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I'm into my 2nd week without my beautiful dog and still grieving. The pain is still very intense. My emotions are still very raw and I'm prone to sadness. I'm trying to deal with this by keeping a journal and writing about my dog a little bit each day. It does seem to help a little. Also, I am calling up friends and other pet-people to just vent my feelings. I've spoken to lots of caring, considerate people over the course of the last week. It's amazing how many people have had similar circumstances at some point. I know people have their own problems and don't want them to be consumed with my grief, so I've been keeping the conversations shorter. In addition, I won't reach out to the same person twice in a week. This seems to be working and people have been very kind and receptive. Many have told me to call anytime. That's a tempting offer but I don't want to burden anyone else with this. Once a week with each person seems to be ideal. 


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I know exactly where you are coming from..
Firstly, the pain for me is as intense now as it was last month, which was when my little girl & I parted! I know everyone is different therefore each person's grief situation is different..

I have also felt the same about my friends who have told me to call anytime but most I don't like to bother. I'm glad to hear that you have a journal, I think it will help you. I have one too and once you will start to write down the memories of your beloved furbaby it will bring smiles because of the happy memories. Slowly things like this ( a happy memory followed by a smile will happen ) through moments of sadness... I call a pet loss helpline almost everyday who have been wonderful ( thank goodness they exist ). If u can call any they are really supportive just like people on here. I also have a book called 'Goodbye pet & see you in heaven, by Bel Mooney! Joanna Lumley's review ' - Bel Mooney's enchanting emotional journey links us all together, and is as wise as it is touching! I'm going to start reading it tomorrow as it sounds very comforting...

Happy writing your journal, I know you no doubt have some wonderful memories to write inside..Some of the chapters are set out in mine as it's designed for dogs and they include, weather I love and hate, favourite walks, eating, dog friendly friends, beach life, country walks, trips, favourite outfits, lots of notes to write whatever things that you wish etc.
Finding various different types of support helps, as much as one can find..

Sending support.


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hi jim and babydaisy,

i share the same level of grief and it's debilitating effects as I just passed the 2 month mark on Sunday.  I spend most of my day in the chat room on here, as it gives me daily connections with healing support and comfort in real time. I havent tried any hotline, as I in similar ways dont want to be a burden on anyone (even though the hotline is there for that exact reason).  But I guess all im trying to say is thank you for sharing your story, it helps me and im sure others not feel so alone in this process.

Sending lightness and ease as you navigate this difficult time. 
Mossimo's mom - Anastacia

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hi Jim,

I feel your pain, oh boy...

Pet loss telephone support has been helpful for me, as has seeing/speaking with my family doctor, and a counsellor as well, but not all at once, spread out, not one after the other.  Because sometimes I just need space and silence without being overwhelmed.

And not being at home much has helped to reduce the tears & pain of the loss.

And yet, I still turn to look at a chair or a part of the room because something catches the corner of my eye, but its a trick of the light, or a paper, or a book, in that spot, that for a split second I think it's him as he was there, when I'd turn my head to look.

Just knowing that the suffering is over, is a comfort.

And feeling that of course they are everywhere, keeping an eye on us, in some funny way, I do believe that.  I hope you feel a presence of your dog too.

keep posting xx

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Thanks for your response. Yes, I'm trying to reach out as much as possible to a lot of different people via the phone. Not good to be socially isolated. This Forum has also been helpful. In addition, I have been writing a journal about my dog. I write a little at a time about all the great times we had together. Like you, I also need some alone time to grieve and sort out my feelings. I work at home so it's hard not to miss my dog. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. It's not easy. I'm still experiencing bouts of crying spells. Since we were together together for a lot of years, it's going to take some time. 

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