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I came home after being gone only two hours to find chaos. Big bird was gone. There was seed everywhere. One of the dogs had busted through 4 doors and the cage and I assume ate him 😢😢

My heart dog Fritz was behind it.
He has come close to killing our cat and also attacked 3 dogs 2 of which needed veterinary treatment. He was also agro towards our other dogs not as bad but still had me on edge 24/7 .love him more that anything but decided to give him his wings so he didn't hurt anyone else's pets.

I am gutted. They were my two favourite pets. I don't feel like I deserve the others. I don't know how to get over this 😢😢

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Sigh Ashi. I only know a little of what you are going through. 

I came home one day to find Plunkett, one of our golden retrievers with Magic Johnson's head in his mouth, running around the backyard. I yelled at him to drop what was left of our friend and special rabbit.

I was really mad at Plunkett. It was our fault for leaving magic's cage where the dogs could get at him. I have no idea why we did not move Magic into the garage while we went to town. Magic would hop loose in the house with all of the dog's in the house too, but being alone was different than having us in the house. It was four dogs against one rabbit. 
We never got another rabbit or dog while we were married. 

Its got to be awful to put your dog to sleep to protect other animals. My Doberman bit my toddler and I took him to be put to sleep and the vet said no, to give it the weekend. We kept the dog and I showed him in Obedience trails and he got his CD. He was never allowed alone with our son even after the years went by and he was very obedient.

I will not ever do that again. It wasn't fair to him. He was always kept from the rest of us if our son was around. He had to be in a crate in the house while the other dogs had full house privileges. It was too much stress when my son was older and had friends come over. He had to go to his kennel or come inside. Never got to play games with my son, his friends, and the other dogs. I never gave him another chance to bite...ever. 


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Hi Ashi,

So very sorry to hear of the loss of two of your beloved pets.

Also sorry you had to wait for a reply for a couple of days.  The message board seem very quiet during the holiday season.

Just want you to know I am thinking of you and offering you heartfelt support across the miles.

Feel free to write again and share more about your precious pets.

Take good care,







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I'm so sorry, that's absolutely tragic. Your other pets need you, I hope you can find some comfort by being with them. There's really no way to get over it but you will get through it. Try to think about what you would say to someone who went through a similar experience and allow yourself the kindness you would offer them. ❤

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Just want to clarify that Magic had a cage that was in the backyard that could have easily been moved into the garage. It wasn't as if Magic was loose in the backyard with the dogs. 

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That's so sad Tanker_1 :(
There were four doors and a cage between the dogs and bird so I'm so sad that it wasn't enough protection.

Now my parents have made me feel mad about Fritz. He was my heart I miss him so much
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