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Today is my cousin John's birthday.  He passed away about 26 years ago but growing up and into young adulthood we were best friends.  And thought the years since he has passed I've always thought of him, felt his presence and had dreams where he would talk to me.  Anyway, last night on my way home I was on the train thinking that I had totally forgotten about Johnny's birthday because of all that I am going through with the loss of my Comet.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I sent Comet, my beloved, best friend to be my cousin, John, my best friend.  Is it possible that she is with Johnny right now, could I have actually had her here with me less than 2 weeks ago and sent her to be with him?  My two best friends together.  Did I actually send Johnny this wonderful gift?  Can my girl really be with him?  Did I send my cousin a piece of my heart?  I have such a wonderful peaceful feeling that it just has to be true.  And if it really is, it makes loosing my Comet bearable.  I will never get over losing either one of them. 

Thanks for letting me share.


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What a wonderful thought!  Of course it's possible!  I truly believe that with all my heart.  May 9th would have been my dad's 86th birthday (he passed away last November). I talked to him that night and wished him a happy 86th birthday and told him I missed him.  I also asked him to give my girls Gypsy & Luna a hug for me and to ask them to please come to me in my dreams - that I missed them terribly.  The next night I had a dream about my girls for the first time since they passed.  I know in my heart that my dad had a hand in that. They're with my dad and I know he's keeping them company while they wait for me at the bridge.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing that isn't it?  I'm sure Johnny is taking very good care of Comet - and by the way Comet is beautiful!

God Bless.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

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I believe with all my heart that Savanna, T.C. & Boy are all at my mom's feet. My mom loved my cats too. You too will be in my thoughts and prayers. your friend, Elaine

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yes, yes, yes.  I dont think there is such a thing as death, it is merely a passing from an earthly body into a spiritual one.  Think about it, who suddenly put that thought in your head.  Believe me when I tell you, I have had so much evidence over the years of life continuing, after what we call death, I totally believe.  If it were not so, I dont think that I would get through the losses that I have had over the years.  If I did not think that I would be reunited with all of my loved ones, furred, feathered and human, I would find life very difficult to continue with. 
I have had all of those that have passed come back, either through mediums or directly to me.  To this day, my darling siamese, Tammy will come to me when I am troubled, and lie in the small of my back, like she always used to.  She passed 28 years ago............I am so, so pleased that you that you have had this comfort.  Isnt it fantastic to know that your darling Comet is safe in the arms of your dear John.  Much Love, Di xxx


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From the bottom of my heart I must say thank you to you all.  The tears are just pouring down my face as I write, some happy some still with heartache.  Knowing that you have experienced similar feelings is extremely comforting and right now in this beaten state there is a feeling of comfort.  It's wonderful that through your pain and loss you can be there for me and the others here.  This site is a God send.  When I really think about, it's just the body that is gone, because that bond that I had with my Comet can never be broken.  Death never broke the bond between me and Johnny after all these years and it will not break the bond between me and the mommy's dog, my old girl, Comet. A love so strong never goes away but unfortunately it changes for a little while.  So until then I will hold your replies close in thoughts and in my heart and continue to open myself up for the signs, thoughts and feelings of an eternal love.  Maybe one day like you all I will be able to help someone find comfort through this most difficult seperation.

I don't know anyone of you three but I feel a strong bond with you and everyone here on this site.  God Bless you all for being there.

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mw0263 -- first, i'm not sure if i ever gave you my sympathies, but please know you have my condolences on Comet. second, i'm going to apologize for a long story, but this is especially relevant to you....and has been something of a hope for me for many many years.

my cousin eileen died at the age of 23 from asthma. this was in '82. her death was completely unexpected to her family, though it was something she knew was going to happen and kept it from them.  keep in mind that this was in '82, far before 'psychic readings' became the multi-million dollar business that it is today.  my aunt, who was not a believer in such things, had a reading through one of her friends who convinced her to go.  this woman (who had not known eileen, my aunt, or her friend) spoke to my aunt.  in one instance, she did a hand gesture to my aunt that my cousin frequently did (a pat on the head)...and several other "eileen" things that were dead-on. (no pun intended!)  She closed out the reading saying that Eileen is surrounded by animals that she's taking care of.  IRL, she was an avid animal lover so it was not surprising to my aunt to hear that.

Twenty-six years later, I still cling to that image, and know that Petey, my first budgie, my subsequent budgies (sniffles, gee lafleur, jingles, crazy, buttercup...) and most recently Bridget my Boxer/Lab/Terrier are with her. The day Bridget passed, I told her to say hello to Eileen for me. 

I hope that Comet goes over to visit Eileen, I know she would like to meet her. :)  I have absolute faith that such a place exists and while they wait by the Bridge for us, they have day trips to their loved ones already there.



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I'm so sorry for your loss of Comet.  Today I had a similar thought that brought me peace.  I thought that perhaps my little Kato, who died this Monday, wanted to go to the bridge first, since he knew his brother Toby(our other dog) was terminally ill, and was not expected to have much longer to live.  He always taught Toby everything about being a dog.  Toby has always been more afraid, and unsure, and would scare easily at times, unlike his brother, who was always very brave.  I really truly had this thought today, like a light bulb went off, and it felt like maybe I had made a little sense (at least) about this terrible tragedy I've been going through.  The thought that they would be together, brothers again, running and playing, with all their ailments gone, at the bridge.  The thought brought me a peace that I have not had since Kato passed on Monday.  I am still hurting missing him, and I know I will be a wreck whenToby succumbs to his cancer, but it just has to be that had to be together, forever.  It has to be.  I truly believe the same for all our babies.  They are angels on Earth, God HAS to have a wonderful plan for them, surely.


Posts: 820
I truly believe there is life after death.  Nowadays it is talked about a lot more and people don't think you are bizarre for believing in afterlife.  I never used to, but a friend of mine is into pyschic things.  I read a lot of books and I saw Jeanette Wilson (well known pyschic) last month and she told me my Rupert is still with me and won't leave me.  In pyschic readings pets quite often come up in the readings and that makes me feel one day I will see my Rupert.  I can't wait as that is the only way I can cope with this loss. I started going to a spiritualist meeting group and it is amazing what they come up with in the readings. I have been told my daughter has been here before and you know what that could be true.  She knows so many things that I never knew at her age.

What ever helps you cope with the losses. All the best.  Ruperts Mum 

Posts: 1,328

Comet is a handsome fellow. I love the way older animals look--with some grey/white on them, distinguished and with alot of wisdom emanating from them. He looks so laid back and happy in these pictures.


Posts: 139
As i read all the truly heart felt replies, I can't help but wonder if it could be a sign from Comet or my cousin John, you see jbrabkb my cousin John was 23 when he died and that was also in 1982.  I really believe that my beautiful Comet is with my cousin John and somehow after all these years Johnny does have a piece of my heart with him and her name is Comet.

Thank you all for helping me through this most difficult time of my life.

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Mw, your Comet girl is so lovely. She's so beautiful, I'm sure my Hickory won't be able to keep his eyes off of her should they ever meet. Words though, cannot seem to express the immense sorrow I feel for you and your losses. Maybe our struggles will bring us together and shine a radiant ray of light through these dark clouds that hang over our heads. I have Comet and John in my thoughts and I will be having my own candle ceremony tomorrow night for them as well as for my own furry child. Please take care! I share what little is left of my heart to you. *hugs*

Hickory's Mommy

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I believe it with all of my heart. I just lost my beloved Nami of nearly four years yesterday and the only comfort I can feel from this is that she's with my Granny. I know the two of them would get along perfectly, I know this is true for your Comet and Johnny as well. <333

Much love,
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