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About a month ago my family was devastated by the loss of our beloved cat Kiki.

About 16 years ago our family was bless by a small kitten who was obviously lost, not knowing what to do, stranded in the rain he came scratching at our door. My mom being a huge animal lover she welcomed him, fed him, and called him ours. My brother and I wanted to call him "kitty" but both of us were too young to say that it always came out as "Kiki". Kiki was an indoor, out-door cat but one day he came home bloody with his ear almost ripped off, he had been in a cat fight, my mom quickly took him to the vet and made him an indoor cat only. Kiki loved us all, mom always told us it was because we took him out of the rain and gave him a home. The only person Kiki did not like was my dad. It took about 6 years for Kiki to grow to love my dad. Everyone love Kiki. Even my grandma who hates cats love coming over to see Kiki, they would sit on the couch and play and lay together. If you were sick Kiki would lay with you, if you were sad Kiki would lick you, trying to make it better, if you needed something it's like he was the one who would help you.

16 years later Kiki stopped eating and laid down on a few blankets, we knew it was the end. He couldn't walk, he wouldn't eat, all he did was sleep. From wednesday to Saturday Kiki laid in a small bed mom made out of blankets and pillows for him. That Saturday Kiki passed away. Dad cried as he dug a hole to bury Kiki in the back yard. We all sat on the couch crying and talking about how the house was so empty without him. We discussed that Kiki lived 16 years in our house, he lived through 2 toddlers, a puppy, a new kitten, that time our house flooded, and every other thing that happened, he never bit or scratched anyone. A month later I still cry when I think about him. I feel like there will never be another cat as wonderful as him. I miss him so much. <3
R.I.P Kiki. Beloved cat, and family member.

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I am so very sorry for your loss of Kiki.  It sounds like he was a wonderful cat and a treasured member of your family.  You have my deepest sympathy.

When I was young we had a similar thing happen.  It was storming one night and my Mom opened the back door and this black and white kitten rushed in.  We adopted him, just like you all did.

From the way you described him, your Kiki was truly a family member.  I liked when you said he knew when you all needed comfort if you were upset or sick.  He truly loved you.

He is a young kitten once again, playing in a field of flowers, chasing butterflies in the bright sunshine at Rainbow Bridge.  He will wait there patiently for you.

Bless you, your family and the spirit of your beloved kitty.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge over  8 years

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Kiki sounds so precious.  I am so sorry he has passed on.  He made such a difference in your family's life. Pets have that amazing capability!!  They bring us so much happiness during their time with us.  Pets truly are gifts from God.

precious Christoph ~ my sweet bunny boy ~


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I am very sorry for the passing of your dear Kiki. It seems he led a good life, saved by one dear and loving family. :) It's very natural you all feel sad now. Like you wrote: he is a family member. My love and thoughts to all your family.

Leonor *

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Kiki sounds like a wonderful family member!  It's so hard when we lose our friends, even when we know it won't last forever.  Kiki was a wonderful kitty that brought out the best in everyone.  Bless your family for giving Kiki a great home all these years.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost two cats this year and my dog of twelve years. It brings me hope to know they are at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me. I'm sure Kiki is there too. :) You and Kiki are in my thoughts and prayers.



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I am so sorry for the loss of your great freind Kiki.  You have my deepest sympathy. 


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I am so sorry for your loss.  It is devastating to lose your pet and Kiki sounds like an amazing cat.

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