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I have been thinking of getting Maddux a brother. Maddux LOVED other dogs (other people, not so much... he was a great judge of character). Of course, in my heart, I have to just KNOW when I see the puppy. With Maddux, it was INSTANT. My heart was never, ever the same. My mom wants me to go see a Golden Doodle this weekend. I feel like Maddux was so loved, he would want me to give that same love (but different) to another one. He did not like it when I cried. He seemed sad too when I was sad. IF I go through with it (that's a big IF), I would want to find a name to honor Maddy. Maddux would be his middle name, but I want a first name that would mean beloved, tribute, honor, memory, or something like that. I want Maddux's legacy to live on. I just don't know.... do any of you have any insight for me?

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What better way to honour our Bridge babies, than to take another into our hearts.  I did just that, and it has brought such healing to my heart.

I just love the name Maximillian, dont know why.  Max and Maddux go together quite nicely, I think.

Love Di xxx

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Hi Madduxsmommy,

Since you are asking............You are in a state of shock, numbness, grief, and loss, and missing your friend terribly.  In my opinion, I think it's too early to get a new pet.  We lost our furkids on the same day and you  haven't had much time to absorb the loss of Maddux.  I know how much you want your buddy there, but the new puppy or dog won't be Maddux and you may do a disservice to the new pet by not having fully dealt with the loss of Maddux. 

Don't be afraid to grieve.  Barbaro's (sp?) owners said, "grief is the price we pay for love."  We have to go through it, not avoid it.  These are life's lessons and make us grow. You and Maddux were a gift to one another.   He was here to teach you something and provide you with love and visa versa. 

Having said the above, you have to do what your gut tells you.  Listen to it, and you will know. 


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Tober was named for Riefer's birth month of October. Riefer was born on Halloween and as fate would have it, Tober was probably born on July 4th :)

Maybe look at the birth month of Maddux, where you got Maddux, etc., something along those lines maybe?

Hope this helps;

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Yes, my heart would have to lead me with this decision.  I am very intuitive. Although Maddy's symptoms on Thursday seemed minor, my heart told me otherwise. That's why I got him the care he needed immediately. So, I think I will look, and only look. I saw one yesterday and I cried when I held her, so instantly I knew it wasn't meant to be.
However, I know the day will come when it does hit me. One will capture my heart instantly just as Maddux did. It's funny that you mention Max. I have been looking online and there was a name, I THINK it was Maximus or something similar that means "Beloved." I thought, "Maximus (beloved) Maddux Kimrey." There were others that caught my attention but they escape me somehow, and I may have mixed up the beloved with "greatest."  I need to go back and look. To be honest, the thought of a new puppy to love brings peace to me. I feel a bit of guilt, for fear that Madd would be jealous. But knowing Maddux's love for other dogs eases those thoughts a little. NO ONE could EVER replace my baby. He will always be my number one baby. I just had a long talk with my fiance. We talked about the story of why I got Madd in the first place, and the things he got me would take forever to tell here, but a good friend put it to me like this: He said, "Katie, Maddux got you here. He got you to this happy time in your life and he knew his work was done."  It made total sense after thinking of the past. My emotions come in waves now. I have cried twice today, but mostly because I miss him so much. Other times today, I have laughed with friends about how goofy he was and the silly things he did. I truly believe being here with all of you has made all the difference in the world. Now, tomorrow I may hit rock bottom again. You just never know.
This will definitely require a lot of careful thought and consideration.


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I have been lucky enough to have had two special children in my life--the first one, Bojangles, died at age 8, back in 1979, and like the song says, thoughts of him can still bring tears. I made the mistake of getting a new little chocolate brown poodle the next day to fill my arms--and I gave him the same name "Bo." It was a mistake. I loved him but he wasn't my first Bojangles and he never could have been. He never made the same place for himself in my heart, although he went everywhere with me and slept on the bed, etc just as the first one had. He was always "second" best, and he shouldn't have been. I should have waited until I had healed some. My best friend just made the same mistake. She lost her very special baby because her mother-in-law with alzheimers let the dog out and it got hit by a car. She found a warm, wonderful little boy in a day or two and brought him home, and she adores him, but she now knows he's who he is, not a replacement for Tyler. I think the secret is that we are afraid to give our hearts again to the same extent that we did with the one that was part of us--it hurts. No doubt.

I lost my Layla on June 13, and I have other dogs and two cats, and it takes real effort to just play and love and talk to them as if my heart wasn't broken. I'm in the deep stages of grief, and they know. She was the one who owned me, heart and soul. I love her just as much as I would a child of my own blood, and she's gone. I can't replace her. Maybe someday, a long time from now, I'll see those eyes again and my heart will recognize that she's come back to me if that's possible.

I can't tell you what you should do. I can only tell you what I did, and it didn't fix what was broken. You definitely want to make sure you're ready to open your heart to love again--the new little one deserves it.  For some, a new warm fuzzy body to hold is the right thing to do--just listen to your own heart.
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