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First of all, I want everyone to know that there is no way any pet could ever take the place of our sweet Bonnie Lou.  I never even considered life without Bonnie Lou.  But as most of know, we out live our pets. 

What I have learned in less than a week is that Hubbie and I have enough love in our hearts to love again.  Bonnie taught us our hearts contain enough love to share without being disloyal to her.
I am also so happy that we adopted a rescue dog.  It is clear that EmmyLou was not treated well in her past life.  I do not think it was from his Foster family.  He found her roaming the streets and she either ran away from home or was dumped.  He put posters with her picture and no one ever claimed her.
Well, little miss Emmylou will never have to worry about anything again in her life.  I have already bought her countless toys, 2 doggie beds(and that is since Sunday!!!!).  I have only one bed myself---lol.  We are keeping her safe and sound in the house until son in law comes to do fence repair for us tomorrow.  So her safety is uppermost in our minds. 
I also bought her a crate for the times that we are away from the house for several house.  This will keep her out of trouble.  I am already looking at doggie sweaters for the winter.  I have never put clothes on our pets before!!!!  But she is so tiny, I cannot imagine she has enough body fat on her to keep her warm.

So, I guess what i am trying to say is that I thought my heart was closed to another dog after we lost Bonnie.  I am thrilled to know that I was very, very wrong. 

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Posts like this make me smile!  Thank you, Clara, for updating us on how Emmylou is doing.  And thank you too, for being brave enough to take a chance on opening your heart to loving another dog.  I look forward to reading many more stories of your adventures & life with Emmylou!

- Kelly
Blackie's mommy

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I am glad that it is going well for you and that EmmyLou is happy in her new home.
You are right, and I know what you mean.....pets that we have now will never replace pets that we have had in the past..  I learned that too...  I still talk to Foster while petting Lila and Monty.  I think Foster had kept me from being depressed in the past and gave me someone other then my hubby to care for.  I wouldnt have gone out for all those walks if it wasn't for Foster!  Now, I think that Lila and Monty are keeping me busy and helping me to get through the loss of Foster.  They are all different and we are trying to figure out what the new normal will be.

As much as I wasn't ready, I am glad that I did it because it could have gotten ugly around here.

I am glad that you and I were wrong about loving another dog after losing our friends.

Bonnie loves you guys.  And now EmmyLou gets to steal your heart.

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Oh well. Another spoiled brat who will exploit its parents love to the outer limits is here. Welcome to the club and enjoy! :-)

We need more posts like these...


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Congrats on the new baby and bless you for taking in a truly needy pet.

Love,  Diane

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I'm so glad you realized that very quickly after adopting your new little girl.  I must say it took me quite a bit longer to adjust to a rambunkious boy after over 15 years with my mild mannered little girl.  It wasn't that I "couldn't" love him, I kept wondering what the heck I had done and who was this dog so different than what I was used to.  But once I adjusted to those differences, I loved him for who he is and all his differences.  (I know it would have been much quicker with a sweet little girl :-} But we're fine now.

I tell people it's like having a child, you don't stop loving your first when you have your second, you love each of them and if you have a 3rd and 4th, you love them just as much as they each enter your life.  Our hearts just grow and grow and keep loving.

You sound so happy and you will have so much fun this Christmas with a new baby to shower with toys and love :-}  You're probably already Christmas shopping LOL


Posts: 628
Sandie, I am with you when you thought "what the heck did I do", especially that first day when EmmyLou escaped through a hole in the fence and went on merrily exploring the woods!!!
The next day she was not quite so crazy with energy.  I think she was a little scared; poor baby.  I guess i would be too if I went through what i expect she went through. 
I have daughter in Houston  that works for Child Protection Services and she told me something I never thought about before.  She said that when there is child abuse going on in a house and if there are animals in the house, they too are being abused.  She said she does not know why when CPS goes in a house, the SPCA should go too.  It is a sad world where people abuse those that cannot defend themselves. 

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Clara, you have been with me from day one when I first lost my babies and came to this site, and I have so valued your posts and your responses to mine!  To hear of your joy with your new baby gives me so much hope that maybe someday I will be able to fill the void that losing Luke and Lil left in my life and my heart.  I know that I have love to give to another couple of pups who might just need me, too!

God Bless you, and love the dickens out of that pup!  Rick

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I'm so glad you and hubby are healing with Emmylou--she is so lucky to have you and vice-versa.  There's nothing like a spoiled but sweet little princess in the house is there?  Best to all of you, your adventures with little Emmylou have brought a smile to me.



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Isn't it wonderful, Clara? I thought too that I would never be able to love another dog after Chico. But then came Paco and he wormed his way right into my heart. But there have been times when I thought "what the crap did I get myself into"!

I am so happy for you and hubby, and for EmmyLou. I know that all three of you are so happy.

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I loved reading about Emmylou!  I admire everyone who rescues a precious pet and gives them a loving home.  Pets do have a way of winning us over!!

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~

Posts: 607
Clara, isn't it wonderful!  It is so good to know that we can love again, spoil again and all the while be so very grateful that our hearts are open to receiving love once again.  What would the world be like without our precious babies?  I am so glad that my baby Scout came along this year at just the right time to help me heal after losing my first girl, and then a week after his arrival, my other girl.  He has helped me in more ways than I can count - I feel so very blessed!  He is a true gift!  Emmylou is so very lucky to  have found you, she will certainly live a happy life in your loving arms.
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