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         As always, when your birthday arrives and another year without you seems 
to loom ahead bringing with it so many emotions I realize the loss is
still difficult for me because it was always you & I against the world Max. You
were with me through so many hurtful times in my life as I struggled to find my
identity and realized that I needed to learn what real Love was supposed
to be~
You brought that to me Max and you helped me find myself when I was so
very lost. I wish I can say that everything in my life today brings me calm &
& that the problems have faded away but you would know that isn't true.You knew
than anyone
Sometimes I cannot find the contentment in my own home and I am blessed to have
Marsh Willow to bring that to me. You knew all that my heart held deep inside
& you were the only one who touched my soul
You sent me the boy with the golden eyes, the Marsh man because you knew I
still needed support in the days when you couldnt be here with me. .He is my
salty sage man
that has lifted me up on those dark days.
I know my special angel sent him to me and what would I ever do without you
watching over me as you do.
and I know that you are still there making sure I am okay
Marsh helped
see me through the loss of my sister, the illness of my mother and
struggles at home and I know you sent him especially for me.
I look at Marsh and sometimes I feel your presence because I just know he
he is an old soul and his eyes tell a story and hold so much wisdom. sometimes

I feel your presence in his eyes . I am sure you are his mentor
& you sent him as a messenger to bring me to where I need to be. For every
year you were with me, we celebrated with joy and goodies for you to enjoy
but the greatest gift all along was the one you gave me by being in my
your chosen person your mommy~
Sometimes I feel that you are gone for so long and it was another lifetime
were with me and then I feel as if yesterday you were running ahead of me
with so much life and wonder and as time passed you walked slowly by my side
with your face turned toward the sun .Through every season of your life,
you brought me the gift of you and I don’t know what I did to deserve such
Loving devotion but I will always remember and tell your story of days gone by
& the day to come when we will walk again side by side toward the sun. Happy
my Dear Golden child. I can see you now running toward the shore with all
the beloved Goldens keeping up with you and all the precious furchildren in
step with all of you.. In life I have learned that I may be bruised but Im not
broken. I have seen so many loved ones gone and life is to short to take
the short cut if that makes sense. We need to savor it all and we need to
life with all that is in our heart.
Our furchildren come to us to show us this very precious gift and they
seem to carry us through all the difficult times making sure that we see the
beautiful moments in life before they slip away

I placed a purple flower in the bay in Provincetown on Mothers day while we
taking Grandma out for dinner and I couldnt help but wander over to the place
roamed so many years . I wrote your name on a shell and threw it into the
For some reason it makes me feel closer to you being in your favorite place on
Cape Cod. Today we planted a purple flowered shrub outside the window in front
of the house and I thought it is a perfect day for bringing beauty & life to
the earth & home. I will release a lavender balloon later this evening maybe
sunset at our beach and although you didnt roam this part of the cape in your
days here, your spirit is here with me & I know you will recognize the lavender
colored balloon I choose to
send to you each year and you know how much Love is being sent along with the
balloon. Marsh & Daddy will stand by my side as it drifts off into the sky
where earth & Heaven meet. May we always choose to look for the blessings.

        Josh Groban. These words could be echos of our furchildren whispering
from above .        
Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me, in your memory
Remember me

Remember, when your dreams have ended
Time can be transcended
Just remember me
I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly,
It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun
I'm with you
Whenever you tell, my story
For I am all I've done
Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me, in your memory
Remember me

I am that one voice in the cold wind, that whispers
And if you listen, you'll hear me call across the sky

As long as I still can reach out, and touch you
Then I will never die

Remember, I'll never leave you
If you will only
Remember me

Remember, I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory
Remember me
Remember... me...

Max~ I Will Always Remember~ I will always remember~

Max Lennon ~ My Peace Dog
In My Life I loved you more There are places I remember all my life
have changed . Some forever not for better some have gone and some remain
All these places have there meaning with lovers and friends I still can
some are dead and some are living In my Life I loved them all but of all
these friends & lovers
there is no one compares with you and their memory loses
meaning and I think of love as something new though I know I'll never lose
affection for people and things that went before I know Ill often think
them but in my life I Loved you more Just you & me

Lyrics of John Lennon

I will Always Love you,

Eternal Spring Puppy days

One of your last pictures in this world 2002


Posts: 686
Happy Birthday Max.  Your mommy loves you so much and I can tell from her beautiful words that you are a very special boy.

Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 2,245
Dear Jo:
Your letter to Max is absolutely beautiful.  And the song broke my Heart as I could have written every word.  Your photographs of Max are incredible and it is so obvious how much love he has for his Mommy; his eyes tell it all.    I know that your bond with Max was much the same as mine with Christopher.  I know what a nightmare my life has been and I am sure that yours has too.  While their memory lives on so does the pain. I still cry for my little Angel every day.  The Joy is gone and likely will be Forever.  We were so fortunate that God trusted us with his beautiful Angels.  I will count every day until Christopher and I are together again.  Thank you for all your support through this nightmare.  You have always been here for me and there  are no words to describe how much I appreciate your help.  We will miss our Angels for Eternity.  I know that Christopher and Max will wait for us Forever. 

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 189

Happy birthday at the bridge precious Max.  Share any goodies you get with all the rest of our beautiful goldens.  You will always be remembered and loved.

Steve1492 / Music Wolf

Posts: 457
Dear Jo.........I always love reading your letters to your beloved Max...Your words flow so well--almost like music, and they capture so much emotion!!
It has been evident since I first read your posts how deeply devoted Max was to you and you to him!!  The two of you shared (and still share) such a special bond!!  I know it still hurts when birthdays and anniversaries roll around, but you remain true to your boy and always write to him although I'm sure that sometimes you are writing through the tears!!
It's like you and Max had (and still have) such a wonderful love affair--one that noone can ever change or take away from either of you!!
My thoughts are with you Jo and Happiest of Birthdays to your Special boy!!
Much love.............Kelsey's Mom  (Ruth)

Posts: 2,719
Happy Birthday, Max.  My Miss Dallas had her 17th birthday the 16th and I thought about her all day.  I bet you two had a wonderful birthday party.  Keep her safe for me please, Max.  She is so tiny.

Dearest Jo, Your words to Max were beautiful as usual.  I hope Max's birthday brought many fine memories to you.

Love,  Diane


Posts: 699
Dear Jo,

I have read your beautiful, deeply moving letter to your Max and I am so touched by the profound love and the strength that you share even now through the veil, with your Beloved Boy.  Truly how blessed we are to be chosen to live life with such angels, to be loved by them, to be guided by them, and we are wise to follow.  Your letter says everything, Jo, it speaks clearly of what Max meant to you and what he will always mean to you.  Yes, an eternal love affair.

I'm a day late, but I celebrate the very, very special day when your Max began his life on this earth, and his journey to your heart, where he would stay forever.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


Posts: 555


Dearest Jo,
My heart has never forgotten your beautiful Max.
Perhaps because he reminds me so much of my angel Aurich but when I look at his page the tears still flow as they did while we were working on it for you.
I so remember reading your loving words about Max and crying just as I do when I think back on my life with Aurich.
Deep in my heart I feel those two must be running together through the fields now at Rainbow Bridge.
The wise old men now young healthy pups for eternity.
What joy we will feel in our souls when we see them run to us on that most special day.
Max sent you the Marsh just as Aurich sent me the Ollie dog.
They both knew we needed love and laughter to fill our lives and they made very wise choices,our two guardian angels.
Love and Peace,.


Beautiful Max, forever in your Mom's heart


You taught us well Max.
All that matters is love
Photos taken from Max's page

Posts: 1,014
Dear Jo,

Your letters to Max always touch my heart...your words evoke Max's essence beautifully, and your love shines all about. The glimpse into the bond between you is healing and comforting to me.

Looking at young and old photos is so touching, too - when I was sorting through decades of photos last fall (preparing to move), I wept to find "baby" pictures of Hazel and Max, and I find the same tears springing to my eyes when I see baby Max.  You're right, it is "eternal spring" - we just don't have them long enough on this earth.  And yet we wouldn't trade the pain if it meant we lost even a single day of their companionship.

