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I’m having a hard time knowing I’m soon to be loosing my sweet and beloved little boy Wizard after nearly 17 years.  He is, indeed, a very special and unique cat.  I’ve seen 3 of my sweet kitties pass over the past 15 years, all of which Wizard was there for me and helped me through the pain. 


Also, after an accident and a couple of surgeries that changed my life a few years ago, I’ve been going through a very deep depression.  Again, Wizard has been there and given me reason to go on as I love him so and I know he loves me…  he shows it in SO many ways every day.  No matter how much pain I was in or even if I was just sick or having a worse than normal day with my depression, Wizard would do things to cheer me up, make me laugh of just know how much I was loved.  Now, I’m going to be loosing him, my final remaining kitty, within a week the Vet says…  Well, I MAY be able to prolong it, but within a week Wizard will start going down hill and the pain and serious discomfort will set in.  I don’t want to put him to sleep, but after all the loving he has shown me, I can’t let him go thought the pain and discomfort.  So, at the first signs of struggle or serious discomfort, I’ll be bringing him to the vet and putting him to sleep.


For now though, I’m spending as much time as I can with him.  Since I’m still out of work on disability, I have all day every day pretty much.  However, knowing I’m loosing him, is hard so I keep taking breaks and going outside for walks on my own or running errands then returning to be with him.  Being with him without breaks just makes me cry even more.


Today, after reading a post here where someone mentioned they took their dieing kitty out for a walk on a leash and he loved it prior to his death, I thought….  Wizard was out on a leash a couple of times over the years and really seemed to enjoy it.  So, I took him out yesterday… HE LOVED IT!   All exploring, happy, and king of the jungle like he was…..  It made me feel good.   Then I brought him in again and spent time with him before I had to run to the store for groceries.


When I can out of the store it noticed the partly cloudy skies had released a very brief shower.  I got into my truck and as I prepared to head home to be with my “Wizzy” I spotted it….  It was a beautiful pair of huge and close by rainbows!  From my angle, they were very close, very large and looked like a bridge heading into the clouds…   I was thinking how pretty it was when it dawned on me… Rainbow Bridge!   Then I got this feeling…   OH NO!  I hope Wizzy is OK….  I hope he didn’t cross the bridge when I was away from him…..   So, I raced home and found his was OK…..   I was relieved, but sorrowful that it may have been there for someone else’s pet and I felt bad for their loss, but happy and comforted by knowing their pet was obviously crossing the bridge….  The more I thought though, I thought that maybe it was there for my Wizard….Not so much to have him cross now, but just so I know the bridge is there and ready when he is.


That feeling gave me hope and comfort, but still, I don’t want Wizard to go!  But, I know he’ll be reunited with my other kitties and his friends….  Putty Tat (Passed 1993), Merlin (Passed 1999),. Demon (Passed 2006) as well as being able to see my Dad and other relatives and friends they knew in the heavens.


Wizard is noticeably weaker, but doesn’t seem to struggle or be in pain.  He has his good and more energetic moments and times where he is able to get just a bit of food into him (and, of course, I’ve been giving him his favorite things all the time now…. Sara Lee sliced turkey breast, little bits of good hamburg and then mixing up little buts of tuna fish for him.   When he can eat, he seems to really enjoy his favorite food that used to be bit occasional treats! 


Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers for Wizard and I.  We both really appreciate it.   I just wish you all were able to see and experience Wizard (Wizzy) so you’d know exactly how special he is.  There will never be another Wizard.  I’m sure I’ll have other kitties in my life and love them dearly for different things and different reasons…  But Wizard will ALWAYS stand out and be my best friend and companion.


Thanks again to all and I’m sure you’ll be reading more of my posts in the days and week to come.


Wizard’s Dad and Bestest Friend!


My Super Special, Precious, Loved Best Friend and COmpanion - WIZARD!
(Photos Taken Within the Last 24 Hrs - He Still Looks So Handsome!)

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I am sorry to hear that Wizard is leaving you, but glad about your experience seeing Rainbow Bridge. I have 2 doggies over there waiting for me, so I can to hear its existence confirmed.

I am sending you lots of strength and comfort as you go through this difficult time.


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Bob, again I am so sorry you are going thru this with Wizard. It is so hard to watch our babies fade from us and know that they will leave us soon because there is nothing we want more than to have them with us forever.  I think in some ways the worse part is the waiting because you know it is coming, then again I am sure a tragic accident doesn't make things any easier either. All in all it doesn't matter how they leave us the fact is they do and we have to learn how to go on without those precious sweeties and believe me it is not easy but you will.  Wizard has been a wonderful friend and companion to you and has gotten you thru some rough times and he has done all of that because he has felt the strong love that you have for him as well.  I too had some serious rough patches in my life and Peanut my sweet beagle was always there snuggled up to my side and she always made things a little bit better because despite how low I was in my life I knew she needed me and that kept me going and going.  I think that is what kept her going and going too, despite being old and sick, she never gave up. I think she knew in her heart that I needed her always and she held on for me despite her pain. I believe Wizard is doing the same for you because of how much he loves you and knows you need him.  What a beautfiul site that must have been to see the Rainbow Bridge. I believe that all of our furbabies up there wanted to send that to you as a sign to not be afraid for Wizard and for you to know that it really does exist and it is waiting for him when the time is right and he will be warmly welcomed by his previous furkitty brothers and alot of new friends as well.  Please take care, I am so glad that you have this extra time with him and are able to be home with him alot. These are days that will live long in your memories.


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