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Hi all, as many of you know I have been a regular here for over a year after losing my beloved Peanut on 6/19/07. It has been more than a year since my little girl has left me but I still have such a huge hole in my heart that I know will never truly go away. I miss her and think of her every single day and night. She made such a major impact on my life and will never be forgotten. Last night my husband had been watering our grass and called me out to see this beautfiul rainbow. I haven't seen a rainbow in years and there it was arching over a house in the distance and it was so bright and vibrant and the first thing I thought of was my beautfiul sweet beagle a puupy again running thru a field of flowers and clover and her big brown floppy ears blowing back from the breeze.  I just stood and stared at it for several long minutes taking it all in and trying to talk to her. Was she finally able to send me a sign that I could pick up on to tell me she is ok and happy? I would like to think so. after a while I had to go inside to get the twins ready for bed and I cam back out and it seemed to be fading and I said goodbye to Peanut. A bit later I came back out and it was bright again.  Oh Peanut I do hope that was a gift from you to tell me you are alright and that you miss me as much as I miss you.

Not a day goes by that I long for you my sweet friend.



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Awww, I can just picture Peanut's ears flapping as she runs to greet you :) She sent you a sign, "Mommy, I'm okay and I do miss you."


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Dear Karen:
I sit here crying as I read that beautiful story.  I truly believe that your Peanut was sending you a sign that she is happy and now watching over you.    Her picture is so very sweet.  Peanut will always be with you in your heart.

It was on June 6, 2008 that my sweetheart Meister left us.  The pain is still so unbearable for me.  Your story reminded me of something similar.  It was just the day before and my husband was inside and called me to see two beautiful rainbows. Meister was taken suddenly the next day.

Keep looking up into the sky and you will see Peanut.  She loves you very much.

Many hugs
Meisters Mom

He was young in this picture but I love it.


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Karen--Sounds like Peanut sent you that Rainbow. He is so adorable--that little beagle face is precious. I'm glad you got a sign from him.


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Oh Karen that makes me jealous. I need a sign from my mouse. It would make me feel better.


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Dearest Karen:
I am sure it was Peanut.  I know that she is watching over you and your babies every moment.  I know that she wants you to know that she is OK.  I am so glad she sent you that Beautiful Rainbow.  Christopher has sent them too.

Love and Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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Oh Karen I know how you feel,every time I see a rainbow I think  about my Sammy sus and feel her sending me a sign,I really mis her so much yet,I had her for 17 yrs. & 8 months,and I'am beginning to believe that it is going to take til I go to the bridge to meet her to lose that horrible empty feeling in my heart.I really believe  that your sweet baby  peanut.
JoAnn Sammy Sus's Mom


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Oh, this is just a beautiful post! I know how much you miss Peanut, and how you long for her each and every day. And, I think the rainbow IS a sign from her -- I am so glad that you saw it. What a wonderful "hello" from her. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

I think of you often and always include you and Peanut in my prayers!

Big hugs to you,



Posts: 577
It sounds like a sign to me.   So glad you saw that beautiful rainbow.   I know how har it is.   I am there with you.

Many hugs...

Merry's mom

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It's really comforting to read about the signs you all got from your pets both before and after they crossed the Bridge. I lost my kitty Opus about 34 hours ago (yes, the wound is so fresh that it's still counted in hours). I think there were some signs to let me know that it was coming, but at the time, I was too steeped in denial and hope that she would recover to recognize them as such:

  • On the Saturday night before we took her into the emergency vet, my watch stopped suddenly at 9:50 p.m. Opus's vet called me at about 9:50 on Tuesday morning to tell me that she was taking a turn for the worse and to come quickly to her side.
  • On the night before we helped Opus cross, my mom called me to tell me about a beautiful rainbow that appeared outside the house. I couldn't see it from my place because it was in the direction where I have no window exposure. Because of that denial and hope I mentioned, it never even occurred to me that this might be a sign from Opus that she was getting ready to go to the Bridge.
  • Finally, on the morning of the day we lost her, I was washing dishes and one of her water glasses (yes, my picky kitty liked to drink from glasses rather than bowls) broke in two pieces.
Only after my sweet baby was gone did I view these things collectively and see them all as signs. But even then, I interpreted them negatively, especially the glass and the watch. But after reading this thread, I'm willing to consider that maybe Opus was trying to get messages to me:

1. It was time to go, hence the broken watch.
2. She was headed for the rainbow bridge.
3. We would be separated from one into two, but maybe only for now.

If there's a pet heaven (and, God, how could there not be?) I know she is there, and I just pray that she'll send me another sign now to let me know that she's happy and that she loves me and misses me as much as I miss and love her.

Janet (Opus's brokenhearted mommy)


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I feel so sorry that not everyone has the strong convictions I do, without them, I dont know how would go on.

I am not being disrespectful to anybody, and I also dont want to offend, when I say this.  I dont care what religion says, or any other authority, how can such sweet lives as our babies, just be extinguished on death.  In my mind it is totally impossible. 

Our babies are everything that we humans should be.  What, if we are decent human beings, we aspire to be.

They love us unconditionally, with their hearts fully open.  There are no conditons set for us by them, in any way.  How often do you hear stories about badly abused animals, that, as soon as they are shown love and kindness, just blossom. 

They hold no grudges, dont search for ulterior motives, and do not judge.  They live each day as it comes, to the full.  You only have to look at the sheer joy on a young animals face to know this.

They treat each other with respect, and each knows its place in the pecking order.

They are our loyal friends and companions, through the good and the bad times.  How often have you told your babies how you feel, when you would not tell another human.

If God, or whoever, did not put these creatures on this earth, and in so doing, accept them back when their life span is ended, then as far as I am concerned, there is no chance for us humans. 

Love, Peace and Light,  Di xxx


Posts: 143
What a beautiful sign from your dear Peanut.  I cried reading it.

Your Peanut and my dear little Pepe and all the other furbabies are up there romping freely.  My Pepe had long floppy ears too and we loved watching him run with those ears flying behind him.  

Posts: 991
What a precious sign from Peanut. And the fact that you left and went out again, only to see it burning brightly still. Her love for you burns bright from Rainbow Bridge.

Have a blessed day.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 540
Thank you all so much for reading my post and responding to my siting of the bridge.   was just so ironic how I had been thinking of her so much and then all of a suden that beautfiul site in the sky. I have been waiting all these months hoping she would come to me in my dreams or anything and nothing really until now.  This is going to maybe sound a bit nutty but sometimes when I look into one of my twins eyes- Jenna it is almost like I am looking into P's eyes again, I see that same sweetness and innocence and I think P is that you trying to say hello to Mommy? It is amazing the connection that P and I shared, it transends time and life and death... it just keeps going on forever. Yes she is not with my physically and I cannot touch her sweet face but her warmth, her love, her soul with be entertwined with mine froever.  I knew her best as she knew me best.  I wish you all peace and comfort during the horrible time in our lives.


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