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I understand your pain. My girlfriend accidentally ran over one of our cats a week ago today. We are both still in pain but, little by little, it does get better.

The thing you must remember is that it was an accident. It was not your fault. And you are not and will not be alone through this.

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I noticed you haven't been around. Are you OK? I'm missing my Green Bean today and thought of you.

Please reach out.

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Hi Green Bean. Not sure who you were reaching out to (I would imagine all of us who have gone through this horror). But I am honestly not doing great. I am suffering with nightmares, flashbacks.. went to the DR yesterday and he told me I have PTSD from this traumatic event. I will be okay one day as will all of us. Miss my beautiful baby boy Kenai... and Im sorry about your Green Bean, our fur babies are together now hopefully looking down on us knowing how much we still and always will love them. I have never experienced something so brutal and so depressing. I am thankful though I still have my best friend, my 5 year old border collie, Koa. She hasn't left my side through this. I hope you are healing through this hard time. It truly is amazing how much we grow to love our fury familiars.

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I was reaching out to all of who have lost pets in this way. Only we know how intense this pain is. I am glad you are getting professional help...sometimes that is necessary.

Please keep reaching out.

Still missing my Green Bean but looking forward to seeing my Scarface again tomorrow....going to bring him a bunch of his favorite...beef wet food.

Keep the faith.

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It is the most awful experience I’ve ever had. I was napping in my car with my baby girl Kaluah as I was very sleepy. Somebody called the police and ambulance because it was a rural area. The cops told me to get in the ambulance to get checked out. I did what the cops asked. My dog who also had separation anxiety slipped by me when I opened the door. I remember the EMT saying to my dog “ no, you can’t come in here sweetie” and started to drive away. I said “what about my dog?” And they said the cops would get her. After going to ER and being found negative on drugs or alcohol my brother picked me up and went back to my car and started yelling for her. I thought maybe cops put her back in car but they didn’t. I found her dead on side of highway. It was traumatic. I broke my phone out of anger. I then became suicidal had to go to psyche ward and this was 2 mos ago. I just feel so guilty that I didn’t make sure she was safe first and I know she was chasing the ambulance to get to me. I think of this every second of the day. I just want her back..

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OHhh my God, i am devastated to hear this and I know first hand the pain.  I lost our family pet a little chihuahua on Christmas Eve (3weeks ago).  The circumstances of it makes it really hard because he was my daughters dog since she was 15 yrs old and now she is 25yr old.  We were driving and we started to argue and I told her to stop being disrespecful to me and I stopped at the red light 1.5miles from my house and told her to get out and take her dog with her and I placed him in the grass on the side of the road at the stop light.  She hopped out and thought the dog was still in the grass and she made a mad dash to the drivers seat and sped off in the care.  We had no idea Beau was under the car at that point.  She crushed him!!! She didnt realize it and I screamed for her to come back becuase she hit her dog.  She did.  We were all devastated right there at the red light and all crying outloud and screaming.  Bystanders ran over to check Beau and he only lasted for a few seconds and they said that he was gone.  HE WAS GONE!!! I have unbearable pain as i type this out.  i cant believe how much this is keeping me up at nights and I see his sweet face all the time.  I hurt like i cant believe.  It is so unbearable that i just wanna climb in a black hole. INDESCRIBALE PAIN.  I would give a kidney to see his gace again and take back that day. 

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I’m so very sorry. I can only imagine the horrible feelings y’all must be going through. It was a terrible accident, nobody would have ever in a million years wanted that or even thought it would happen.
Try to focus your attention on the happy times. Let yourself cry when you need to and practice good self-care. Go to a movie, take a bubble bath, get a massage, take a long walk, as long as it’s something you feel good doing.
Again, I’m so sorry. It was an unimaginable accident, no one’s fault.
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