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I adopted my sweet tabby, Hamilton (Hammie as we lovingly call him,) 15 months ago from a mutual friend. These have been some of the happiest months of my young life. Hammie is quite possibly the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever met. He wants nothing more than to cuddle in your lap or on your chest. He loves it when you kiss his nose and he’s more than happy to reciprocate with a forceful headbutt and loud purring. Simply put, he’s kinda just the best. That’s what made this decision so absolutely headtwrenching.

Hammie does not get along well with dogs. When Hammie realized he needed to “compete” with my 4lb yorkiepoo for attention, he started getting slightly aggressive. Nothing too serious- a swat here, a bite there. This all changed a month ago when he lacerated the dog’s cornea and almost blinded him. We made the decision to keep the dog and cat separate unless supervised. This worked well up until a few days ago, when the cat did not like the dog sitting in my lap. The cat attempted to attack the dog, I jumped in, the cat started viciously biting and attacking me for several minutes. He was relentless. I cried and cried, worried that the cat no longer trusted me or that I had done something wrong. I cleaned my wounds and went to bed. He was fine the next day. Two days later, the cat and dog are sleeping on me.... the dog wakes up, startles the cat, and the cat attempts to hurt the dog. Again, I get in the middle (the cat is 8 pounds heavier than the dog!) and take a vicious attack. This one, a bit more painful than the last, although it thankfully did not last as long. As I attempted to flee to safety, tears began pouring down my face as I knew what needed to be done.

Hammie, my sweet baby. The last thing I want to do is re-home you. You’re such a bright light in my life and I feel absolutely lost at the thought of you no longer being there. Who’s going to wake me up in the most and meow until I feed them breakfast? Who’s gonna sit on my chest and purr while I cry? My heart hurts so bad, Ham. I just hope you know that I want you to have a better life. I don’t want to have to confine you in a separate room. I want you to be able to do whatever you want, with no other fur babies to bother you. I want you to find that special someone to love you with all of their heart, even though I don’t think someone will love you as much as I do. I just want you to know that you are loved, Ham. We have three days left together and I’m cherishing every moment. You are so special, and I can only pray that one day i’ll be able to form that kind of bond again.

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I can't imagine how horrible it is to have to give up your beloved cat, even though he may yet find a new home where he can be the only pet, and live out his life happily.  It sounds like you really have no other good choice, and I hope it works out for him, and for you.  Can you find out who adopts him?  Maybe visit him sometimes?  I hope so.  Best of luck to you both.
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