I love senior Max's photo, too, just the way I love Hazel's last photo.  The grace and beauty of their old souls come through - it is a glimpse into the miracle of eternal love, I think. 

Happy birthday handsome Max - maybe you could teach Hazel how to dip a paw into the ocean wave that washes your heavenly beach?  Run free, dear boy, while you wait for mama -




Posts: 84


My dearest friend, Jo~


Handsome & loving, Max~


Another year has passed & it's another year closer to seeing each other again. Your love is eternal & knows no time or limits. The only one's who suffer are *us* on this earthly plane. Our beloved *babies* are in true harmony & bless & only wait for our return.


Jo ~ Thank you for so many years of your love & friendship. I know that your heart *aches* for your *soul-mate* Max, but remember, he is only a *heartbeat* away.


Max ~ What a wonderful & loving boy you were to your mommie here on earth. You hear & see her from above & send your love each day.

I wanted to add a very special & heartful *thank you* to you for your everlasting kindness. Firstly, for being one of the first one's to welcome Onyx to the Bridge. You knew how to *comfort* her & guide her so she wouldn't be afraid. And, secondly, I *KNOW* (knowing YOU!) Goldenheart, you were one of the first to get the rally started, along with so, so many other precious babies, to help *guide* the Detective to the robber's house to find Onyx's ashes. You have such a beautiful soul, dear Max.

Have a wonderful birthday!


Love & hugs~




Posts: 558
Dear Jo,
You know, I've read your post several times and it makes me cry.  Every time that I read one of your posts about this dear golden, I feel the strength of your love.  The words of particulary Josh Grogain's song and so true!  The love that you share with your beautiful Max is SO pure.  There is so much longing in your words and I very much understand that longing for days gone by.  It is very clear that Max sent Marsh to his mommy.  I'm sure you do see Max when you look into his eyes.  I know that your Max was there waiting at the rainbow as the beautiful lavendar balloon came into his site.  He was waiting for all of the love and kisses from his Mommy that came with the balloon for his birthday.  Happy Birthday Max hold Mommy's love, kisses and memories in your heart, for one day you will again be together.  Huge hugs, Golda's Mom

Posts: 5

I Just lost my golden Taz the love of our lives for 13 and one half years,I can't stop crying, Thank you for letting me read your beautiful heartfelt words, I guess in the days to come I may be able to put some words of how I feel together,but right now it is just numb,I know someone else loved her golden as much as I loved my guy!Thank you, and God bless you


Posts: 1,001
Time keeps moving forward and I still find it amazing how I first wandered to petloss as if just searching the computer for something that would bring me some hope during a time when I felt hopeless and more sad than I ever knew possible. Suddenly , there was this place where people really cared and understood and no matter how much time passes, I can always come back and find peace in the kindness of others who understand so well how it feels to love a furchild. Knowing that Ed W a very lovely & kind man with a vision and an angel created such a place to come to find understanding , comfort & support when others in our world cannot comprehend our feelings and sometimes make it clear that enough time has passed and we should move on , he created a safe haven for all of us no matter how vulnerable we are feeling, we will never be judged or criticized and we can express our thoughts and we also can be there for others who are in the same place we were not too long ago and offer them our heart. Sometimes life takes us away from the board but something always brings us back to the place where our heart was helped to heal not too long ago. How can I ever thank EdW and all of you for always being there but I know for sure that I will never lose sight of the love here and you are all in my heart for always.

I will reply to each of you with my thanks and gratitude.

Thank you to all of you who read my words to Max and for all of you that wrote to me.
Your words are so kind and it makes me feel so good to share my memories with others who know the same love they share with their special and very loved fur child.. Thank you for reading about my boy and for caring.

