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Today September 26, 2018 at exactly 22:30 my beloved companion Floppy passed away in a tragic incident. He was such a wonderful bunny, he had bought nothing but happiness to my life. I was feeling depressed for over a year till a friend of mine gave me him since she could not take care of him properly. The first time I got him, he was only 3 months. I have gone through hell to get him back in shape. He was skinny to the bones, my friend neglected such a cute baby bunny. He was afraid of me for a few months due to lack of companionship and love from my friend. He would bite me and would run away from me every time I would try to pick him up. I was not a patient woman before, but he taught me how to be one. I’ve gotten a strict routine because of him. I loved him with all my heart, I had even recently built him a house at my backyard. I did not have enough money to properly built him a strong fence on top, so three raccoons raided the fence and stabbed him left eye. I did not come in time to save my best friend. When I saw the raccoons, I tried my best to scare them away as my plan was not to hurt any animal, plus I knew they weren’t afraid of me because they’re not alone. I managed to get ahold of my boyfriend to come and help me take my bunny away from the raccoons in time before the raccoons could take Floppy. I feel so numb. I’ve never felt the loss of a pet before. I’ve lost my grandma whom I’m very close with, and I can say this feeling comes close to it. I know no one can understand how I’m feeling right now because “it’s just a bunny”, right? I don’t let them decide how I should feel, I just need someone to hear me out as I cry my pain away. It’s like losing someone who only wanted to let you cry your problems away, someone whose there 24/7 to be there for you. Everyday I look forward to petting him and bonding with him. Even before I go to my 10am class, I always kiss him goodbye. It was just this morning I kissed him goodbye feeling like I didn’t want to leave his little house. He even ran outside the house that’s still connected to his play pen, JUST to see me leave. It always breaks my heart to leave him alone. I’m not financially ready to buy another bunny so he could have a friend, but i now truly regret that. I miss him so much. Tell me how you guys dealt with losing the one you truly cared about.

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I am so sorry for your loss. All animals, no matter what they are have a special place in this world, and becoming our pets they make an even larger, loving attachment to us. It is extra hard when you lose your best friend in a traumatic way in which you did. (I also recently lost my dog in a very awful way, she was attacked by another dog and injuries were too severe)  I have been an absolute wreck, I don't have my appetite back and cry all the time. But we have to remember one very important thing. We need to focus less on not how they left us, but all the love and joy we received from them and they love they gave back to us. I am sure your bunny was so happy bc you can tell you gave Floppy the best life you could have. He/She was lucky to have you. I am waiting for time to pass so I feel a little better too. This just happened to my recently as well. Everyone's journey of grief is different and there is no right or wrong way to do it. This message board has helped me know people are going thru the same thing as me. Reach out to as many friends are you can and keep yourself distracted. I am trying my best too. :(

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Just want you to know that your pain will subside. What your feeling is so much love and hurt. You will be okay. Xxx

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Thank you for sharing your pain.
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