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My first Mother's Day without my baby girl. It will be tough - not to mention it falls on the one month anniversary of my baby's passing.

Does anyone else get sad on Mother's Day because their "child" is not with them?

How do you deal with it?


Piggy's Mom

Posts: 1,234
Hello Piggys Mom,

This is going to be an odd Mothers Day. Not only is Hershey gone, but so to is my mother. Silver is now 11 and the last lving link to my mother.

My smpathy to you on your loss. My you find peace in your heart.

Meriam, Silver , Mozart and Kuggel

Posts: 104
I will be doubley sad because my mom died this past Christmas Eve and 6  weeks later my Jingles passed away. My mom' birthday was May 9. Her birthday was always close to Mother's Day. Maybe I'll get together with my sister and we can celebrate Mom's and Jingles lives together.

                                      Jingles Mom

Posts: 317

Dear Piggy's Mom,
I'm also dreading Mother's Day. I'm thankful that my mother is still alive but sunday may 11th will be 7 weeks since my little Jessie is gone. She passed away a sunday, so those are now sad days for me. Of course I'll be thinking of Jessie, my baby and mommy of my little Lucy... but I'm glad I would go and visit my family-in-law, that would help to "distract me" a little.
Diana, Jessie's mom.

Posts: 1,198
Dear Piggy's Mom,

I am a single person and have never had human children of my own so before I read your post I never really thought of myself as a mother. But after reading your post, it hit me that yes I am a mother, I am a mother to my two cats Rufus and Squeeker and I was a mother to my beautiful Blackie. So I guess this year Mother's Day will be more poignant for me than usual, especially since it will have been 6 weeks and 1 day since Blackie passed away.

I am sure I will shed some tears in honor of my Blackie this weekend. It is supposed to rain all weekend so I am sure the weather will not exactly help me feel particularly sunny or happy this Mother's Day.

I hope you're able to reflect back on your time as Piggy's mom this weekend and find some joy and peace in your memories.

Take care,

Blackie's forever mom


Posts: 166
I always dread Mother's Day.  My mom died when I was 25.  I miss her so much and am actually envious of those who have a mom to talk to, shop with, get recipes from, etc.  But, then since I have no human children of my own, this Mother's Day is awfully difficult.  I have lost my Sheltie, Katie, and my cat, Mystic, and my Sheltie, Abby since last Mother's Day.  My husband always gets me cards from the cats and dogs that we have and signs them with their names.  He always picks out a small gift like a flower or shrub - something living - that I can plant and remember the ones that have gone.  Regardless, it's a tough day and although I am grateful for the wonderful mom I had, I miss her.  And I, as a mother of 9 furkids who have gone to the Bridge, miss them all terribly on that day and always! 

It seems that someone always asks me if I am a mother and it seems strange to them that I am not.  That's personal and sometimes when they ask why, I just about break down.  But I know I am the proud mom of 7 furkids right now and on that day I will spend it with them.  They have made me a better person because of their love for me.

HUGS to all who are having a tough time on Mother's Day!

Kassidy's mom (Kassidy is having surgery this AM for an interdigitial cyst.  Just what she needs on top of her cancer, poor soul!)

Posts: 199
Meriam:  I'm so sorry for both of your losses - your Hershey and your mother.  I hope Silver will comfort you on Mother's day.

fab1835:  I'm also very sorry for the loss of Jingles and your mother. That is so very hard. I can't even imagine that pain.  I will keep you in my prayers.

dianae2002:  Yeah, it's so hard.  We we both lost our children on a Sunday. I usually try to distract my mind during the week but on Sundays, I can't help but think about it. I feel your pain my friend.  I am sorry.

Kelly:  Of course you're a mommy!  :) I don't have any "human" children either but I definitely have children!  If they could talk, I'm sure they would tell you that you are a great mommy!  Just remember - your Blackie loves you and is going to be watching you that day from the RB!

Posts: 847

Dear Piggy's Mom, and all Furmoms,

I am sorry for the pain of your beloved Piggy's one month bridgeday, a very tough milestone, falling on Mother's Day.  I hope you feel her love nearby that day, and always.  I will be thinking of all of you here as we try to make it through that day.

My beloved Tweeny went to the bridge on Mother's Day weekend.  I took her in on a Thursday and she was to come back home right on Mother's Day.  That did not happen.

She went to join my human mother, whose birthday always falls on or around Mother's Day.  My aunt (the only one I knew) died right before Mother's Day, May 7. My mom's mother died at 26 on May 8 and her father murdered May 9 (different years) but right before her birthday and Mother's Day, before I was ever born.  Very sad.

I never married and do not have human children, nor parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, Godparents or brothers.  All I have left humanwise is my sister (who was widowed at 39), cousin and her daughter 2400+ miles away, no male relatives left.

The only holiday I participate in anymore is Memorial Day, also All Saints/All Souls Day.  Ugh. 

Thank God for my three remaining purrecious kitties who give me a reason to be here.

As the buds on the Lilacs start to form in April, I get more anxious, as Tweeny departed right when the lilacs were starting to give up their own breath.  They are just about in full bloom right now.

Bless All Furmoms this tough weekend, and those without their human mothers.

Love, Tweeny's ma


Posts: 95

This mother's day will be hard for me also.  I lost my mom on 5/30/07 and then not a year later - 3/29/08 I lost "Baby".  It is a sad time - but are on my mind terribly! 

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