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I stumbled upon this support site from my google search “my dog died and now I can’t stop crying.” I hate March... My story is not unique, but my God was my Rory unique! I adopted Rory, this 2&1/2 lb Bichon Frise in March of 2004. When I got Rory, she was really sick, so much so her vet wanted us to take her back. I refused, my parents and beloved Nam paid the vet bills and helped me care for a very sick and very small puppy. Rory was only about 10-12 weeks old, but she fought and for the next 11 physicals her doctor would say “look at you Rory, once so small and sick, now you’re so strong and healthy!” I adopted Rory when I was only 23, barely 4 months into my first real job out of college, and living with my parents and Nammy back at home. Rory wasn’t just my Dog, she was the family dog. Rory was fiercely loyal, all about her family and best bud and fellow Bichon Frise Maggie. She lived for her birds, her squirrels, food, tummy rubs, basking in the sun, her Moomas (me), her Nanny, Grampy, Great Grandma, and two Aunties. She was our therapist, our love, our court jester, and she was just this little dog who gave us so much. Rory helped us all grieve the loss of my Nam in January of 2006. She made us smile, laugh, we held her as we cried; she listened just right. Through the years Rory didn’t have major heath issues; an eye issue early on, some stomach issues that are common in Bichon Frises. On 2-29-16, I got a call from my Mom that I often would “Rory’s sick, she threw up.” I thought nothing of it, said I’d finish up work & be over at noon. I felt this nagging tug to get to my parents sooner. When I did Rory didn’t greet me at the door, she couldn’t even get off her pillow bed. See Rory had woken up that morning as she always did; went outside to run after the birds and squirrels; have her joint enhancer, breakfast and then she vomited. She never acted right after that; she would go and lay in front of her water bowl, I took her outside potty in her big backyard for what would be the last time. She could barely walk; I remember trying to will her to be ok. I thought she was just dehydrated. I called the vet back and said we needed to take her in now. At 1:45pm I held my Rory for what I didn’t know would be the last time. I told her Moomas loves her and I’ll see her when we pick her back up. I never got the chance; Rory A., b 1-5-04 d 2-29-16. Rory made the choice for me; ever since she turned 10 I’d say “Rory, Moomas will never be able to put you to sleep.” She made the ultimate decision and passed away at her vet... a smile on her face; fur as white as a fresh winter snow. When my two sisters, Mom and I went back to the vet, we had no idea she had passed at that point. The techs, the docs looked so sad as we passed; Rory’s vet, who had seen her when she was so sick on day 1 delivered us the news. I fell to the ground screaming; my heart ripped out of my chest. My breath, my being, the love of my life had died. I don’t have kids, Rory was my baby; for 12 yrs I was Rory’s Mom and in a blink of an eye God called her home. Rory was very sick, she had a tumor on her heart that burst; basically congestive heart failure. I cried for a solid year daily, my heart ached for weeks after she died. I couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything besides go to work and come home. Weeks went by and I missed having a 4 legged fur baby in my life. I had always said if Rory died, I’d never adopt another dog. Then I read a Dogs last will & testament and it changed my life. My way to honor Rory’s memory was to rescue my 45lb Doberman mix named Cammie. She rescued me on 4-14-16... Cammie has helped me heal; it does get easier. I never will forget my Rory... she’s inside my heart until we meet again on the rainbow bridge. I always talk to Rory still; I tell her “Moomas loves you to heaven and back” and I tell my Cammie, “Mamas loves you to the moon and back.” Like I said at the start, I hate March... but I’m learning to love it again... for as “they” say, with each new spring, comes promises of a new beginning! 💜

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I just wanted to say thanks for sharing. That brought a tear to my eye. Rory sounds like an absolute champion. I too got my dog at 23 and am finding myself crying almost daily at his absence after 13 years of steadfast loyalty and love.
It makes me happy to read how you honour Rory by helping a rescue dog. I'm about to do the same and your post has helped me. So thanks again. Big hugs to you and Cammie x

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No better tribute than to give a good home to a pet that really needs it.  I am glad you have found love again.
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