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The vet I took him to 8 months ago said he had arthritis and was in pain. She prescribed maloxicam and warned me about possible liver/kidney problems but said it was rare and I thought he'd be OK, especially with what I thought was a low dose (half a 7.5 MG tablet) so I kept giving it to him and when he started to refuse to take it, I yelled at him and made him take it. He literally was trying to tell me something was wrong but I just got annoyed and irritated because I was going to be late for work.
The last time I gave it to him yesterday morning and I remember so clearly how he hesitated at first, but did as he was told and ate it. That and a bit of peanut butter were a he ate that whole day.
I woke up those morning and see him lying listless and panting and bloated. I rush him to the emergency vet and after finding his belly was filled with air find a ruptured stomach ulcer caused by the medicine I forced my sweet boy to eat for 8 months.... He was all I had in this whole world. The only family I had and the last soul left that brought love into my life. Now I'm completely alone in this world and struggling with the guilt and shock over realizing just HOW MUCH OF A PRESENCE he was in my life. I still look on the floor by my bed for him in the morning and expect to see him at the door when i return home, waiting with one of his squeaky toys because he was so happy to see me.
I was away from him between 10-16 hours a day lately due to my new job and just didn't see his decline like I should have.
I essentially poisoned my boy everyday before rushing off to work to leave him alone, in pain, and dying 6 days a week

ILL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF for doing this to him. all he ever wanted was to be near me and to leader me and be a good boy. He was there with me through the hardest times in my life showing me unconditional live and acceptance and unbreakable loyalty and I repayed him by killing him,which he willingly ate.... For me because he was that good of a boy he'd walk across fire to get to me if I was on the other side

I hate myself

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Pain relievers are notorious for causing secondary problems in dogs. I gave my dog aspirin because of this.  None of it can be given long-term leaving our dogs in pain from arthritis. 

The only thing that seems to help long-term and not cause problems is adequan . 

I did not know this until after I put my dog to sleep. She was suffering from some type of stomach issues(brought on by the aspirin I hid in her tuna water so she would eat it)?

I woke up this morning running this over and over again in my mind. I hate myself for this too. Its simply ignorance on my part. 

Arthritis is the number one reason dogs are euthanized. We are damned if we treat arthritis and damned if we don't treat it. 

I totally get your pain. Totally. 

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Please don't be so hard on yourself. You were only doing what you thought best and because you trusted your vet. I too fed My beloved Termy the same medicine for pain but mt vet advised to only give it for ten day stretch. He to refused to take it after about a week so I just stopped giving it to him. I know he was in pain a few days before his last ride but he didn't want the medicine. I know you only wanted your love to get better so you continued to give the medicine with bad results. We never know what the ending will be. You did your best. I am so so very sorry for your broken heart. I wish I could take away your pain and everyone here but sadly I can't.
Please take care and know that we all care.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom
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