I know how much you understand and how much you will always always love your beautiful Christopher. I am sure Max is taking good care of your little angel and they are safe and well and we will be with them again. I know they want us to smile again and they will find the way from above to bring us to where we need to be and find the peace we so very much need to heal. We will always miss them but the Love will always outshine and outlive the sadness.
We are so blessed that we got to share our life with them and although the time was brief, it will remain the brightest light in our world.
Hugs to you,

Oh Steve,
I just knew you would be here to wish my Max a Happy Birthday and to share your healing words as you always have before as these millstones come and we remember. It makes me smile to think of Sam & Max together and the vision is a beautiful one when I close my eyes and imagine .
Dear Ruth,
So many times your kind words made me feel such peace and you have always been there through so many difficult times. Your Kelsey Len had always brought me smiles seeing her face and her spirit shine through and I know how loved she is.
Oh Diane,
It seems we have shared many roads together and many tears but through it all we found the best of friends here and you have always meant so much to me. Your loving words have always brought me comfort and although so much time has passed since Little Dallas and my Max have left for the Bridge, we still miss them so and always will. I know for sure that Max is taking very good care of Miss Dallas because he always took care of the little ones with his gentle ways and I am sure she is keeping him on his toes with her antics and her sparkling personality and of course her charm.
Thanks for being a dear friend all these years.

Dear Katherine,
Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes and I felt how much you understood and cared.
Thank you for sharing in Max’s birthday and for your kind words about our bond that we all share with our furchildren.

Oh Dear Kathy,
I sometimes feel you are an angel on this board and I can feel your hearti n everything you do. The beautiful web page that you and Carol put together for Max & me has brought so much joy and knowing that you care so much for all of us here to create a place where we can go to remember our precious angels and see the beauty of the tribute page and we can smile through the tears,
I so often look at Aurich’s page and I feel the bond you shared with this beautiful boy and I do believe they are so wise to send us our two Golden children Ollie and Marsh .They are so different from Aurich and Max . Marsh is such a feisty boy stomping through life with utter passion and a little bit out of control although much better than he was but I see how I needed this very sweet boy in this time of my life and Max knew and Aurich knew what you needed too. They are never far from us and they will help us though the difficult times and smooth the way for us and help us smile again.
Kathy, you have a special place in my heart.


Posts: 613

Dear Jo, we just got back last night from a two week trip, and I just now saw your beautiful post.   Happy belated birthday to your precious boy Max!   What an incredible tribute you wrote to him, you write so eloquently,  it is easy to know and love Max from your words, and Marsh sounds equally special.  Even though we were far away from Texas this past 16 days (in Italy actually),   Nike was in my thoughts every day....every time I saw someone walking a dog, my eyes brimmed up with tears.   I miss my golden girl so much.   Just like Marsh, Nike kept me grounded, and I was able to get from her and give to her what was missing in my life.   They leave us with such a void....and how can we ever fill it again?   The day is nearing when a new fur baby will come live with us, I will keep you posted.  I am thinking of you and your beautiful Max and of course Marsh too,   Love, Jan


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Dearest Barb,
You always have been such a comfort to me when I post about Max and you always have a gentle way of saying what is in your heart. I especially liked what you said about The grace and beauty of their old souls coming through - it is a glimpse into the miracle of eternal love,& I feel also that it is when we see their older years and the wisdom that they project from deep within. We would never trade one tear if it meant not having them in our life and heart.
You have such a goodness about you and I am sure your furchildren had the best life with you.
Thank you for always caring.
I am sure Max will find a way to have Hazel dip her paw into the reflective pool of water at the bridge and she is loving it. Max was fascinated with cats and he always wanted to play with them so he would be even more gentle .
We look at their baby pictures and then see them older and wiser and I sometimes wonder where did the years go but what joy we found in between those days.

Oh Pami,
We have traveled a long journey together but since the first day we met our path was never lonely because we had each other. I am sure that Max was there when Cloudy went home to the Bridge and they both were welcoming Precious Onyx home and she was running free and loving seeing all the friends to play with.
I am so glad that you have Onyx’s ashes again and although her spirit was free and with you always, we want to hold on to what we have left but nothing ever can take away the Love, The memories and the bond ever. I am so grateful that you were not hurt physically by these heartless thieves but I am sorry that emotionally you had to suffer through this.. Onyx made sure that you would be okay and she and Max and all the beloved fur children rallied together to get Onyx back to you so your heart wont hurt & could feel some comfort.
You cant imagine how much it means to me that we have been friends through so many years now and just knowing we shared so much together makes me smile.
My Love to you Pami always and whenever you need to talk, please call me. It was so good to finally talk that day and it felt like you were right there with me.
Love you,

Dear Pam,
Your loving words were like a balm for my heart and I know that you understand the Golden bond because your Golda has such a beautiful spirit about him and every photo that I have seen of him is endearing and precious. He is such a handsome boy and I feel how much you love him as he loves you.
We are so blessed to have had this Love and even though we wish it was longer, it will be forever one day . I believe that a bond that strong remains for more than one lifetime.
Thank you for all your support and your caring.I saw your tribute page for Golda and it is beautiful just like your sweet boy and your loving words shine brightly from the page.just as his light shines upon you until you are together again.

