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I can’t believe I am writing this post.

I was reversing out of my drive this morning and ran over my dog, I didn’t see him. We have three others and They all run around the drive everyday, but normally he doesn’t get in the way, he was 14, and the most amazing loyal perfect dog! He was going blind and was struggling to get up but he is so so loved. I can’t deal with the blame, it’s my fault, I don’t know how I’m supposed to live with the guilt and grief. I love him so much, and I can’t believe it’s happened.
I’m devastated and so are my family, I can’t bare to look at their sad faces knowing what I’ve done, if only I hadn’t been in a rush and slowed down it wouldn’t have happened :( I can’t cope.

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I just wanted to tell you how sad I felt for you.  I know how horrifying it must have been for you.  We never want any harm to come to our warm, fuzzy babies.  This could have happened to any one of us. 
Bless you,

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Yesterday was the day I ran over my baby Lebron 🥺 it was such a horrible thing and I can’t stop beating myself over it. I was taking my grandma to the ER closed her door my door and I didn’t see any dogs there. Then all of sudden I hear cracks :( it was my baby boy 🥺 i seriously don’t know how he got under when the car was so close to the curb lOr why he didn’t move because I made sure he was scared of cars. The worst part that he was my grandmas companion. I’m so heartbroken and carry so much guilt. I hate this so much. I will forever miss you lebronsies 💙 please forgive me 😔

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I feel so bad for you what you are going through.  Things like this happen and there's no explanation why. We are unfortunately dealt with guilt and pain.  It must have been so horrific for you. I understand why you would feel guilty, but it's not that you intentionally did this. It was pure accident.  Your grandma will forgive you. There's no way you would have known. Every day I read on this forum and others, about tragic accidents. I am heartbroken for you and your grandmother.  I've been carrying guilt since Xmas Eve when my 6-yr old dog didn't come home from the vet. Something awful happened there. Every day I regret bringing him to that new vet. I know it wasn't his time and I blame myself over and over. Guilt can destroy us. It's caused me to lose 17 lbs. I have 2 other dogs I need to stay strong for. Please be strong. You will be hurting for a while. In time you will be able to cherish your memories. Never get rid of any pictures of videos even if you are not ready now to view them, one day you will want to.  I'm so sorry for your loss of Lebron.  Never be a stranger to this forum.  Everyone here is wonderful and will help you get through this. We all understand the grief you are experiencing.  Lebron forgives you. He knows you loved him so much. Hopefully we will all be reunited with our babies at the Rainbow Bridge.  Take care. ~Parker's Mom

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I'm so sorry.  It's so unfortunate that this happened, you will never know for sure why Lebron got so close to your car.  You didn't mean for this to happen, it was an accident.  Your grand mother will understand that you didn't mean for this to happen.  I wish I could say something that would take your pain away.  Please keep reaching out.  We are all connected by a common theme - love for our pets and their loss.  

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It hurts my heart to hear stories like these. I know sorry doesn't's the only word I can think of to tell you I can feel your pain. I'm at my sister's, she lives on a farm house in Minnesota. They have a black lab that runs up and down the driveway whenever cars come and go. He runs in front, behind, runs next to one here slows down or takes any muscles tense whenI see it because I know things like this's no one's fault, I know the guilt is heavy. Like all of us here, your an animal lover and no doubt a good hearted person. Yesterday was the 1 month marker of me losing my precious Akita. I cried like a baby in bed last night thinking of him. All we can do is give ourselves time. This life is full of lessons if we look for them. I find some serenity in knowing our animals are fine wherever they roam now...their souls were perfect after all...we are the ones that need to learn from them and grow. They are a true gift.
I hope you can find some peace and feel better in time. Be well and thank you for sharing
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