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I can not tell any one at the funeral,because I fear they will not believe me. I came here. because I feel safe.

During my Fathers funeral at the grave site. I swear! I saw rocky, my puppy who died on February 22, 2010.  No one else even saw a dog.  Does anyone know if it was Rocky or was I so in sadness I just thought I saw him. 

Rockpops mum

Still missing Rockpops and Dad.

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That is so cool!!!!  I just said out loud "no you did not!" but not in an unbelieving way, in an awe kinda way.  so cool.  he's there for ya.


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Your first sign!!  You are truly blessed!  I'm very excited for you.  Don't question it....your precious pup wants you to know that he is still with you, and that he is OK!  LukeAndLilsDad


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Maybe you saw him knowing in your heart that both your Father and Rocky have met up with each other in heaven.  I know it sounds silly, but I do believe that we get those signs that no one else can see.  It may just be in our head, but its usually a comforting feeling at one of the worst times in our lives. Dont ever let go of that and dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 
People see what they need to see.  If everyone was as honest as you have just been, you would find that you are not alone.  Hearing and seeing our dearest friends and family is very common in the healing process!


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i believe that our furbabies are with us far more than we are aware of. perhaps in your sadness over losing your father your mind/heart were open to seeing rocky with your mind's eye. i have a friend of mine who while attending her father's funeral actually saw him in his spirit form standing by the casket. we never know what/who is out there but every once in awhile we are allowed a glimpse into that other realm. i think rocky wanted you to be aware that he was there and that he is trying to comfort you. did he look exceptionally healthy and/or have some kind of a glow around him? if so i would say for certain that you saw him and it was not a result of your mind playing tricks on you.

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My puppy was taken from us about 2 months ago. After he was gone I really wanted to hold him for one last time. I was blessed because I had two vivid dreams about him. I could feel him in my arms and I could smell his smell. He was letting me know that he was alright and not to worry about him. He is doing what he loves the most, running with other dogs. I know that when I get to the bridge he will be there.


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I believe you had a visit from your boy. He is with your dad now and he wants you to know that all is well!  I am very sorry for the loss of your father.  You have had a difficult year.  I will keep you in my prayers.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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Wow, I would give anything for a vision like that.  Hold on to it, cherish it :-}


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First, I'd like to say I'm sorry for both of your losses. 

I've read many accounts of people being welcomed to the other side not only by people who've passed on, but by pets and animals.  Perhaps this is what you were allowed to see--your father being welcomed by Rocky.  There are thousands of accounts of people seeing those who passed on--they can't all be wrong or seeing things?  Thanks for posting this.


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I am positive it was Rocky telling you he is fine and will look after your dad. What a beautiful gift you recieved cherish it and believe it. Thank you for sharing this.

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Rocky knew that you needed to be surrounded by love... I'm sure thats why he came to visit, to make sure you're okay. I'm so sorry about your dad. 

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That's amazing! I am sure it was Rocky. Did he look like a young pup again? What a nice gift...


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My first and only thought is "yes it was your dog and you really saw him"

He was there to comfort you, no doubt.

Be happy he came to you and cherish it and hold it close to your heart.  You were blessed at that moment.



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I would say yes it was your dog.
I have seen mine since they died on two separate occasions.
One was the great dane I lost in 1985. I was going thru a life threatening situation with an ex and saw her standing behind him growling clear as day.
The other one was my Cruizer. He died 3 years ago. Last year we moved. When we went out to the new house (before we moved in) we were in the back of the property along the property line and I saw  him running along the back of the house and over towards the neighbor's pond then he disappeared and I couldn't find him. When I saw him running, I said to my honey "look at that dog! It looks JUST like Cruizer. I've never seen a dog look just like him before!" He said it sure did. He saw him too. Cruizer was a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix. Well, when I saw a neighbor with a golden later that afternoon I thought it may be their dog. So I asked them where they lived so that I could bring it home if I saw it again (thinking my eyes had been playing tricks on me and it was really their golden I saw). They said their dog had been inside all day and it was definitely wasn't their dog I saw. I said "well, do you know of another Golden that is around here. I saw one that looked my old dog... Short for a grown golden and with Cocker ears?" They said not only do they have the only golden in the neighborhood but that they have the only blonde dog in the neighborhood. I went back inside and told  honey that Cruizer was letting us know he was moving with us.


Posts: 893

I thought I saw Foster the other day when I went out to get the mail.  It was just a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and I thought our puppy had gotten out of the yard, I turned around and no one was there.  Foster used to go out with me to get the mail (before he was a person charger...) and carry some in for me. :)


Posts: 842
Jen, I just had to comment on your post.  I've been a reader of Albert Payson Terhune since I was a kid.  He wrote about collies, the most famous one being Lad.

In a book about his own life, Terhune told a story about a friend.  His friend sat with him and told Terhune that when he was a child, his father was unkind and beat him.  As a child he had a beloved dog, who passed.  One day his father was going to give him a beating, when standing behind his father, he saw his dog growling at his father.  That gave him the courage to stand up to his father and his father never beat him again. 

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