Dear Taz’s mom,
It was so kind of you to write and read about my Max. You are so saddened by the lose of Taz and you took the time to care. through your own pain & sadness. Thank you for all your compassionate words . I know in time you will write all about your precious Golden and allow all of us to get to know your sweet boy.
Writing helped me so much when I was so lost and it truly was healing for me . I still have so many of the notepads and letters I wrote and sometimes when I reread them I cry and other times I feel a sense of peace .I wish you peace on this journey.

Dear Jan,
Through your words about your precious Nike, I also learned to love your dear
I can feel it all through your pictures and your loving words and I know your
little girl had a very beautiful life with you and she knows how much she is
loved because she lived it every day. You have also made me feel comforted
through your caring words to me and I am so grateful for you.
I am glad you were able to see Italy and I hope that you enjoyed the time there
because you need to take care of you also. Please keep us posted on the fur baby
that will be finding the way to your heart. I am sure Nike is making plans from above as she watches over you and
will find the one that will help to heal your heart. She loves you so much.
My precious Max always looking out for me and sent Marsh to help me to smile again.

My Salty Marsh

Posts: 95
What a beautiful letter to your precious boy, Max. I was  brought to tears. How can he not be hearing you now. You truly moved me.

The John Lennon song is one of my favorites. It says it all.

I love the balloon idea. I will try that. Maybe it will help to heal my soul a little, I hope.

May you find peace and sunshine today.

Thank you for sharing,


Posts: 1,015

Oh Dear Jo –


Your birthday post to your boy was so beautiful . . . I had to stop several times because I couldn’t read through my tears. From the planting of purple flowered shrub, to the purple flower in the bay, to writing his name on the shell . . . it was all so loving. It’s obvious the connection the two of you had in your life together here, and even now, as you remember him. When you wrote, “in life I have learned that I may be bruised, but I’m not broken. I have seen so many loved ones gone and life is too short to take the short cut . . . We need to savor it all and we need to embrace life with all this is in our heart . . .” Oh, I simply sigh when I read words like that. I imagine that is actually our beloved fur children that somehow provide us with such insight and wisdom – oh, they are so very smart, aren’t they?


We will never forget our babies . . . we will always celebrate them, and with that I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX. Know that your mommy loves you, misses you and thinks about you every day.


Jo, I’d also like to thank you for joining in the prayer circle regarding my mom. It touches my heart so deeply.


With warm affection,


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


Posts: 1,001
Dear Bennies mom,
I am so sorry that you had to let your Bennie go on to the Bridge but you did all you could possibly do and he is safe in the arms of the angels until you can be with him again. You are kind to respond to my post when you had so much sadness and you reached out to care. Thank you for your kindness.I had tears in my eyes when you wrote "how could he not hear you" Our precious fur children hear us and they know how loved they are and your Bennie feels your love and already knows one day he will be with you again. His photo shows his sweetness and his love for you.
Max's mom Jo


Posts: 1,001
Dear Allison,
Your beautiful words touched me and you are right. Our sweet little angels give us the strength and the wisdom to find the way after we face this world on our own and feel so lost. They bring us to where we need to be and we find true friends that truly care and believe in us while they offer their heart to us. It seems that our heart is more open and the love flows back and forth to one another and I think they teach us to give of ourselves . You have walked through so much loss in such a short time and I know how difficult it is and the struggle to get through each day but somehow we find the way and we are definitely being watched by angels above and we will all get through the sadness. We never get over it but we get through it one day at a time.and the sadness fades until all that remains is the Love
I wish you much peace for your heart.

Max's mom Jo

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