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Hello all. I received a pet bunny for my birthday in December of 2015. He was the most beautiful creature to ever grace this planet, and so loving and affectionate. I didn't know much about buns other than they were adorable so I spent tons of time researching and joining all sorts of groups to educate myself. Found a great rabbit vet, volunteered briefly at a rescue as well. He bonded immediately to my boyfriend...they became best buds. After a year we decided to get him a girlfriend (both fixed!) and bonded him to a rabbit from a rescue.

We love our buns like they're children as we have none. They were on a schedule that we kept them to each day for feeding. Digestive support treat in the AM, organic greens for dinner, pellets before bed, fresh water and hay unlimited, and the occasional banana treat they loved. They did have a cage: we called it their condo. A homemade 3 story cage but they were only in it when we slept or were gone, otherwise they had free run. They would snuggle together and binky and play around.

We moved out of state a little over a year ago. We tried a vet for an emergency situation but were not very happy with her. We ultimately decided to give the office another chance but requested a different vet. In the end, we still weren't happy with their handling of buns. Friday night, we noticed our boy was not eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, or really moving. Our girl bun has a sensitive stomach and we've gone through scares with her where shes fine hours later. So we handed this situation the same. Syringe fed food and water, as well as gas drops. A few poops came out, which gave us some hope. This seemed like the exact situation we were used to with our girl. We got up early in the morning to check on him and there was no change. He was trying to drink water, but couldn't, he would just set his face in the bowl. We immediately called a different rabbit vet that came recommended and they thankfully got him in. Because of COVID they came to the car to get him. We figured he'd get some meds and be back out with us. The vet decided after an x ray he needed to stay at the hospital and receive IV fluids and meds. The next morning we were contacted to let us know he didn't make it.

We were extremely heartbroken as we were not with him. I just keep thinking about how scared he probably was, or how he thought we abandoned him. The vet allowed us in to say goodbye. We had decided and told the vet we didn't want an autopsy. We knew he had gone into stasis and an autopsy may still not give us the reason why. We knew regardless our baby bun (who was actually 4, we just called him baby) wasn't coming back and we wanted him to rest as peacefully as possible. We said our goodbyes and held our baby one last time. We were initially going with the vet's company for cremation. Upon going home we found some pretty bad reviews and did not want to wait a week for his remains. We called the vet to tell them we would pick him up in the morning and transport him to a private cremation company so we could have him back same day. Upon arri6at the office, the vet brought him out wrapped in dark blue plastic and draping. He also told us that he chose to do the autopsy anyways.

Aside from being extremely upset and our wishes regarding our boy disrespected, he had said that surgery would not have changed the outcome. He had bruising inside and their GI system is so complex that he most likely would not have survived the surgery.

The part that's killing me is the bruising. A day or so beforehand he and his girlfriend bun had been running around and got between/under my feet. This was common for them and they would run into our feet then binky off. I keep going back to him hitting my foot. What if this was the time he hit it too hard, and that caused the bruising and the cascade of events leading to his passing? My boyfriend keeps trying to tell me the bruising could've come from a number of things, including his system trying to push food/water through passed the blockage after being on IV fluids and motility drugs for hours.

I loved that bun more than anything in this world and would've taken a bullet for him. It's been 5 days since his passing and I've not been able to function the way I should. That beautiful, precious creature trusted me to care for him, and I feel as though I failed him. I'd give anything to go back to that night and be more careful, or wait a few minutes longer before walking around. I feel it had to have been that. Beforehand he had been an active and healthy bun.


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I am sorry for your loss. Condolences to you at this time.

- Stephanie

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I'm so sorry for your loss. 

I think it's is so difficult for us when there are no answers, we question everything we did, and others did, and it may very well be pointless. I also had a pet (not recently) that passed at the vet and that was very hard. 

As much time as we spend trying to pin down what should have gone differently, we need to realize that the overall times of our pets life were probably good and filled with joy...sure sounds like your buns was - running around happy- some day we will think of that first, and not the sad ending (all the endings are sad)
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