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Basically my dog Kimbo was diagnosed with cancer last night when we went to the vet, because he wouldn't eat.. He's not even dead yet and don't plan to just yet but I feel guilty as if he just died. And I'm worried what I'm going to do when he does die. I can't focus in school about it and just get thoughts of guilt and not knowing he had cancer for a while. I don't know how to get rid of the feeling now, and I don't know how I'm gonna when we put him down. I feel so bad as a owner knowing that he had cancer and I don't wanna live without him.. 😭

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Knowing your pet has a serious, chronic or fatal illness is terrifying. You are reacting perfectly normally to a very scary potential future. I have been there several years ago with my little beagle Maggie who went blind first (so sad to watch) and then developed congestive heart failure. She ultimately died from the heart failure on a very traumatic, crazy day that still hurts to think about over five years later.

I wish I could tell you there is some magic secret to coping with the knowledge you now have about Kimbo's cancer, but I really am not wise enough to have one. I"m sorry that your dog is ill. The worst part of being a dog owner is knowing deep down in your heart that you will most likely outlive every pet you'll ever have, except your last one of course. When you get a diagnosis like cancer it reinforces to you the mortality of your friend. It's heartbreaking, and I send a lot of love and healing thoughts to you. It will not be an easy path to walk.

So, what have I done? Take a boatload of pictures and videos while your dog is still reasonably healthy. You will cherish them later when they aren't around. Hug them a lot, feed them their favorite treats, love them. They don't know what's happening to them, but they can read from you that something has made you upset. Just be there with them. They only want to love you. Let them! ;-)

Best wishes to you and Kimbo,

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Thank you so much with your reply, it surely does help having someone personally answer to my situation. I'm going to take the advice and hopefully all goes well for a while. Thank you again

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Love Kimbo every second of everyday. Do take pictures and videos, Tons of them. Let Kimbo eat what is special to him. Fill his bucket list. Take walks, sit and watch the sunsets, go for rides to special places. JUST BE WITH HIM !!!!!!! You'll never forget those days. When I knew I was taking Termy to let him go on Sept 18th I took him for a walk to his favorite park, actually I carried him there because he was to tired to walk and I set him down and took a video of him sniffing a tree, just a tree but I cherish that video. Then later that day I carried him around his old neighborhood and just watched him enjoy his own memories of a better time so long ago. Spoil KImbo, you'll never regret it.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I’m sorry for your baby’s diagnosis. My baby Friday was diagnosed terminal December 2015 and we were told she had approximately 6 months to live. We just lost her December 8, 2017. I take great comfort in knowing that we gave her a great life. We spent the last 2 years doing a bucket list for her and making beautiful memories that now are the only thing that keeps me going since she left us. I love watching all the videos and seeing all the pictures of a life well lived. Spend time with your baby, make memories, enjoy the present and when it is time, take comfort in knowing that you did all you could for him. It’s not going to be easy but will help with the pain.
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