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My 11 year old little dog took a walk on a sunny day, out the back gate, left open by accident by a relative.  She's only 6 pounds, has arthritis, is not very friendly, and so very tiny.  I posted 100's of fliers, puts ads online and in the paper.  I rescued several dogs in the meantime that people thought were my dog.  It's been nine months now.  And nothing.  I flash every day on what could have happened to her---the gorey and sad and violent possibilities.  I see her running down the street, so afraid, so alone and scared, not able to find her way back home.  I feel her wondering where I am, where her home is, being so lost and terrified.  I see her, looking house to house, and running across streets and getting turned around and being so confused, and finally giving out and laying down in the woods.  I feel so horrible that I cry all the time for her.  I say I am sorry to her all the time.  I feel such sadness and grief.  I just cannot imagine what happened, si imagine the worst.  She was so frail and so little, an old.  I do n't know what else I can do.  If she had died, at home,or ill, I would have grieved and them moved forward and celebrated her life.  I have grienved over many pets in my time.  But this is truly devastating to me. 


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I can only imagine what a horrible feeling this is. Even when my children were small, I always thought, the worst would have to be just never knowing what happened to them. I don't even know what could be said to ease your pain over this. This is exactly why, whenever I see a dog wandering alone, I always stop and see if it needs help to find its way home. I can't bear to think of the poor thing wandering around, alone, afraid. I'm sure you do imagine the worst, but that's not necessarily the case. Maybe someone took your baby in and cared for her, or is still caring for her. Try to keep that in mind also.


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Oh, Joslin, I'm so very sorry that this happened.  Did you check the local shelters and police department?  I think you're right, not knowing what happened to her and imagining all kinds of horrible possiblities is worse (and that's saying a lot, believe me).  My heart hurts for you both.  It was an accident, something that could have happened to any of us.  Maybe, just maybe, someone found her and took her in and is taking care of her.  I hope that's the case.  I can imagine how grief sticken you are and wish I could think of something more comforting to say.  My poor dear, please know you and your little doggie are in my prayers.  God bless you both.



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Joslin, I wish that I had something wise to say that would be comforting, but all I can do is offer you a hug and say we understand your pain here.

Maybe someone took her in. We have a situation here where an old dog is getting a new home in another state through the help of a network of people. The person whose house where she ended up has feral cats and wasn't able to keep her but another one of our petloss family has been grieving hard and didn't want to see this sweet little old lady put down so people here worked out a plan. Maybe your little one ended up with someone who didn't see the signs--who took her in and loved her. Let's hope that when she got lost she found someone who was willing to open a heart to her and treat her gently. I have taken in many strays--never found the owners. Maybe they went too far out of their area--I don't know why--but I do know that I gave them all of the things they needed other than that original owner, which we couldn't find. I adopted a dog that was 8 and no one wanted him because of his age, even though he was so cute--Benji type--and he lived 10 more years.

I'm sure that you checked all the pounds and rescue groups, etc. and you never found her alive or not, so just maybe she found a new home when she tried but couldn't find her way back. You did your best. That's all you could do.

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joslin, on july 2, 2008 my little scrappy died.  my niece found him wandering around a block party we were at 4 years ago.  i took him in for the night and the next day went driving around the blocks where i found him.  after about an hour i came across this older couple and asked them if this dog looked familiar to them and they said it was "pepe".  their daughter had found him wandering the streets 2 weeks before and like 35 minutes away.  they said they went online, put up fliers and nothing.  they asked me if i wanted him because they couldn't keep him.  i said i couldn't because i work alot and i didn't think it would be fair to the dog.  i cried the whole night and had to go back the next day to get him.  i just assumed his owners just didn't want him anymore, he needed to be groomed and just looked neglected (thats how he got his name).  i know it sounds bad but i loved him from the minute i saw him and i really didn't want to give him back if his owners surfaced.  over the years i did go online to look at missing dogs because i didn't want there to be someone out there like you who was in pain not knowing what happened.  i never found anyone.  i just want to let you know that i loved scrappy more than anything and i don't know how the first 6 or so years of his life were before i found him were but the last 4 he was treated like a prince.  i know it must be extremely hard to deal with but try to think that your dog was found and being loved as much as my scrappy.  it is just 2 weeks today since he died and although i say that i wish i never kept him so i wouldn't be in this much pain, he brought me so much happiness.  i really am a different person because of him.  he taught me to say i love you and i told him that like 20 times a day.  maybe your little one is doing this for someone right now too.  Lisa. 

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