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Five months ago I lost my beloved dog, Mia. She was a nine years old chihuahua that 
I adopted after spending all her life destined for breeding and without any human affection.
Within a month of having her with me, she was diagnosed with CHF. From then on, she needed
daily treatment and periodic check-ups with a cardiologist. The monetary expenditure was huge,
but emotional exhaustion surpassed it. I still miss her very much and I think about her several
times a day, every day. I keep wondering what I did wrong, although I know I could not fight against
Mother Nature.

The thing is that I have another chihuahua named Lupe. I picked her up from the street when
she was 3 months old. When Mia arrived, Lupe was 3 and a healthy dog. They became friends right away.
During the three years that Mia was with us, I devoted my body and soul to her, leaving Lupe a little aside
because I thought that she did not need me so much and I will have time to dedicate her once Mia have passed away.

A few days ago, the same dog shelter through which I adopted Mia, sent me another chihuahua that they have rescued.
Now I have a dilemma because, on the one hand, the new dog reminds me of the dog I lost.
On the other hand, I know she's not her and I'll never be able to get her back.

Yesterday, the veterinarian told me that the new dog has a cardiac pathology similar to the one that took away the life of Mia.
I feel very sorry for this dog, but I do not know if I will be able to go through all that emotional wear again
and without time to recover from the previous one. I think right now I do not feel quite strong.
I also have many regrets for my dog Lupe. I already left her side once for another sick dog and I do not want to do it again
because the day she leaves I'll feel really bad. I do not know what to do because I really like this new dog
and I think it will hurt me a lot to let her go, although I know that from now on she will be fine
and that the shelter will look for a good family for her. I know that this decision is very personal,
but I would greatly appreciate any advice or opinion.

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I’m so sorry about the loss of your Mia. You obviously have a good heart and love your pets unconditionally.

You are still grieving and only you will know if you are able to take on this little one.

I wish you and Lupe many more years together regardless of your decision.


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Thanks for your kind reply and your wishes, Cindy. Yes, I am still grieving. On the other hand, I also feel so much pity for this new little one. The problem is that now I feel remorse and I also feel responsible for this new dog. It saddens me to think that she has been already abandoned and that I would do it again. At the same time, I do not know if I feel strong enough to go through the same thing again. I have an appointment with a cardiologist in a few days and I will delay my decision until then. In the meantime, I am trying to keep calm, but I am feeling very distressed and overwhelmed by the situation. 



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Miriam, I am sorry for your loss of Mia. I know your heart is hurting and that having this new little dog has made for a lot of confusion in your head and heart. Most of my fur kids have been rescues. At one time I volunteered with a cat shelter and adopted several that were considered unadoptable. One of them, Sassy, was terrified of everyone, she had been horribly abused. I took her home, gave her space and she became one of the sweetest kitties I have ever had. It breaks my heart to lose any of my babies but I always knew there were others who needed a home and heart to claim as their own. I lost a kitty in May to a horrible disease and a few months later in Petsmart I saw Merlin. He was scarred, had obviously been abused and yet when I opened the door of his crate he leaped into my arms. Of course he came home with me! I would never presume to tell you what to do. I will tell you to follow your heart. I think it would be honoring Mia to continue the unconditional love the two of you shared. And I think you would worry about the little one getting a loving home with a family that could give her what she needs. My little fourteen year old pup, Piper has kidney disease and as I am almost 70, when she passes I will not adopt another dog. I would not want a little dog alone and confused if I should die before he or she would. Follow your heart and let us know your decision please.

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Thanks for your reply. I don't know what to do yet. I had a conversation with a dog whisperer today and he recommended me to wait some time before adopting a new dog. The thing is that I had decided that Lupe will be my only dog for several years just before the shelter contacted me regarding this new dog. The dog whisperer says that I am taking the risk of comparing this new dog with Mia and being unfair to her. The truth is that I do not compare them much, although it is also true that I am feeling very attached to her quickly because she reminds me of Mia. I am still don't know if I will be strong enough to go through the same situation again and I am feeling very guilty thinking that in a few years she will need a lot of attention and Lupe will be a senior dog by then. I do not know if I can give them all the attention they will need if they both start having health problems at about the same time. With Mia I felt a bit overwhelmed and I was lucky that Lupe was young and healthy. I feel that maybe she will be better with another family that could dedicate her all the attention that she needs without having doubts and, on the other hand, I feel pity and I am worried wondering if she is going to be ok. The appointment with the cardiologist is next Tuesday and I really want to make my mind up as soon as possible because this situation is really distressing me and because I think that it will be the best for all of us. I will keep you informed about my decisión. 



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I have finally decided don't to keep the little dog. I have reached the conclusion that this is the best that I can do for her, for Lupe and for myself. I held a couple of long conversations with the people of the shelter and they told me that they saw it clearly and believed that the fact that I had doubts was an indication that I am not ready to adopt another dog right now. They came this morning to pick her up. One of the girls responsible for the shelter will keep her at her home until they find a right family for her. They have assured me that they will not give her to the first person who comes across to adopt her, especially because they want to ensure that she will go to a family that take care of her pathology. I am feeling very guilty because I have been unable to help her and I miss her very badly. I hope I have made the right decision for everyone and that I can forgive myself one day.


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