says that God gave you to me and me to you. I may have saved your life and kept you alive longer than anyone thought was possible. But, the reality is that you saved me! Thank you for your friendship, your love, your kisses and especially your company! You are and will forever be my best friend and little fuzzy Mr. Boo, Ozmo, love-muffin! I feel like I'm gonna die without you. I am sorry that I couldn't actually be with you at the very end, maybe you were sparing me. I will never say goodbye, only see you soon! I love you. Wait for me! In what seems like the blink of an eye, we will be together again! All of my love, forever!


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Your Ozzy sounds such a character.  a furry alarm clock too.....
I am so sorry that he has gone.  I t is so hard when they leave when you are not there, we feel so guilty.  Even when you are there you feel guilty.  You gave him permission to leave, please dont feel bad about it, I have always done it.  Perhaps that he thought it was better to leave when you werent there, perhaps he found it easier that way.  When my Dad was dying, we sat all night with him and told him it was ok if he wanted to go, he didnt go until after we left.  Maybe because they love us so much it is harder for them to pass naturally when we are there.
I dont know if I have made any sense.  Please know that I feel the pain that you are going through, we all do here.  Thinking of you, Much Love, Di xxx

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There is no easy way for us to separate from our beloved furchildren when the time comes.  It's just as hard to watch them fail as to find that they've left on their own.  I've had them leave both ways, and I know that there are positive and negative aspects to both.

A few weeks ago, I had the same thing happen to me: My Sweet Lady, who was being treated for (and responding) chylothorax seemed no worse than usual on Friday night; on Saturday morning, I awoke to find her body in the bedroom doorway.  It looked as if she'd started to walk out of the room and just walked out of her body.  So, like you, I didn't have the chance to say good-bye, and yet I am thankful to the Creator for the blessing of Lady's transition.  Like Ozzy, she left from her own Earthly home, without the anxiety of that final trip; she left peacefully, as did Ozzy.  You are blessed in that.

In a perfect world, (well, perfect so it seems), we'd make our own transitions at the moment our furchildren do, but then we'd be denied the love of more furchildren, denied the opportunity to help others.  The "system" as it exists is actually a good one.  The more we love here, the more we'll  have waiting for us.

You pain will subside; pain always does.  You'll always remember Ozzy with the greatest love, and the day will come when you'll be able to think of him and smile, knowing he's safe and waiting for you. Whatever happens on this Earth, he is safe: safe from severe weather, from terrorists, from disease and injury - safe for Eternity.  And for Eternity, he loves you.  Cry for yourself, for you need to do that, but force a smile, no matter how slight, for Ozzy; he's enjoying the reward that he has earned.  To wish him back here, to suffer and transition all over again, would be selfish, and you are demonstrably not a selfish person.  Find peace in knowing that all is well with Ozzy, and all will be well with you, too.

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Dear Ozzymama,

Tears fell reading your post about your Beloved little man Ozzy.  I am so sorry you lost him.  Your words are filled with so much love and sadness.  I know how painful this time is for you.  It is wonderful that you were able to help him through his illness - your tender loving care gave the both of you much more time together, and it sounds like he was a real trooper and had a lot of spirit.

Thinking of you and sending deepest sympathy and many hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever 


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Dear Ozzymama:  I am so sorry for the loss of your special Ozzy.  I lost my baby a little over a month ago, so I know the heartbreak you are going through.  You should be proud of the loving, devoted care you gave to your loved one and the knowledge that you certainly gave your baby a longer life through your dedication.  I am sure one day we will all see our babies again, and that he is with you there right now in spirit.  You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.


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Dear ozzymama –


I’m so sorry for the loss of your very special Ozzy baby.  He sounds like a very extraordinary kitty indeed. A fur baby that was SOOOO lucky to have found you and you him.  Your life together sounds so filled with a very special connection. You took such wonderful care of him when others were willing to give up and you proved them wrong and it breaks my heart to think of you having to go through such a sudden and traumatic experience.  Your Ozzy’s time on this earth may have been short, but was filled with a lifetime of love, and for that, you can be sure he’s so grateful.  He will have taken that gratitude with him and tucked it tightly yet ever so gently into his heart, as you’ll take his love and keep it safely in yours.


I sent my beloved kitty Rusty who was 21+ years old to the Rainbow Bridge early Saturday morning on Feb. 16, 2008.  We’re all blessed for having had these amazing angels in our lives . . . whatever length of time we’re given.


In thought and with warm affection.


Rusty’s Mom.


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Dear Ozzy Mama,

I am just so very sorry you have lost your sweet boy, Ozzie.  I cried as I read your post.  You described him so well I feel as if I knew him.  It sounds like he was such a wonderful, loving little character.  I know he is so very proud and happy you are his mama.  You worked so very hard to keep him with you as long as you could.  And, you did such a wonderful job of it!   Alas, twenty more years would never have been enough.  I lost my beloved little 16 year old terrier mix, Betsy, a little over three months ago. These precious babies leave us way too soon and my heart is still so heavy.

Please tell us more about little Ozzie when you feel up to it.  We will be here for you.

Sending hugs from the Hill Country of Texas,
Betsy's forever mom

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Dear Ozzymama, I'm so sorry for you loss. You little Ozzy was a very special cat. I can imagine how much you miss him. I'm glad that you could enjoy 4 wonderful years with him. Het teached you many things and gave you so much love. He knows that you miss him a lot. He's now watching over you and waiting for the day you'll be together again.
Diana, Jessie's mom.

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you all, sincerely and with heart-felt appreciation for your kind thoughts. This website is truly remarkable! Today was just a tiny bit better because I felt the prayers and compassion of all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
ozzy's mama

Here are some pictures of my little angel, Ozzy.

 I miss your furry little feet! (that's his sister behind him)
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