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When I went to L.A I left Blackie with my grandpa so he could take care of him. Me and my family & i stayed there like 2 days and we can back home.. and when I went to go visit my grandpa and my dog. I told my grandpa that I want to take him with me to my house he said “well blackie takes good care of the ranch when I’m not here and if someone gets close to the ranch they get scared” I was upset because when I feel sad 😞 or feel lonely I like to be near blackie my dog. So yeah... I decided to leave my dog with my grandpa. also because there’s a lot of Space where he can play around and run. So next next next next time well you know what I mean. Me & my mom and 2 sisters were at the ice cream shop and my mom receives a Voice message it was the people from the animal shelter the good thing is that my dog was Micro chipped. So they contact my mom because of course she was the legal owner of my dog because I cannot put him under my name I’m 16. And The people from the shelter didn’t say that he was dead. How did it happen? 💔 well they said that my dog got on someone’s property and that my dog was killing the owners chickens I don’t know that’s what they said.. and that the owner of the property ........😞😞yeah shot my dog with a gun. My grandma and Mom Mom were on the phone speaking to each when my grandma was taking me to school and I heard when my mom said something not good about my dog .. when my grandma and my mom hanged up I asked my grandma that what happened to blackie I asked her like four times and finally she told me what happened literally could not believe what she has told me 💔 I started crying really hard I didn’t even want to go to school but I did go. I told my teacher what news I heard about my dog. I said can I speak to you? We went into her office. And for a few seconds I was completely quiet and I looked at her and started crying really emotional ... she looked at me The way how I was crying & looked like she also wanted to cry because I just started crying my teacher said “what’s wrong?” I tried to breathe slowly to tell her what was going on 😓 I told her the situation and I told her that it would be really hard for me to focus in my classes. So then I stayed in my classroom. And there were times where I stepped outside and started crying. I was thinking of suicide I had a plan 🙁and I’m still thinking suicide i’m always realizing that I feel lonely without Blackie my dog he was a border collie he was friendly kind to other animals and people. If only he knew how much I need him right this moment 😞Feeling dead inside my body without my best friend 💧😔 The only way that I will feel calm is being by his side 🙏🏽💕 i’m just hoping that my life and quick 🙁

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I am so sorry for your baby. You had no control over the situation, so please don't blame yourself. Your mother and grandfather should have helped with their safety. I know how special Blackie was to you and he doesn't blame you. It wasn't your fault. Some people are just mean. The person responsible for Blackie's death will regret it. God has a way. Please understand that Blackie is safe and waiting for you to join him one day at the Bridge. You can always be with him. Hold him tight in your heart and talk to him. He'll listen and you'll feel better. Blackie would want you be strong and someday share your love with another Fur Baby. Please talk to someone and get the support you need. I am truly sorry that no one else read your post and wrote you back. Your hurt as as big as all of ours and no less important. Please feel free to write me. You can tell me all about the memories that you and Blackie shared. I'll listen.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom
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